Lion Craig Wheaton opened the meeting by asking Lion Dee Baughman to lead his fellow lions in song: America, My Country ’Tis of Thee. Lion Tom Link led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lion Bob Line performed the invocation.

The “no-fine” badge for the meeting went to Lion Janet McClintock.

Greeter Rick McVaigh introduced three special guests for the meeting: Danny Chandler, a prospective member and guest of Lion Ruth McKee; Rick Berbereia, Director of Visalia Rescue Mission; and Mike Fuss; a graduate of Visalia Rescue Mission’s Life Change Academy.


Lion Allen Ventling reminded lions that the Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held Friday August 28th Players should be signed up by August 21st. More volunteers and raffle prizes are still needed.

Lion Dee Baughman shared that the Mighty Oak Chorus will be holding a spaghetti feed from 12:30PM to 6:30PM at the First Presbyterian Church.

Lion Pat Harrison shared that it was Lion Vicki Whitehouse’s birthday, and led his fellow Lions in singing Lion Vicki the Happy Birthday Song.


Lion Kent Woolley auctioned off a wooden sign reading “ all of us are born crying, some never stop”. Lion Tom Gaebe purchased the sign for a donation of five dollars.

Lion Tom Link, with clothing sales skills still intact, auctioned a Camaro T-Shirt. Lion Melinda Blankenship bought the T-Shirt for a donation of ten dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Roy Dressel was happy that he had sold his wife’s trike, and that the Dodgers were still in first place atop the National League Western Division.

Lion Ruth McKee was happy that it was Friday and that prospective member Danny Chandler had joined us for the meeting.

Lion Pat was happy that club members were still “putting the fun in dysfunctional.”

Lion Steve Gerrard shared that his five-year old Granddaughter had attended her first Dodgers game.

Lion Tom Gaebe shared that his granddaughters, Carmen and Jillian, were on the front page of the Visalia Times Delta newspaper in a back-to-school feature story.

Lion Vicki was happy that Lion Pat had sang for her birthday.

Lion Jeannie was happy that the club had look-alike members for both actor Tom Selleck and singer John Denver.

Lion Pat shared Lion Kent’s survival story from his whitewater rafting trip.

Lion Craig was happy that school had started. He also shared a story about his granddaughter and her female principle she had called her school “princess-iple“.

Lion Dee recently visited the “happiest place on earth’ with a 5 year-old and 12 year-old. He also placed fifth in the Kaweah Delta Hospital Golf Tournament.


Lion Kent Auctions Sign

Tom Link Sells T-Shirt

Visalia Host Lions

Save 10%!


Lion Vicki fined Lion Dee for being interviewed in a recent newspaper article about the Mighty Oak Chorus.

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Bob Line for attempting to impersonate the actor Tom Selleck.

Lion Dee fined Lion Craig for a recent on-camera interview; Lion Melinda for forgetting the list of club T-Shirt purchases; and Lion Rick for mis-introducing our guests as being from Visalia Emergency Aid.

Secret greeter Vicki failed to catch anyone for not shaking her had prior to the meeting.


Lion John Parker won the free advertisement, and asked that it be used to cheer on the Los Angeles Dodgers and to remind Visalia Host members they receive a 10% discount at Feet for Life. Lion Kent won the five-dollar raffle and graciously donated the proceeds to the Diabetic Youth Foundation Camp at Bearskin Meadows. Lion Daryl Farnsworth won the lottery tickets. Lion Daryl also won the chance at the marble drawing, but failed to grab the elusive white marble. 

Guest Speaker

The guest speakers for the meeting were Rick Berbereia of Visalia Rescue Mission and Mike Fuss, a recent graduate of the Mission’s Life Change Academy. Mr. Berbereia described the services the Mission provides, and Mr. Fuss described how the Mission’s eight-month Life Change Academy had helped him overcome his life-long addiction to alcohol.

Guest Speaker Shares Rescue Story