Vice President Rebecca Juarez opened the by announcing August birthdays. Lions, led by Bob Line, sang happy birthday to Howard Tesmer , Vicki Whitehouse, and Carol Jones. Lion Bob Line also led a rousing rendition of God Bless America to open the meeting. Lion Vicki led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lion Ed Jones performed the invocation.  The no-fine badge for the meeting went to Lion Pete Sherwood.

There were three guests for the meeting: Beth Wilshire; Carrie Margosian; and Anthony Guerra from Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children of Tulare County (CASA).


Lion Melinda Blankenship shared that she had recently attended the Great American Melodrama in Oceana, and suggested that a trip to the Melodrama be the next Club social outing. A number of Lions expressed interest in attending, so Lion Melinda will attempt to schedule the outing.

Lion Carol Jones announced the next Blues, Brews and Barbeques fundraiser for Visalia Emergency Aid will be on September 4th, and asked for additional volunteers to take tickets and serve beverages.

Lion Allen reported that the next meeting of the Golf Tournament Committee will be Thursday August 13th at 5:30PM. Players, sponsors and advertisers are still needed.


Vice President Rebecca auctioned off a candy-filled beverage container donated by our guests from CASA. The cup was purchased by Lion Dave Nave for $12.

Happy Bucks

Lion Howard shared that he was 85 years old as of his recent birthday.

Lion Ruth was five-dollars happy: it was Friday and her niece and nephew were coming to visit.

Lion Justin Levy, very happy to be back at Club, became engaged on his recent trip to the Bahamas.

Lion George Fry was happy to have a new granddaughter “in the launching pad”, and also was happy for Lion Justin.

Lion Pete donated five dollars; he was happy to have representatives of CASA at our meeting, and will be missing the next few meetings.

Lion Ed shared that he is always happy now that he’s retired, but still especially happy it’s Friday.

Lion Allen Ventling reported that Lion Sid Keown is doing well and hopes to be back at Club soon. Lion Allen also shared that he will be camping with his son next week, and was glad to see Lion Dave Nave back at club.

Lion Vicki shared that she had recently been to Las Vegas, and had seen the smoke billowing from the fire at the Cosmopolitan Resort.

Lion Dave Nave donated $20, noting that he was happy he had a new granddaughter since the last meeting he attended, and that he had celebrated 43 years of marriage. He also joked that he was happy that Lion Dee Baughman was not at the meeting.

Lion and VUSD School Superintendent Craig Wheaton was happy school will be starting soon. He was also very happy with the progress on the new building at Redwood High School, and will be celebrating his son’s birthday.


Lion Eric Frost fined Lion Craig for stealing good Visalia City employees to staff the School District. He also fined Lion Vicki, who is reportedly a Rotary Club member, for the Rotary sign in the meeting room.

Lion Leigh Mosconi fined Lion Jeannie Burcham for taking the last pickle at lunch.

Lion Ed fined Lion Bob Line for his sporty new moustache. Bob noted that he may now be able to stand in for actor Tom Selleck. Lion Ed also fined Lion Ruth, a member of the legal profession, for an incident related to the profession, but unrelated to Lion Ruth, which occurred in San Luis Obispo County.

Lions Eric and Dave fined themselves for having to leave early.


Lion George Fry won the free advertisement, and asked that it be used to cheer on the World Champion San Francisco Giants. Lion Leigh won the five-dollar raffle and graciously donated the proceeds to the Diabetic Youth Foundation Camp at Bearskin Meadows. Lion Craig won the lottery tickets. Lion Melinda won the chance at the marble drawing, but failed to grab the elusive white marble. 

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the meeting was Beth Wilshire of CASA of Tulare County. Ms. Wilshire described the efforts of CASA volunteers in helping Tulare County children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. More help is needed and she encouraged Lions to talk to people they know that may be interested in becoming Court Appointed Special Advocates, and also to get involved with this important cause.