Secretary Steve Gerrard Provides Update on Board Actions

Lion Brad Auctions Florida Souvenir  

Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Bob Line to lead his fellow Lions in a patriotic song. Lion Glenn Mar led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Dee Baughman performed the invocation.

Lion Melinda Blankenship won the “No-fine” badge.

Guests for the meeting included prospective member Vinnie Longo of the Visalia Rawhide; Author Gary Albyn and Cathy Parker. Vinnie’s membership application was approved by the Board at a special Board meeting after the Club meeting. 


President Rebecca reminded Lions that the party for the new Selma Charter Lions Club will be January 28th at the Lamp Lighter Inn in Visalia. Host Club members are encouraged to attend. The time to sign up for the train ride to the Chicago International Convention has been extended.

Secretary Steve Gerrard provided a brief update on the Executive Board Meeting held on Tuesday, January 10th. The Board received and approved quarterly financial statements from Treasurer Jeannie Burcham, and voted to appoint a new budget subcommittee to help prepare the annual budget and review budget status.

The Board also voted to support the first increase in MD4 dues (four dollars per member) since 2004.


Lion Brad Board auctioned off an alligator head that he purchased on his recent trip to Florida. Lion Ruth McKee was the lucky winner, and purchased the conversation piece for a small donation.

Happy Bucks

Lion Eric Frost recently completed a scouting trip with 27 boy scouts.

Lion Ruth McKee was happy that it was Friday and the beginning of a 3-day weekend.

Now that the weather had cleared, Lion Roy was able to ride his motorcycle again.

Five-year veteran Lion Chris Baldwin received a happy anniversary message from District 4A.

Lion Brad Board was happy with his recent trip to Florida. He spent New Years Eve in Tampa.

Lion Jeannie Burcham was happy to be on her way to Morro Bay.

USC fan Lion Tom Gaebe had a great time at the Rose Bowl.

Lion Walt Juarez was happy to have new flooring installed in his house.

Lion Dee Baughman shared his insight on the College Football National Championship.

President Rebecca shared that her granddaughter will be taking her bowling.


Lion and Deputy City manager Eric Frost fined photographer Roy Dressel, who will be taking pictures of the Visalia City Council. Lion Ruth McKee fined Lion Eric for his late arrival.

Lion Janet fined herself for not bringing back an auction item from her recent trip to Mexico. Secret greeter Walt Juarez also fined Lion Janet for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Ruth McKee won the five dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Lion Karen McVaigh won the free ad. Glenn Mar won the scratcher lottery tickets. Lion Dee Baughman won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to draw the $200 white marble.


Rhodesian-born poet and conservationist Gary Albyn shared his poem “Mansovo, a Place for Elephants “.

Upcoming Events

Selma Lions Charter Party    January 28

LCIF Leadership Institute    January 14-16

Student Speaker Contest,  February 10

MD-4 Convention Redding February 10-12

District Meeting in Taft         February 24

Lions City of Hope Day       March 26

Leo Leadership Training     March 31- April 2

Chicago International Convention June 30

Author Gary Albyn Describes Life on African Plains

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