Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Dee Baughman to lead his fellow Lions in a patriotic song. Lion Bob Line led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Eric Frost led the invocation.

Tulare County Science and Conservation Camp (Scicon) Director Diane Shu was a guest and speaker at the meeting.

Lion Betty Odell won the “No-Fine Badge”.


President Rebecca announced that training for new officers would be held June 10th at the Visalia Unified School District offices on Cypress, and that the annual officers installation dinner will be on Tuesday June 20th at the Vintage Press restaurant.

Karen McVaigh, who will be first vice-president next year, asked members to contact her with any ideas for presentations at next year’s meetings.

Lion Walt Juarez reminded Lions that there will be a meeting of the golf tournament committee next week at Buckman Mitchell.

Happy Bucks

Lion Carol Jones donated twenty happy bucks. Her employer, Buckman Mitchell Insurance Company was named Visalia Large Business of the Year.

Lion Ed Jones shared that Buckman Mitchell has been a great supporter and sponsor of community charities, events, and service clubs. Lion Ed was also happy it was Friday.

Lion Melinda Blankenship was also proud of the work that Lion Carol does at Buckman Mitchell. She was also happy to see Lion Justin Levy back at Club, and announced that her son was engaged. Taking a cue from Lion Melinda, Lion Justin also shared that he should be happy to be back at Club.

Lion Eric Frost had a great hike to Mist Falls near Cedar Grove. Lion Eric also wanted to congratulate Buckman Mitchell on their award.

Lion Roy Dressel, who occasionally does photograpy for Buckman Mitchell, and Lion Dee Baughman, who has Buckman Mitchell as a client, also congratulated them on their award.

Lion Aaron Odell was very happy that his son was recently married.

Lion Glenn Mar, a long time customer of Buckman Mitchell, shared that he first met Buckman in the 1950s.

Lion Walt Juarez shared that Lion Vicki Whitehouse has been doing a great job on the golf tournament committee, signing up tee sign sponsors and collecting raffle prizes.

Lion Vicki donated one happy buck for the soon-to-be world champion Golden State Warriors, one for Don Davis returning to Club, one for finishing Jury Duty, and one for TGIF.


Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined herself after she mistakenly wrote down that Lion Brad Board works for Farmer’s Insurance Group, when he is actually a State Farm Agent. Lion Eric Frost noted that this mix-up explains why she says she roots for the Dodgers and not the Giants.

Lion Dee Baughman said he has noticed that City roads have improved dramatically since the former Deputy City Manager, Lion Eric, has retired.

President Rebecca, as self-appointed Secret Greeter, fined Lions Bob Bricker, Allen Ventling, and Melinda Blankenship for not shaking her hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Tom Gaebe won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the la Sierra Leo Club. Lion Tony Loliva won the scratcher lottery tickets. Lion Walt Juarez won the free ad. Roy Dressel won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to draw the white marble.


Tulare County Science and Conservation Camp (Scicon) Director Diane Shu describe how the camp hosts and teaches over 9,000 Tulare County sixth graders every year.

Upcoming Events

Officers Installation Dinner                                     June 20

Centennial Picnic June 24

Chicago International Convention June 30

Diane Shu of Scicon

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