President Jamil Nushwat opened the meeting by giving Lion Melinda Blankenship the unexpected pleasure of leading her fellow Lions in a song, God Bless America.  Lion Vicki Whitehouse led the pledge of allegiance and Lion Pete Sherwood performed the invocation.

Head Greeter Karen McVaigh introduced three very welcome guests: Annie Davidian, a local attorney and guest of President Jamil; and guest speakers Daryn Davis and Rafael Enriquez from ProYouth After-School Programs.

President Jamil also presented our newest club member, Lion Jeff Meader, with his Lions club name badge.  Lion Jeff works for the County of Tulare IT department, and he lives in Visalia with his wife Caity, who is the Executive Director of Family Services Supporting Tulare County.  Jeff is also a member of the Visalia First Presbyterian Church, and a San Diego Padres fan. 

Lion Brad Board won the no-fine badge for the meeting.


Members received an important e-mail message from Lion Allen Ventling, who was recently able to schedule two vision screening events with Visalia Unified School District.  The events will be held on Friday December 5th and December 8th.   Members available to help on those days are encouraged to contact Lion Allen by e-mail or phone.

President Jamil shared a thank you card from T.C. Tailwaggers, Guide Dogs for the Blind.  The Tailwaggers appreciated the club's generous donation to their puppy raising fund, noting that the donation will provide food for more than 6 months. 

President Jamil passed around sign-up sheets for volunteers to help with Visalia's Annual Candy Cane Parade.   One group of volunteers, led by Lion Brad, will meet and Main and Burke; while a second group, led by Lion Steve Gerrard, will meet at Liberty and Main.  Volunteers are asked to be at the parade by 5PM.

Members received a report from President Jamil on a recent Board meeting, which was held on November 19th.  The group's efforts to purchase defirillators for Visalia Police cars, led by Lion Ed Jones. are on hold pending legislative changes.  The Board approved allocating $2000 to fund eyeglasses for needy local residents through Visalia Emergency Aid.

The club's social event of the season will be an outing to the Tulare County Symphony's Holiday Concert on December 20, 2014.  Ticket costs for members are covered by the club, guest tickets are available at extra cost.  An after-concert dinner at a downtown restaurant is also being planned.  Contact President Jamil to sign up.

There will be no club meeting on Friday November 28th as many members will be out of town or spending time with their families.


Lion Vicki provided three bags of chocolate covered raisins for auction.  The raisins were quickly snatched up with donations from Lions Steve Gerrard, Melinda Blankenship, and Janet McClintock.


Lion Rick McVaigh won the $5 raffle and donated the prize to the Lions Eye Foundation. Lion Melinda won the lottery tickets, and Lion Janet received the free ad, which she used to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Bucks

Lion Craig Wheaton was happy with his Visalia Unified School District staff's efforts on a recent KMPH television story regarding credit card use. He was also very happy with the RAVE award that his daughter, a San Francisco school teacher, recieved from the City's School Board. Craig's daughter was praised her exceptional efforts to continue to teach a child who was absent from class due to cancer -- She visited the student's home and used "face-time" technology to allow her to continue to learn and participate in classroom activities.

Lion Glenn Mar was happy with the Oakland Raiders crushing 24 to 20 victory over arch-rival Kansas City. With the win, the Raiders are now 1 and 0 for the week of November 17th, 2014.

Lion Pete was very happy that his youngest daughter in North Carolina had been admitted to an online graduate program at the USC School of Social Work.

Lion Ruth Mckee donated five happy bucks, one for each workday she will not be working next week.

Lion Carol Jones was happy that it was Friday, and that she would be spending quality time with girlfriends this weekend.


Consistent with the pre-holiday spirit, there were fewer fines for the meeting; but Lion Howard Tesmer fined Lion Ruth for her ringing cell phone, and Lion Brad fined Lion Steve for his slow delivery of a notice for a fundraising event that was held November 11th.


Daryn Davis, CEO of ProYouth provided a presentation on the Growbotics after school programs. The "Growbotics" Gardening and Robotics programs are designed to be fun and educational, sparking students' interest in science. Over 4,400 Visalia students participate in the programs.