Lion President Jamil Nushwat opened the October 31 meeting by asking Lion Dee Baughman to lead the group in  song.  Lion Dee chose "Take Me Out the Ball Game",  in recognition of the recent world series.  Lion Justin Levy led the flag salute and Lion John Parker led the group in prayer.

Head Greeter Karen McVaigh introduced a guest speaker, Carrie Margosian, who is the Public Outreach Director for CASA (court appointed special advocates for children) of Tulare County

Lion Craig Wheaton won the drawing for the "no fine" badge for the meeting.


Lion Janet McClintock described her recent visit to Houston School for the pull tab fund raising "weigh-in", which Visalia Host Lions helps sponsor.  All together, students collected over 110 pounds of aluminum pull tabs.

Lion Bob line reminded everyone of the upcoming Boy Scouts Distinguished Citizens Dinner Honoring Lion Tom and Bob Link. The event will be held on November 6, 2014 at the Visalia Country Club. 

Efforts to set up a Leo Club at La Sierra Academy continue.  Lion Dee reported that over 30 kids have expressed interest in joining the club, and a club board and officers have been elected.  As the sponsor for the Leo Club, Visalia Host Lions will be submitting an application for charter and paying the students' first year dues.

President Jamil congratulated and thanked everyone for the success of the Visalia Lions Annual Marching Band Review and Field Show.   Lion Jamil also shared that an "Afternoon with Veterans" is scheduled for 12PM-4PM on November 8th at the Visalia Public Library, and that more adult volunteers are needed to help set up tables and check-in participants. Volunteers are asked to be at the library by 10 AM.

Club Secretary Steve Gerrard announced that the club would be recieving $190.38 from Save Mart Supermarkets for the third quarter. Save Mart donates 3% on members' share card sales.


Fresh from his recent trip to "N'orleans", Lion Ed Jones auctioned off a bottle opener.  Lion Tom Gaebe purchased the opener with a donation of $6.  Lion Carol Jones autioned off a somewhat unusual "swamp dog" back scratcher from the same trip.  Lion Dee bought the alligator back scratcher for $5, noting that he'd always wanted one.

Guest speaker Carrie Margosian auctioned off candy, which was purchased for $20 by Lion Pat Harrison.

Lion Ed takes bids on a "N'Orleans" bottle opener from his recent trip.

Lion Carol unveils a "swamp dog" back scratcher for auction.


The winner of the $5 raffle was Lion Walt Juarez. Lion Walt donated the prize to the Diabetic Youth Camp at Bearskin Meadow. Lion Bob Line won the lottery ticket raffle.

Lion Dee won a shot at the marble drawing, but failed to grab the white marble.

Lion Tom Link won the free advertisement, which he used to promote interest in CASA of Tulare County. Members who may be interested in becoming a Court Appointed Speical Advocate for Children are encouraged to talk to Lion Ed and Lion Tom, who have several years experience as volunteers.

Happy Bucks

Lion Craig was very happy with his trip to the World Series, and donated a happy $5.  Lion Dee and Lion Leigh Mosconi were also happy with the Giants' win.  Lion Tom Link noted he received very gracious congratulations on the Giants' win from Lions Ed and Roy, who are both Dodgers fans, and donated $5 noting that he didn't bring any auction items back from his trip to Morro Bay.

In recognition of Lion Dee's success in starting a Leo Club, something members had been talking about for many years, Lion Glenn Mar donated a happy buck.

Lion Ed was happy that the World Series was over, and also very happy with the success of the Band Review.

Lion Tom Gaebe, who coordinated the club's efforts for this year's band review, thanked everyone for their efforts.  He also donated two happy bucks wishing Lion Daryl Farnsworth success with his upcoming surgeries.  Lion Daryl thanked Tom, and said that he would not be able to attend meetings until mid-December.

Lion Steve was very happy with member's efforts in the Band Review, and also that his son is in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships in Long Beach.

Lion Jamil was happy with the incoming rain storm, which will hopefully begin to provide drought relief.  Lion Craig agreed with Jamil, and added jokingly that the much needed rain event was an inevitable result of his school district's plans to break ground for a new middle school. 

Lion Carol wished Lion Jeannie Burcham a happy birthday, and led members in singing the happy birthday song.


Lion Glenn attempted to fine School Superintendent Lion Craig for what he termed poor officiating at at recent high school game, but was blocked by the no-fine badge.

Lion Dee fined Lion Vicki Whitehouse for failing to congratulate Giants fans on the recent Series victory.  Lion Justin joined in, fining Lion Vicki for what he considered a lapse in ettiquette, snapping her fingers when she was attempting to attract a waitress's attention.

Lion Tony fined himself for his recent lack of attendance at club meetings during peak walnut harvest season.

Lion Allen fined Lion Tom Link -- the SF Giants hat he was wearing to celebrate the World Series win looked previously unworn.

Lion Janet fined Lion Dee for failing to recognize her recently while she was driving. 

President Jamil also fined Lion Dee for disturbing him with a telephone call while he was involved in a highly complex self-checkout procedure at Walmart.  The interuption caused the flustered Lion Prresident to forget twenty dollars in change and two bags of  groceries.

Lion Carol fined President Jamil for letting what turned out to be a somewhat political presentation slip onto the agenda at a recent meeting.

Almost half the members were fined for failing to shake the hand of the secret greeter Lion Dee before the meeting making him feel like he had a tropical disease.

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the meeting was Carrie Margosian of CASA of Tulare County.  Ms. Margosian described the efforts of CASA volunteers in helping over 500 Tulare County children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  More help is needed and she encouraged Lions to talk to people they know that may be interested in becoming Court Appointed Special Advocates, and also to get involved with this important cause.

Guest Speaker Carrie Margosian of CASA