Happy Lion Ed!

Club President Roy Dressel opened the meeting by asking Bob Line to lead his fellow Lions in a patriotic song. Lion Ruth McKee led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lion Ed Jones led his fellow Lions in prayer.

Greeter Melinda Blankenship introduced our guest – Jonathon Escobar of the Salvation Army.


President Roy provided a brief update on actions taken at the most recent Executive Board meeting.  Board members voted to donate $1000 to the LCIF hurricane relief effort.  The Board also appointed Carol Jones to be a Two-year Director, replacing Lion Walt Juarez.

Lion Eric Frost shared that he and President Roy had attended a rally at La Sierra Academy focusing on the Leo Club. Lion Eric also attended the most recent Leo Club meeting.

Lion Melinda Blankenship reminded Members about the Club Fundraiser at Five Guys Restaurant on Sunday, September 17th. The Club will receive 20% of all proceeds from sales accompanied with the fundraiser flyer.

Lion Allen Ventling reported that there will be a vision screening event October 28th at 8AM in Lindsay. Volunteers are needed.

Happy Bucks

LA Dodgers fan Roy Dressel was happy that his team had won two games in a row.

Lion Ruth McKee waa happy it was Friday.

Lion Janet McClintock donated five happy bucks after the birth of her granddaughter.

Lion Allen Ventling was happy that Lions Rick and Karen had covered vision screening in Tulare, and shared that he had a great trip to Montana for his class reunion.

Lion Aaron Odell was happy to get to see the US Open Tennis Finals.

Lion Brad Board received good news – his kids in Florida got through the recent hurricane unscathed.  Lion Eric Frost also shared that his brother in Texas was fine.

Lion Ed Jones shared that his wife, Lion Carol, is coming home from a trip to Chicago.

Lion Pete Sherwood attended the dedication of the Ruth Wood Open Arms Hospice.  Lion Vicki Whitehouse shared that “her other club” had donated $35,000 for the hospice.

Lion Vicki was also happy to have a caring individual like Eric Frost on the Club Board, happy to have attended a play at the Green Acres Little Theatre, and happy that Jonathon Escobar was our speaker for the meeting.


Lions Bob Bricker, John Parker, and Ruth McKee were fined because their phones rang during the meeting.

Lion Melinda Blankenship fined herself for not bringing the flyers for the Five Guys fundraiser to the meeitng.

Lion Vicki fined herself for sitting at a table with two lawyers.


President Roy Dressel won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club.  He also won the free ad. Allen Ventling won the scratcher lottery tickets.  Lion Roy also won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble. 


Jonathon Escobar of the Salvation Army described the Ministry and wide range of services they provide to the needy in the Visalia area.

  Upcoming Events

Five Guys fundraiser                                              September 17

Charter oak Visitation                                            September 20

Band Review and Field Show                                October 14

Lindsay Vision Screening                                       October 28

Happy Lion Vicki