Happy Lion Brad Board

Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Dee Baughman to lead his fellow Lions in a patriotic song – “God bless America”. Lion Karen McVaigh led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Bob Line led his fellow Lions in prayer. 

Guests at the meeting included our Speaker, Security Expert Brian Hampel, and Dan McClintock, son of Lion Janet McClintock. 

Lions sang the “Happy Birthday Song” to members with June Birthdays including Glenn Mar, Pete Sherwood, an Dee Baughman.

Lion Roy Dressel won the “No-Fine Badge”.


President Rebecca announced that training for new officers would be held June 10th at the Visalia Unified School District offices on Cypress.

The annual officers installation dinner will be on Tuesday June 20th at the Vintage Press restaurant. 

Lion Vicki Whitehouse passed around sign-up sheets for the installation dinner, and for those helping with the golf tournament.

Lion Walt Juarez reminded Lions that the International is waiving the entrance fee for new Lions joining between June 1st and June 10th.  Lion Walt also shared that the Centennial picnic would be held June 24th.

Lion Dee Baughman thanked Lions Ed Jones and Pat Harrison for their help opening up the Lions Youth Diabetes Camp at Bearskin Meadows.


Lions Melinda Blankenship and Dee Baughman each donated five dollars in lieu of providing auction gifts.

Happy Bucks

Lion Brad Board donated 20 happy bucks.  His daughter is graduating with her Masters degree; he has a new grandson, Silas Russell: he surprised his son, who is a Physician’s  Assistant with a visit; and he has a new office vehicle.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse donated “a bunch” of happy bucks – One for the twin shirts that Lions Steve and Ed were wearing; one for Lion Leigh’s work with Special Olympics; One for the visit from Lion Janet’s son, one for the judge presiding over the Trial that she is a juror on, and one for the return of Lion Daryl.

Lion Don Landers donated three happy bucks: his wife has a new guide dog trainee, two weeks old; and his wife also went to Petaluma to look at venues for his daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Lion Ruth McKee was, once again, happy it was Friday

Giants fan Lion Dee Baughman was happy that his team didn’t lose again.  Lion Dee also attended a 90th Birthday celebration for Lion Glenn Mar.

Dodgers fan Lion Ed Jones, who was sporting the same Dodgers shirt as Lion Steve Gerrard, was happy that his team was only one-half game out of first place.  Dodger’s fan Roy Dressel appreciated the shirts.  Lion Daryl Farnsworth was impressed that Lions Ed and Steve were able to find these shirts at a yard sale and donated two happy bucks.  After looking at the shirts, Lion Eric Frost donated a sad buck – he was sad that Links Men’s Wear was now closed.

Lion Bob Line’s youngest granddaughter will be graduating from college.

Lion Walt Juarez donated two happy bucks – he recently visited Shaver Lake and was also happy that Lion Carol Jones had donated two raffle prizes for the golf tournament.

Lion Carol Jones had a great time on her recent trip to Broadway and donated two happy bucks.

Lion Janet McClintock was happy about a trip to the Coast and was also happy her son could join us for the meeting.

Lion Leigh Mosconi shared that the Cal Golden Bears had won another national Rugby title – Go Bears 

Lion Craig Wheaton will be visiting his daughter in San Francisco.

County School Board Member Lion Tom Link shared that he attended five graduations this year and, based on the graduates he saw, he feels positive about the future.

Lion Walt Juarez was happy to have a commitment for a “hole-in-one” car for the golf tournament.


Lion Walt Juarez fined members who are also members of another local service Club, noting that the other Club had taken over a Leo Club in Fresno. 


Lion Jeff Meader won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds.  Lion Melinda Blankenship won the scratcher lottery tickets.  Lion Pete Sherwood won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to draw the white marble.   


Brian Hampel of Hampel Security Consulting provided a presentation on school security and safety.

  Upcoming Events


Officers Installation                  June 20

Centennial Picnic June 24

Chicago International Convention June 30

Lion Pete Sherwood Draws for White Marble

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