Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-16-22

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-16-22

Lion Jamel

Lion Jamil auctions off a bottle of wine. 

Lion Pete

Lion Pete presents the club’s donation to the Visalia Emergence Aid Council. 

Our annual Christmas meeting was well attended today by both members and guests. Lion President Tony called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Bob Line to lead us in saluting our flag, and Lion Jamil to do the invocation.

Lion Bob Line won the no-fine badge.

Lion Pete was our secret greater today, and while his father-in-law Lion Bob Line, had not shaken his hand, he was not able to fine him because Lion Bob held the no fine badge, so the only person he was able to fine was Lion Tom Link.


Lion Pete, a former board member of Visalia Emergency Aid Counsel, presented our club’s $1000 donation check and over $800 in cash that we as a club donated today to our guests, VEAC Executive director MaryJane Jennings and Development Director, and fellow Lion Iris Feaver.

Lion President Tony gave our server, Daniel, his yearly “tip” that had been collected both last week and this week. Daniel has been our server all year.

Lion Allen announced that Visalia Post Acute (formally Redwood springs) would have their annual Christmas gift giveaway (gifts purchased with the club’s $500 donation) this coming Wednesday, the 21st, at 10 am.  Come on out and help give out the gifts to the residents; help brighten their day.

Auction Items

Lion Jamil had a bottle of wind from Paso Robles that he auctioned off and was purchased by Lion Pat for $30.

Lion Betty and Aaron had been to Palm Springs and Arizona and had some chocolate that Lion Pete purchased for $10 and a Light Jar that they bought at a craft fair, purchased by Lion Pat for $15.

Lion Brent had been to Florida but failed to bring back auction items, so he donated $20.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Roy, whose wife Javonna was a guest today, was happy that their recent solar install was turned on and working this past week and for all the guests and members today.

Lion Leigh was happy to see Lion Jamil with us today.

Lion Tom Gabie was happy that his alma mater, USC’s football team, had the Heisman Trophy winner this year and that two weeks ago, he went to a USC Notre Dame Game in SoCal and was able to get on-field passes.

Lion Pat followed up Lion Tom’s happy buck by remembering a time he had a friend get him tickets on the 50-yard line at a Berkley football game.

Lion Jamil sent a Merry Christmas message from Lion Justin and was happy that the San Francisco 49ers had been playing well of late.

Lion Tony was happy to see everyone with us today.

Lion Allen was happy to see Lion Iris and MaryJane from VEAC, and all the wives with us today.


Lion Dee fined Lion Tony because Dee’s quartet recently sang at the Three Rivers Lions club, and their president is much prettier than our president Tony.

Lion Betty attempted to fine Lion Bob Line but quickly discovered that Lion Bob had the no fine badge.  For the second week in a row, someone has tried to fine the person with the no fine badge.

Winners and Losers

$5 went to Lion Jamil, who donated it to the “one thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea foundation”- well, no, actually, the Lions eye foundation.

Lotto tickets and the marble drawing both went to Lion Tom Gaebe. Lion Tom came up short on the marble and had no word on the lotto.

Lion Betty

Lion Betty auctions off chocolate from Palm Springs.

MaryJane Jennings from VEAC

MaryJane Jennings, executive director of the VEAC. 

Lion Tom drawing for the marble.

Lion Tom Gaebe draws for the white marble but does not get it.

Daniel thanking us for the tip.

Our server Daniel thanks all of us for the tips we gave him for doing such a great job all year. 

This year, Lion Dee’s quartet, Some Assembly Required, was our entailment. Here are some photos and a short video of them. Thanks to them all for the fun program they provided.  You can click on the photos for a larger view and click on the video. 

Some assemble required
Some assemble required
Some assemble required
Some assemble required
Some assemble required
Some assemble required

Lion Jamil won the Free Add this week. 

Merry christmas
Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-9-22

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-9-22

Lion Dee makes it clear to Lion Bob that he can not be fined.

Lion Dee makes it clear to Lion Bob that he can not be fined.

Lion Pat giving a happy buck

Lion Pat gives one of
several happy bucks today.

Lion President Tony led the meeting today and called on Lion Steve to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Pat to lead us in singing America the Beautiful, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

No fine badge: Went to Lion Dee once again this week (same guy every week)

Lion Dee was the secret greater and was able to avoid several people and earn the club some much-needed cash, including Lion Bob Line, who was sitting right beside him.


Today we had one of the youngest guests we have ever had, Lion Karen’s granddaughter Emmie Lue, two months old.


Our Christmas Party is next Friday, the 16th, at our regular meeting location, Left of Center. Please bring an unwrapped toy for a boy and a girl with a value of at least $400 (just kidding, that should be $10). Reps from Visalia Emergency Aid counsel will be there to receive the toys and our donation check. Also, Lions Dee’s group, Some Assembly Required, will be our entertainment this year.

Lion Allen announced that Visalia Post Acute (formally Redwood Springs) had changed the date of their Christmas party to Wednesday, December 21st, at 10 AM; we donated $500 for gifts for all the residents. If you can make it, please join us that day. We will help pass out the gifts. Their address is 1925 E Houston Ave.

Lion Tom Link read a thank you note from Huston School thanking us for the help we have to give them to meet their attendance goals. Last year they had an 85% attendance rate, ranking them just about at the bottom of schools in Visalia; this year, it went to 93% and a ranking of 8th. A great achievement.

Young Life has set a date for their annual banquet for February 24th; our club has purchased a table, so anyone who wants to attend, let president Tony know.

Auction Items

Lion Pete recently returned from Hawaii and had not brought anything back to auction off, so he gave $20.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pat was happy because last week he went to Dan Demis for a concert by a group called Masters of Harmony, and while he was there, he got to see his three-month-old granddaughter for the first time.

Lion Pete was happy to have been in Hawaii for the past week and was happy that he did not see any sharks on a beach where he had been swimming a couple of days before a reported shark attack. Pete chalked it up to the shark’s professional courtesy that it did not attack him.

Lion Roy was happy that his move out of his Photography studio was progressing smoothly.

Lion Pat was happy about the rain because his irrigation system had been on the frits, but the rain took care of that problem.

Lion Leigh was happy that after six weeks of tests, doctors told him he had a heart, and it’s in tip-top shape.

Lion Tom Link was happy that he was leaving for Moro Bay after our meeting.


Lion Pat fined himself because he had signed up for the Parade and almost made it.

Lion Allen fined Lion Miriam for not singing during the song, but she denied it.

Lion Bob Line tried to fine Lion Dee, sitting right next to him, but Lion Dee reminded him that he had the no fine badge.

Winners and Losers

$5 winner: Bob Bricker, who, after some prodding, donated it to the Lions eye foundation.

Lotto tickets: Lion Dee

Marble drawing: Lion Tom Link did not win the $25 in the pot today because Lion Dee won it last week.

We had no program today, so we got up and left the building. 


Lion Allen presenting the check to VPA



Lion Allen presents our check for $500 to Visalia Post Acute to buy Christmas gifts for all the residents. Their Christmas party will be on Wednesday, December 21st, at 10 AM; the address is 1925 E Houston Ave. Hope to see you there. 

charity of your choice

Lion Steve won the Free Add this and wanted to remind us all to give to the charity of our choice. 

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-2-22

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 12-2-22

Our meeting on Dec 2, 2022

BreAnna Trejo from Family Services talks to the club today. 

Our meeting today was led by President Tony, who called on Lion Allen to lead us in the pledge, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Lion Dee won the no-fine badge, and the club began looking for other sources of income today.


Lion Dee announced that the Mighty Oak Chorus, with whom he and Lion Pat are members, would be at the Fountain Church at 1023 N Chinowth St, in Visalia on the evening of Saturday, December 10th at 6:30, $10 per person includes free refreshments. 

Lion Allen announced that our club will again give $500 to what is now Visalia Acute Care (formally Redwood Springs) for gifts for their residents. We have done this for several years and have it in our budget. Their party will be on Christmas Day this year. 

Lion President Tony announced that our club’s Christmas party would be in two weeks, on Friday the 16th, at our regular meeting place, Left of Center. If you plan to attend, please sign up at next week’s meeting or reply to the email you received the Roar from to confirm that you and any guests you may have will be in attendance.

Toy Drive for Visalia Emergency Aid. Please bring toys to the Christmas party on the 16th, one for a boy and one for a girl. MaryJane from VEAC will be with us that day to receive our annual check and to pick up the toys.

Lion Tom Link announced a concert at the Visalia Cemetery Chapel (Tom is on the board of the cemetery) on Friday the 9th at 4:30; tickets are $15.00.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy about all the rain we have been getting lately.

Lion Miriam was happy that the Candy Cane Lane parade went so well on Monday. It was the first year she helped out. 

Lion Steve was also happy about the outcome of the parade. Steve has been the organizer of the organizers of the event for many years.

Lion Dee was also happy that his granddaughter had been in or tried out for several plays lately. We should watch for her in Hollywood, he said.

Lion Karen was happy that our program today, BreeAnna from Family Services, could step in at the last minute, as Karen had texted her only yesterday.

Lion Bob Line was happy his wife cleaned out her closet recently and donated it all to Family Services.

Lion Allen was happy that all his kids had been with him for Thanksgiving, the first time in several years.

Lion Roy was happy to be able to photograph the Race Against Hunger for the VEAC on Thanksgiving Morning and had a great thanksgiving where he got to play his grandaughter in chess, and he was happy for the club’s participation at the parade.

Lion Tony was also happy about the parade.


Lion Tom Link was fined for being late. 

Lion Roy fined Lion Allen because he had forgotten all about the donation to Visalia Acute Care home, something he had been the one to spearhead over the years. 

Lion tony fined himself $10 because he did not select anyone as a secret greeter.


$5: Lion Allen won the five-dollor drawing and donated it to the eye foundation. 

 Lion Dee won the drawing and got the white marble, winning $97. 

Lion Bob Bricker won the Lotto Ticket. 

Todays Program

BreeAnna from Family Services

BreAnna Trejo from Family Services was our program today, giving us a little inside into what they do and the many fundraisers they have, including the purple party, where our club bought a table. 

We miss you at club meetings

Lion Roy won the free ad and would like to remind all club members to make time for the club’s weekly meetings. This week we had just ten members in attendance. It’s the holidays, and I know many of you have other commitments, but if you can, please attend the Friday lunch.  We must pay Left of Center a minimum of 20 people weekly so we are going in the hole most every week. Plus, meetings are just more fun when you’re there.