Visalia Host Lions meeting of 4-12-24

Todays Meeting

Lion President Melinda called on Lion Steve to lead us in saluting our flag, Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion John to do the invocation.

Lion Bob Line won the no-fine badge today.

Lion Tony was our secret greeter today, and the only person who didn’t shake his hand was Lion Elaine.


Lion President Melinda announced that last Wednesday’s board meeting was canceled due to a lack of interest—actually, because no members were able to attend. We decided to punt it into May.

Lion Melinda announced that she would be out of town next week, and Lion Dee offered to take the podium at next week’s meeting.

Lion Steve picks a green marble and wins nothing

Lion Steve picks a green marble and wins nothing.

Mary and Brian talk to us about the new homeless shelter

Mary and Brian talk to us about the low barrier shelter being built for the homeless. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Melinda had $5 happy bucks because she has Cussons coming from Iowa next week. She was excited to see them and show them some local attractions. She was also happy that Lion Dee would stand in for her next week when she was out and about.

Lion Elaine was happy to be back at our club meeting after being gone for a few weeks. She was also happy that Lion Betty is on the mend after surgery and hopes to return to us soon.

Lion Mark had a happy $6 because he had bought a new car.

Lion John was also happy that he had a new car, though he had purchased it last year and had forgotten to give a happy buck for it at that time.

Lion Pat was happy that one of his grandsons was taking up fencing. (that’s the sport, by the way, not putting up fence boards)

Lion Bob Line, the no-fine badge winner today, was happy because a granddaughter of one of the residents at Quail Park Shannon Ranch, where he lives, was on Wheel of Fortune and one some mula.

Lion Karen was happy to see our speakers today.

Lion Allen was happy he had a good time in Anaheim watching his Red Sox play the Angeles last weekend.


Lion Eleine was fined because she was late.

Lion Dee fined Lion Tom Link for conversing during the meeting.

Lion Melinda called for anyone who did not have a badge, but all of us did.


The $5 drawing went to Lion John, who donated it to the Leo Club.

Lotto ticket: Lion Tom Link. 


Lion Jamil with a Giants shirt on.

Lion Tony won the free ad and, for some reason, said I could not put the COS Giant’s in an add this time.

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)