Visalia Host Lions Roar newsletter for 10-6-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar newsletter for 10-6-23

District governor Lion Christy  Kroell

District Governor Lion Christy Kroell was todays program

Lion Allen in his 80s headdress

Lion Allen served as president today and was adorned in his headdress from the 80s murder mystery dinner. 

Todays Meeting

Bullpen President Lion Allen led our meeting today and called on Lion Brad to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Pete to do the invocation.

Lion Craig volunteered to be today’s tail twister.

Our guest and former district governor, Lion Al Kroell, drew for the no-fine badge, which Lion Pete won.


Mid-Relief president Lion Allen announced that the board meeting will be this Wednesday at Valhalla on Center Street at 7:00 AM. 

Lion Tom Gaebe announced that the band review will be on Saturday, October 21st, and help is needed. There will be 35 bands this year. 

Our bookkeeper, Lion Karen, announced we had made about a thousand dollars on the Murder Mystery Dinner. While this was not as much as we had hoped, there was a period when there was a worry of losing money. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy that his granddaughter, about to turn 13, would be in a play soon at the Enchanted Playhouse.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy that he would be in South Bend a week from today to watch his USC football team play Notre Dame.

Lion Tom Link was happy Fresno State Football was undefeated; they have won 14 games in a row.

Lion Tony was just happy to be here.

Lion Bob Line was also happy to be at the meeting today. (for more reasons than one) 

District Governor Christy Kroell was also happy to be with us today and also happy that her home club, the Fresno Host Lions (who sponsored our club back in 1926), was about to celebrate its 103 birthday.

Lion Christy’s husband and past district governor was happy to be with us today.

Lion Pete was also happy his father-in-law, Lion Bob Line, was with us today. Lion Bob had an incident last week where he had to be taken to the hospital, but he is AOK now.

Lion Colin was happy that his business, Franey’s, was celebrating sixty-eight years in business.

Lion Brad was happy that space aliens were not visiting our planet after seeing your roar editor Lion Roy coming to the meeting in his motorcycle gear.

Lion Craig was happy that he could take a three-day backpacking trip in Yosemite this weekend.

Lion Allen was happy to see both Lion Christy and Lion Al here today. He was also happy Lion Tom Gaebe putting in the work again this year for the band review.

Lion Karen was happy that she and Lion Rick were going to Laughlin this evening for the weekend.


Lion Dee fined Lion Bob Line because of his incident at a class reunion this past week. He caused 14 heart attacks, and three ladies tried to give him mouth-to-mouth recreation.

Lion Karen fined herself for having to leave early.

Lion Allen fined Lion Roy for not addressing the District Governor as “Lion” Christy.

Lion Pete gives a happy buck.

Lion Pete gives a happy buck for the successful recovery of his father in law, Lion Bob Line. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Pete, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Craig

The marble drawing went to non other then Lion Pete, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.


Lion Craig won the free add.

Lions Program Online Booking

Have somone who would like to speak to our club?  Here’s the link to our online booking page:

You can check what days are available and ether send them the link or book it for them. No need to contact me to find what days are available or to let me know that a program has booked, I’ll see the email come through that the date is taken.

Lion Roy