ROAR Newsletter for September 10, 2021

The September 10th meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Lion Tony Loliva.  President Aaron Odell asked Pat Harrison to lead his fellow Lions in song, and Pete Sherwood to perform the invocation.  

President Aaron shared that the Club hopes to be selling pies as a fundraiser prior to Thanksgiving.

Lion Betty Odell won the “no-fine” badge.

Happy Bucks

Pete Sherwood had a great backpacking trip in Kings Canyon and donated twenty happy bucks.

Giants fan Dee Baughman was happy his team was in first place atop the National League Western Division.

Craig Wheaton was happy to be sharing a presentation about his rafting trip down the Colorado River.

Lion Bob Line’s singing daughters will be performing at The Ranch.

Pat Harrison’s daughter brought him some new reading material.

Lion Steve Gerrard is now $75 richer after cashing in at a garage sale.

Lion Jeff Meader was happy to be back at Club.  

Vicki Whitehouse’s husband continues to do well.  She also was happy to see Lion Jeff Back and paid a fine for her Dodgers.


Lions Bob Line and AllenVentling fined each other.

Lion Dee Baughman fined Tail Twister Vicki Whitehouse for allegedly short-changing him on his happy buck.

Board Member Jeff Meader fined himself for missing a recent meeting.


Dee Baughman won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.

Karen McVaigh won the free ad.

Allen Ventling won the Lotto tickets.

Tony Loliva won a shot at the Marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.


Adventurer Craig Wheaton shared pictures from a recent non-commercial rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.  Craig spent eight days rowing, hiking, exploring and camping on the river.  The trip began in Glen Canyon near Lake Powell, and ended with a hike from Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon to the top of the South Rim.

Roar Newsletter for September 3, 2021

Roar Newsletter for September 3, 2021

PDG Al kroll

Past District Governor Al Kroll gives us information on the Fresno Hoast Lions 100/101-anniversary party. 

Lion Kim from Charter Oak has $5 happy bucks. 

Lion President Aaron lead our meeting today and called on Lion Dee to sing our song, God Bless America. He also called on Lion Tom Link, who had just walked in the room, to do our invocation and Lion Tom was up to the task of thinking fast on his feet and delivered a nice one. Our flag salute today was lead by Lion Vicki.


We had too many guests today to name them all. Members of Charter Oak, Lemoore, and Hanford Lions club were present along with our new District Governor, Lion David Hamilton. In fact, they were all there to see David. 


Being the first meeting of September, we celebrated the birthdays of Lion Tom Gaebe, Lion Tom Link, and Lion Tony Loliva, all of whom were present and accounted for.


Thursday, September 16th will be the annual three rivers Lions club Bar-B-Q, see Lion president Arrion for details.

PDG Al Kroell announced the Fresno Host Lions (the club that sponsored our club back in 1926) will be having their 100/101-anniversary party on October 23. The reason they call it their 100/101 is that this year they are 101 years old. Last year’s COVID put the kibosh on their plans. 

December 11th is the date that the local Lions clubs will be charting a bus to go down to Pasadena to help decorate the Lions Float for the Rose Parade. The bus will leave at 5:30.

Happy Bucks 

Lion president Aaron had $5 for all the guests today.

Lion John Parker had a happy buck because the Dodgers were tied with the Giants for first place. (Lion Dee said just for one day John, just one day)

Lion Tom Link was happy he got his COVID booster shot. (we all wondered how he got it so soon)

Lion Pat was happy Vicki was back and collecting money again and happy that several members of the Hanford Lions were with us today.

PDD Lion Al Kroell was happy to be with us today.

Lion Jan Beaty was happy she too had also got her COVID booster shot.

Lion Kim Beaty was happy to have been awarded her club’s Melvin Jones award recently.

Lion Allen was happy to see everyone today.

Lion Vicki was happy that her husband was doing great, it has been three years since his open-heart operation.

Lion Steve was happy his recent carpal tunnel surgery went well.


District governor David Hamilton paid a fine that was leftover from a Zoom meeting he had with us earlier in the year.

Lion Vicki fined all those who had made short jokes. (what, short jokes, would we make short jokes?) 

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Tom Gabie for his phone ringing with a USC fight song

Winners and Losers

Secret greater: Your Roar editor today, Lion Roy was the secret greater today and garnered a lot of money for the club for being so unpopular.

Lion Steve won the $5 raffle and donated I to the Lions Eye Foundation.

Lion Kim from Charter Oak won the Lotto Tickets.


Today’s Program

Lion David Hamilton, our new district 4A2 governor was our guest today and he gave us a lot of information that he had found about our club’s history. Fun facts. 

District Governor David Hamilton

District Governor Lion David Hamilton was our program today.

Lion Craig gave a %50 happy buck because he recently had big winnings. 

Lion president Aaron with district governor David Hamilton and Vicki Beeman

2021-2022 Slate of Officers and Directors

President    Aaron Odell
1st VP   Jeff Meader
2nd VP   Tony Loliva
IPP   Craig Wheaton
Secretary   Steve Gerrard
Treasurer   Karen McVaigh
Directors (2 yrs)   Roy Dressel
                               Betty Odell
Directors (1 yr)   Lauri Aguilar
                              Brent Robinson
Past Pres. Dir.   Brad Board
Head Tail Twister   Vicki Whitehouse
Head Lion Tamer   Pat Harrison
Head Greeter   Melinda Blandenship
Membership Chair   Aaron Odell
Note:  Open spot for Past Pres. Dir.

Lion Steve won the Free Add this week and I am so thankful.

ROAR Newsletter for August 27, 2021

President Aaron Odell opened the meeting by asking Lion Karen McVaigh to lead Club members in the flag salute.  Jeff Meader performed the invocation, and Bob Line led his fellow Lions in song.

Lion Bob Line won the coveted “no-fine” badge.


Karen McVaigh shared that 2 tickets are available to Club Members for Family Services of Tulare County’s Purple Party On October 1st.

Dee Baughman announced that there will be a memorial service for Lion Don Landers on October 16th at the Gateway Church.

Tom Link shared that Lion George Fry is out of the hospital and recovering at Linwood Meadows Care Center.

Auction Items

President Aaron auctioned off a package of Hula Hut fudge from his recent trip to Avila Beach.  Lion Pat Harrison bought the fudge for a donation of 15 dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Dee was happy that the San Francisco Giants are still in first place atop the MLB’s hotly contested Western Division.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was happy to see her friend Myriam at the meeting as a guest.  Vicki’s husband is doing well, she is doing better herself, and she recently celebrated a birthday.

Lion Jeff Meader was happy to be back at Club.

John Parker stayed up to watch the Dodgers’ recent16 inning win over the Padres.

Tom Link is on his way to Morro Bay.  He also shared that he gave Bob Line an extra ticket to a recent event where Lion Bob was asked to give the opening prayer, and performed admirably.

Lion Craig Wheaton will be embarking on a hike across the Sierras.

Lion Allen’s son was working at a SoCal restaurant that became the scene of a shooting.  Fortunately Allen’s son was uninjured.

Lion Betty Odell had a great time on their recent trip to Avila Beach.


Lion Vicki attempted, but failed, to fine Lion Bob Line, who was shielded by the coveted “no-fine” badge. She then fined Lion Karen McVaigh, who reportedly had harassed her relentlessly prior to the meeting.

Secret Greeter Betty Odell fined several members for failing to shake her hand prior to the meeting as required.


Vicki Whitehouse won the five-dollar drawing and graciously donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.

Bulldog fan Bob Line won the free ad.

Lion Jeff Meader won the Lottery tickets.

Tony Loliva won a shot at the marble drawing but didn’t draw the white marble.


Myriam of His Presence Ministries described their efforts to “Bring people to the heart of God”.  The Ministry and it’s team of 25 volunteers have been been providing food and opportunities for Bible Study to local people in need.   



ROAR Newsletter for August 20, 2021

The August 20th meeting opened with the flag salute led by Lion Allen Ventling.  Tom Link led his fellow Lions in song, and Lion Dee Baughman performed the invocation.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse won the “no-fine” badge for meeting.

Happy Bucks

Lion Justin Levy was happy to be back at Club and donated ten happy bucks.  He traveled to Costa Rica last May and was also happy  that in-person school has begun.

Giants fan Dee Baughman was happy his team is still in first place atop the National League’s Western Division.

President Aaron has been traveling to Cambria and Avila.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse donated five happy bucks and shared that her husband and son were on their way to a Dodgers game.

Lion Craig Wheaton had a good hike and was happy to see the Dodgers in second place.

Allen Ventling was happy to see Lion Vicki at Club.

Lion Janet McClintock enjoyed and recent girls’ trip to Pismo Beach and donated ten happy bucks.


Bob Bricker was fined after his housekeepers phone kept ringing during the meeting.

Craig Wheaton had to leave early and fined himself.


Tony Loliva won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation. He also won the Lotto tickets.  Lion Karen McVaigh won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the white marble.


Nicole Burnham of the Tulare County District Attorneys Office described their efforts to combat scams, identity theft and elder abuse.



Roar Newsletter for August 13, 2021

The August 13th meeting opened with the flag salute led by Lion Betty Odell.  Pat Harrison led his fellow Lions in song and Lion Tony Loliva performed the invocation.

Leslie Gardner, Executive Director of Happy Trails riding academy, was a guest at the meeting. 


Tom Gaebe announced that the Lions Band Review and Field Show is scheduled for October 16th.

President Aaron Odell passed around a member activity form that can be used to track creditable volunteer activities performed by members.  Volunteers are also needed for the Club’s Golf Tournament Committee. 

Lion John Parker won the coveted “no-fine” badge.

Happy Bucks

Lion George Fry donated twenty happy bucks in honor of his last Club meeting.  He will be moving to Pacific Grove.

Lions Craig Wheaton, Dee Baughman, Steve Gerrard, Betty Odell, and  Tony Loliva were happy to see Lions Vicki Whitehouse, and George Fry back at Club.  San Francisco fans Craig and Dee were also happy that the Giants had the best record in Major League Baseball.

After donating several happy bucks, Lion Vicki donate $100 to Happy Trails Riding Academy. 

Brad Board donated ten happy bucks.  His daughter has become the piano accompanist for the Tulare County Symphony and the Choir Director for the Presbyterian Church.

Lion Pat Harrison donated twenty happy bucks.  He recently fell but didn’t break, and he complete his service on jury duty.

Lion Roy Dressel will be taking a two week trip up the Coast.

Pete Sherwood noted that Lion Brad had been losing weight.


John Parker fined President Aaron for starting the meeting late.

Lion Allen Ventling fined Bob Line for the mutant pineapples on his Hawaiian shirt.

Roy Dressel, who had to leave early for work, fined himself.

Everyone welcomed Secret Greeter Vicki Whitehouse with a handshake.


Lion Pete Sherwood won the five dollar raffle and donated  the proceeds to Happy Trails Riding Academy.  Craig Wheaton won the free advertisement and the lotto tickets.  Pete Sherwood won a  chance at the marble drawing but failed to nab the elusive white marble.


Leslie Gardner provided an update on activities at Happy Trails Therapeutic Riding Center.  Their programs include Therapeutic Riding, Equine Assisted Activities, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, andVeteran Services.

Lion Vicki was back and collecting happy bucks and fines. 

Lion president Aaron led our meeting today. 

Leslie Gardner from Happy Trails. 

Lion Brad with his happy bucks.