The Roar Newsletter For Friday, May 10th, 2019

The Roar Newsletter For Friday, May 10th, 2019

Our Meeting 

Today meeting was lead by our President Lion Karen, who called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Lori to lead us in saluting our flag. Lion Ed did our invocation.

Our greeter, Lion Melinda introduced our guest and program, Joe Ross from the Visalia Rawhide.

Lion Karen draws for the No Fine Badge, Lion Justin was the winner.

Lion Justin happily accepts the No Fine Badge


The No Fine Badge went to Lion Justin, who was glad to get it.

Lion Steve announced that we had received the check from last Octobers Band Review fundraiser totaling $3,675.

President Karen announced that this months board meeting will be this coming Thursday the 16th at the Left of Center.

Lion Melinda announced that we were getting ready to order new Lions Shirts, with colors being a choice of Blue, White or Purple, for $25 and she sent a signup sheet around for members who wanted to place an order.

Lion Melinda also announced that, as golf committee chairman, she was getting ready to have the first meeting and sent a signup sheet for that around for that.

Lion Dee announced that Damon and Himself were taking a group of Leos to Bearskin Meadows on Saturday the 25th to help get the camp ready for the season.

Happy Bucks

Ruth was happy that is was Friday.

Lion Lauri was happy to be able to attend today’s meeting; in addition, she had a happy buck for happy that she got to sit with Joe Ross from the Rawhide. (he convinced her that she should go to a game for the first time ) and she was happy that Lion Vicki’s Rotary Clubs Beer and Wine Auction was a big hit.

Lion Steve was happy that his grandsons had his birthday party at the Rawhide baseball game and even got to through out the first pitch.

Lion Ed was happy that his daughter’s wedding went off so well last Saturday and that the Rotary fundraiser was a big hit.

Lion Don Landers was happy that today was the 47th anniversary of his engagement to his wife, Judy.

Lion Justin was just happy to be at our meeting.

Lion Melinda was happy that she got to attend Ed and Carol’s daughters wedding the previous Saturday, and that the Rotary fundraiser included lots of drinking.

Lion Pete was happy that his mother came down to visit on Mothers day weekend.

Lion Carol was happy that her daughter, Tars’s wedding was over. It was great, but it was a lot of work. She was also happy that former Lion Jeannie Berchem had spent a few days with her at the coast.

Lion Leigh was happy that the Special Olympics track and field meet was a success, with over 700 athletes attending.

Lion Craig was happy that there would be an election for Visalia Unified superintendent in 2020.

Lion Pat jumped in and announced that he was today’s Secret greeter, bypassing our president Lion Karen’s making that announcement and fined two people for it. 

Lion Vicki was happy that her husband was doing well, for just being at the meeting today, for the Rotary Beer and Wine Auction.

Lion President Karen is both the drawer and the drawee for the marble.

Lion Dee fines Lion Roy for his Giant mistake in last weeks newsletter.

Lion Ed says Go Dodgers and Joe, that’s with the G
(You had to be there)


Lion Dee fined stand in Roar editor Lion Roy for failing to mention one of Dee’s happy dollar in the last newsletter. That happy buck was for the Giants taking two games out of three from the Dodgers. In my defense, I could not read my own writing but, if given a chance, this would have been the happy buck I would have chosen not to include.

Lion Pete also fined stand-in editor Roy for grammatical mistakes in the Roar.

Lion Melinda fined Lion Steve for false advertising. Last week Steve auction off a package of what he said were chocolate covered huckleberries. But, Melinda could find no chocolate in the bag.

Lion Dee fined Lion Pat for what he called, following a different path. Dee had been talking with a friend of his and mentioned Pat’s name; the friend said “oh, I know Pat” and just smiled.

Lion Melinda tried to fine Lion Justin for being on his phone during the meeting but got dinged a dollar herself because Justin had the no fine badge.

Don Landers was fined for being late to today’s meeting.

Lion president Karen, Lion Pat, and Lion Tom Gaebe all lacked a badge today and were fined.


$5 Raffle was won by Lion Ruth, who promptly donated it to the Lions Eye Foundation.

Lion Steve won the lotto tickets. We’ll soon see if Steve won the big bucks. (10% to the club)


Joe Ross, from the Visalia Rawhide.


The Visalia Rawhide’s Joe Ross gave Today’s program; Joe gave us lots of information about what the Rawhide was up to this year as far as different specials they are running in addition to how good they were playing this season. They had a 14 game winning streak and are in first place in the Cal league.

Again this year, the Rawhide will be hosting Lion Night, July 11th. $1 for each tick sold will be going to the California Lions Foundation. also, the Rawhide is the only team in Minor league Baseball to have a female announcer for the games.

Joe said if we have any question we can always call or text him at 559-568-5750, or the ballpark  559-732-4433 ext 102.  He also left no dought that he was an enthusiastic Giants fan causing cheers and boos throughout the room.

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, May 3, 2019

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, May 3, 2019

Lion Steve auctions off

Lion Craig was at our meeting today with a happy buck because it had been a few weeks since he had shown up. 

Lion president Karen lead out meeting again today and had Lion Dee lead us in singing My country Tiss of Thee, First vis president Lion Ruth lead us in saluting the flag and Lion Bob Lind did today’s invocation.

Today’s guests today were  Lee Johnson, from The Mid Kaweah Ground Water Sustainability Agency and Larry Micari candidate for District 1 county supervisor, a guest of Lion Don Landers.

No Fine Badge

This went to our President Lion Karen, shouts of collusion were echoed through the room.


Lion Melinda announced many things that came out of the district meeting at the coast during the past weekend. among them were that our new district governor is William VanVanlaningham from the Visalia Pride Lions Club.

Lion Dee announced that the Diabetes camp at  Bearskin Meadows will be opening soon and he will be taking a group of Leos up on Memorial Day Weekend to work on getting the camp ship shape after the winter. Anyone who would like to provide transportation should contact him for info.

Lion Allen announced that the Vision Screening, held on this past Saturday in Farmers was a success, screened 53 kids and refired 11 for full exams.

Lion Bob Line announced that he had attended the COS scholarship night and that our Lions Club sponsored Bruce Jenson Scholarship was handed out at that time.

Auction Items 

Lion Steve auctioned off a bag of Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans from his recent trip to Idaho.

Lion Melinda auctioned off a bag of Elephant Seal Poop, (chocolate covered peanuts) from her trip to the convention in Cambria.


We sang happy birthday to Lion Craig and Lion Kent

Happy Bucks

Lion Dee was happy he had a new great-granddaughter, and he was happy the barbershop show went off great.

Lion ruth was once again happy it was Friday, but she only had quarters for her $1.

Lion Allen was happy that as of May 1st, he was officially retired.

Lion Brad was happy that we have friendly police offices in Visalia, his daughter’s window was broken and a nice office took the report.

Lion Craig was just happy to be back at club as he had not been in attendance of late, but he had skyed a record 37 days this year.

Lion was $5 happy, husband doing great, Larry Micari was with us today.

Lion Bob Line was happy to see another Democrat running for president.

Lion Roy was happy that the Dodgers were still in first place and that he was going to be photographing Lions Ed and Carol’s daughter’s wedding this weekend.


Lion Euth fined Lion Allen for blaming her earlier in the meeting for chasing all the kids away at the Farmersville Eye Screening

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Bob Line because Lion Bob did not show up for the baseball game this past week, he had some “big” fundraiser to go to.

Lion Melinda fined Lion Don landers for being late.

Secret Greater

Lion Top Link was our secret great today, many spoke up, thinking that Tom came in late, but then they remembered that was for the last meeting, and the one before that, and the one before that.


$5 raffle, Lion Dee, to the Leos

Lotto: Lion Allen

Marble, Lion Dee

Roy Says Go Dodgers

Lee Johnson, Today’s program about groundwater.

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 26, 2019

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 26, 2019

Lion Vicki collecting happy bucks and fines had some of her own.

Lion George tells us all about his biography, in the background, Lion Dee wonders how good it really is. 

Our president, Lion Karen lead our meeting today and called on Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Carol lead us in the flag salute and the invocation was done by our resident reverend, Lion George.

Lion Allen won the No Fine Badge.


Lion Allen announced that he needed some help with the Vision Screening at Farmersvilles Veterans Park on Saturday.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Carol was happy she was babysitting her grandkids.

Lion Brad was happy that he was able to take his family to Yosemite to see the waterfalls this time of year, though he said he was not alone in the park.

Lion Dee was happy that his barbershop group was performing a Rock and Roll show on the weekend.

Lion Bob Line was happy his granddaughter had an editorial in the Times-Delta on Friday.

Lion George was happy that his granddaughter found his biography so interesting that she was going to read it to her history class.

Lion Vicki was happy her husband was doing well, that her daughter was back in Visalia with Starbucks as she had been at a store in Clovis, and now she will be just three minutes from her work.

Lion Vicki also had a late happy $ for Lion Tom Link volunteering a dollar.


Lion George fined Lion Dee for saying his biography was going to be a snooze.

Lion Dee fined Lion Janet. Lion Carol, and Lion Tom Link for being on their cell photos during the meeting. Lion Carol and Lion Janet rebutted that fine by saying that it was Lions business.

Lion George fined Lion Bob for forgetting the words to God Bless America, Lion Bob denied it.

Lion Vicki fined Lions Bob Line, Roy, and Leigh for making a remark about the food line being kind of shot today with the light attendance.

Lion Ed fined Lion president Karen for having no program today. Even though it was not her fault, it fell under her watch. 

Secret Greater Brad Board

Only Lion Roy and Lion Tom Link did not shake his hand. Money well spent said both.

Winners and Losers

$5, Lion Brad, donated it to the Leo Club

Vicki won the Lotto Tickets

Lion Bob draws for the white marble but comes up short.

lion Tom voluntary give a $1 to the club, first time for everything. 

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 19, 2019

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 19, 2019

Lion president Karen opened our meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to sing God Bless America, our flag salute was led by Lion Ed and the Invocation by Lion Pete.


Lion Janet announced that this year’s MD4 convention will once again be held here in Visalia next February.
Lion Allen announced that this coming Saturday the 27th another eye screening will take place at the Farmersville Veterans Memorial park. Let him know if you can attend
Lion Vicki announced that this years installation of officers will be Thursday, June 27th at the Vintage Press, drinks from 5-6, dinner at 6:00.

Happy Bucks

Lion Ruth was happy it was Friday…

Lion Roy was happy the Dodgers were in first place, and he had a $1.00 for the 10% of $10 he won from two weeks ago Lotto ticket win.

Lion Pete was happy he got to play golf on the coast but had to do it in a galeforce wind.

Lion Melinda had a happy buck for almost being fully moved into her new house, plus another one for heave a set of three bosses that were the best in the world at work.

Lion Leigh was happy that Sabastion and his aunt Lisa were there today to talk about Special Olympics.

Lion Ed was glad he doesn’t live in Tulare (with all the problems that the city has been having lately) and that his Dodger blue was in first place.

Lion Vicki was happy her husband was still doing good.

Lion Carol was $2 happy, one for just being happy and the other as a little add. She volunteers at downtown Visalia’s simply chic boutique for the Visalia Rescue Mission, come on in and check it out.

Secret greater:  Bob Line, he was so popular only one person didn’t shack his hand.


Lion president Karen fined herself for drawing Lion Tom Links name for the no fine badge and depriving the club of much-needed revenue.

Lion Bob Line fined Lion Steve for putting pinwheels in his yead for easter and causing Bob’s wife to wonder why Bob had not done something similar.

Lion Allen fined Lion Vicki for giving him a little three-fingered handshake when she greeted him.

Lion Melinda fined Lion Allen for saying a “little” three-fingered handshake.



Lion Roy won the $5 drawing and gave it to the Leo club.

Lotto tickets, once again Lion Roy won this prize but won no money this time.

Marble drawing. Lion Vicki gets the chance to draw but won nothing.


Today’s program was announced by Lion Leigh, who has been involved with Special Olympics for years and is presently the Tulare County Director of the program. He introduced to us Sabastion who has been a Special Olympics athlete for several years. he talked about his goals, what special Olympics has done for him and what he gets out of it. A great program.

Lion Bob Line is happy that he put a deposit down on the new Quail Park. 

Sebastion’s aunt Lisa talks about Special Olympics 

Special Olympics athlete Sebastian talks about what it has done for him. 

Lion Leigh and Sebeasion receive our clubs check for Special Olympics from Lion president Karen. 

ROAR Newsletter For April 5th 2019

ROAR Newsletter For April 5th 2019

Lion Lori thanks the club for all their help with the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Lion Pat also has a happy buck for the success of the Murder Mystery Dinner

Our newest Member, Lion Kim Jenson is inducted into the club by Lion Dee, and seen here with her sponsor Lion Lori. 

Our president Karen lead our meeting today and called on Lion Pat to sing our song. Lion Dee lead us in prayer and Lion Jeff the flag salute. Lion Melinda announced our guests and our program today were Juleann Smith and Elizabeth Sartuche from the Miss Tulare County Pagent and our program.

President Karen won the no fine badge, causing calls for an investigation on the selection process.



Lion Melinda announced the passing of past district governor and past international director Bob Smith. Lion Bob Smith.

New Lions Kim Jenson announced that she had two tickets to Rock and Roll is Here to stay concert, put on by the Mighty Oak Cauris on April 27th.

Happy Bucks.

Lion Ruth had a happy buck because it was Friday and for the success of the Murder Mystery Dinner (MMD)

Lions Jeff had a happy dollar for the success of the MMD.

Lion Carol had three happy bucks, one each for the times she won a prize at the MMD.

Lion Pat had happy bucks for the MMD, the food was great, the entertainment was great, and his friend won the gift basket from Roy.

Lion Roy had happy bucks for the success of the MMD, for the Dodgers being in first place and for the Dodgers taking two out of three games from the Giants.

Lion Ed was also happy for the success of the MMD and the Dodgers being in first place. 

Lion Vicki was happy for the MMD’s success, for everyone who helped out and for her husband’s continued recovery from his heart surgery.


Lion George fined Ruth for taking Ton’s spot in line.

Lion Roy fined Lion Tom Link because Tom’s brother, the mayor, did not know that the MMD was taking place.

Lion Ed fined president Karen for not announcing the birthdays for April, bruising his fragile ego as his birthday is in April. 

Lion Carol fined president Karen for calling Lions Melinda Blankinship by the last name of Bettencourt. Lion Carol also was going to fine her husband, Lion Ed but then thought better of it, saying “nevermind.” Of course, that lead to rampant speculation as to the reason. 

Secret Greater

Lion Bob Line was our secret great today, several people felt that was $1 well spent.


$5 raffle went to Lion Pat, who donated it to the Leo club.

Loto Tickets went to Lion Roy, who will owe the club $1 as he won $10 with the scratcher.

Our newest member, Kim Jenson was inducted into the club by Lion Dee, and she explained that she works at Quail park, but also makes herself a resource to people who can’t afford Quail park but need assisted living.

Elizabeth Sartache with the Miss Tulare County pageant plays the flute as part of our program today.

President Karen won the drawing for the free add today. 


Juneann Smith, from Miss Tulare County pageant, Explained the changes that are going on as part of Miss America. 

ROAR Newsletter for March 29, 2019

President Karen McVaigh the meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to lead the Club in a patriotic song – Lion Bob responded with God Bless America. Lion Betty Odell led the flag salute and Lion Pete Sherwood performed the invocation.

Lion Carol Jones won the “no-fine” badge for the meeting.


Lion Allen Ventling thanked members for their help with a vision screening event on Sunday March 24th at the Tulare Family Health Care Network offices. Twenty-three kids were tested and four were referred for eye exams. The next event will be on April 13th in Goshen.

Murder Mystery Dinner Chairperson Lauri Aguilar reported that 268 tickets have now been sold.  Lion Lauri said it had been a pleasure and honor to work with the committee.


Lion Don Landers donated a Lions suit jacket that will be auctioned at a District meeting.

Happy Bucks

World traveler Lion Tony Loliva had a great trip to Italy and Portugal and donated twenty happy bucks.

Lion Ruth McKee was, once again, happy it was Friday.

Lion Don Landers will be travelling to Helendale and Vegas.

Dodgers fan Ed Jones was happy to see his team in first place atop the National League Western Division.

Lion Steve Gerrard donated a happy buck in honor of Lion Lion Lauri and her committee.

Lion Roy Dressel was happy the Murder Mystery Dinner was almost here.

Lion Craig Wheaton was happy to be back at club.  He also joked that the San Francisco giants were only one game out of first place. 

Lion Pete Sherwood had a chance to play golf with old friends from the Bay Area. 

Lion Vicki Whitehouse shared that her husband continues to do well.  She also thanked Committee Chair Lauri Aguilar for her efforts.

Lion Lauri Aguilar was happy the Mystery Dinner date us finally here.


Lion Dee Baughman was teed off at Lions Bob Line and Tom Link for talking while he attempted to play golf.

Lion Melinda Blankenship fined Lion Dee for a joke he told and Lion Tom Link for being late for the meeting. 


Lion Betty Odell won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.  Lion Dee Baughman won the free ad. Lion Brad Board won the Lotto tickets.