Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 6-23-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 6-23-23

Lion president Tony

Lion President Tony presides over his last meeting. Thanks for a great year Tony.

Todays Meeting

Lion Tony led his last meeting as president today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Allen for the flag salute, and Lion Pete to do the invocation.

Lion Karen won the no-fine badge.

Lion Aaron was the secret greater, and Lion Dee was the only person who did not shake his hand. 


Installation dinner this Thursday evening, June 29th, at the Vintage Press. RSVP to Lion Tony 559-250-0688: 5:00 Happy hour, 6:00 dinner.

No meeting this coming Wednesday or Friday.  Because of the installation dinner, we have canceled the monthly evening meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the 28th, and there will not be a meeting Friday. 

Lion Allen announced our guests today, our program,  Miss: Tulare County Elizabeth Sartuche, and the program’s executive director Michelle French. 

Lion Allen also announced three visitations with local clubs:  Call or text Allen at 559-936-4563 to let him know you will be attending. 

Friday, June 30th, 6:30 AM:  Visalia Breakfast Lions at the Visalia Country Club. 

Monday, July 17th, 6:00 PM: Visalia Pride Lions, St. Pauls church (this is a Pot Luck) 

Thursday, July 27th, 6:45 AM, Exeter Lions Club 257 N. E. St. 

Murder Mistery Dinner: Lion Karen announced that we need $25 gift gift cards for the event. You can buy them and bring them to a club meeting or give Karen the money which will be purchased.

Auction items

Unrelated to the motorcycle camping trip Roy had been on, he brought in two bottles of wine purchased by Lion Mark for $12 for the the two.

Lion Elaine had been to Israel and brought back a box of Mt. Herman Chocolates purchased by Lion Roy for $13.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy that the Giants were on a roll and had swept several teams, including their arch-rival Dodgers.

Lion Pat was happy some of his family had spent a week in England.

Lion Tom was happy both Elizabeth and Michelle from Miss Tulare County were with us today.

Lion Elaine was happy she had been to Isreal and avoided getting sick on the trip, but she spent three weeks sick after she got home.

Lion Craig was happy the Giants were in second place and ahead of the Dodgers, plus he was happy his daughter and son-in-law had spent the weekend.

Lion John was happy he had taken his 5th wheel and spent the weekend in Paso.

Lion Pete was happy that his grandson was on the Cal Ripken All-Stars, and depending on what occurred this weekend, he could be headed to Utah for the playoffs.


Lion Dee fined both Roar editor Roy and Lion Allen for talking during the prayer.

Lion John Parker was happy because, as he said, every house has a john.

Lion Elaine fined Lion Pat for asking if the box of chocolate she had up for auction was a box of hemorrhoid cream.

Lion Allen fined Lion President Tony for losing the bell on his last meeting as president, Lion Dee for talking, and Lion Roy for not doing the Roar last week, even when he had taken detailed notes.

Miss Tulare county with the bell

Elizabeth, Miss Tulare county hold the bell that had been taken from Lion President Tony. 

Lion Peat draws for the white marble

Lion Betty has Lion Pete draw for the white marble, but he comes up empty. 


The $5 drawing went to Miss: Tulare County Elizabeth Sartuche, who donated it to the Miss Tulare County pageant. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Allen

The marble drawing went to Lion Pete. 

Miss Tulare county crown

Miss: Tulare County Elizabeth Sartuche won the free add and
wanted to advertise the Miss California Pageant being held right here in Visalia
this coming week. 

Tickets and info here

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 6-9-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 6-9-23

Lion Pete introduces our program today.

Lion Pete introduces our program today, Frank Durazo and Stewart Anderson from Visalia Cal Ripken Baseball 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting today and called on Lion John Parker to lead us in saluting the flag, Lions Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

The no-fine badge went to Lion Steve.

The secret greater today was Lion Bob Line, whose name will repeatedly appear in today’s Roar. 


Lion Allen announced our Guests, Frank Durazo and Stewert Anderson, our program today, plus we had Lion Jamil’s wife as a guest today. Jamil noted that she was a Porterville Police officer. (note to self, Remember that she is married to Jamil if I ever get stopped in Porterville) 


Installation dinner Thursday, June 29th at the Vintage Press. Watch for an email tomorrow giving details of the meal and pricing. 

Presidents next year: Several past presidents got together on Thursday to decide on the dates that each of the rotating presidents will take the podium. 

July 7th +14th: Lion Mark Olson
July 21 – August 11th: Lion Allen Ventling
August 18+23: Lion Mark Olson 
September: Lion Brad Board 
October: Lion Craig Wheaton
November + December: Lion Roy Dressel
Lions Tony and Aaron will fill in as needed. 

Lion Karen reminded everyone that the Murder Mystery Dinner is coming up in just a little over three months, (September 16th) we need all members to get $25 gift cards to be used in gift bags. 


Happy Bucks 

Lion Pete had a happy $20, one for each of the states he drove through on his recent three-week trip back to Mississippi, and he was sorry he didn’t bring back any moonshine.

Lion Jamil was happy he made it to the meeting today and was happy to have his wife with us today. (this is two weeks in a row we have had a police presence at our meetings; interesting) 

Lion Brad had a $5 happy buck because he had not heard from Lion Tom Links’s lawyer because of the dog “incident” a week ago at Brad’s house.

Lion Bob Line was happy he got to play golf this morning and that his great-granddaughter had graduated from Golden West this past week. He was also happy he recently got a Lion tattoo. 

Lion Pat was happy he was going to see the Masters of Harmony musical group in Sothern, California, with his Daughter and Son.

Lion Tom Link was happy that he had played golf at the country club recently and had two pars, and also played this morning and had two pars on that course.

Lion Allen was happy to see Lions Justin and Jamil at our meeting and happy Jamil’s wife was with us. That was a $3 happy buck.

Lion Pat was also happy to see Lions Justin and Jamil with us today.

Lion Mark Olson was happy that he had been to a Rawhyed game and had a lot of fun, though he fined himself for first saying he had gone to an Oaks game.


Lion Tom Link was fined for being late. 

Lion Dee fined both Lions Justin and Jamil because they had not been to a meeting in a long time. 


Lion Pete with his $20 happy buck.

Lion Pete with his $20 happy buck. 

Frank Durazo with the Visalia Cal ripkin

Frank Durazo, president of Visalia Cal Ripken was our program today.

Lion Bob Line

Lion Bob Line has a happy buck for his Lion Tattoo. (Click on the image to enlarge it and see his right arm.)


The $5 drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who donated it to the eye foundation. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Bob Line (again, this guy wins everything) 

The marble drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who picked the white marble and won $167.00. 


Lion Dee says Go, Giants

(Why couldn’t Lion Bob have won this also)

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 6-2-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 6-2-23

Lions Meeting June 2, 2023

Officers Kyle Kulender and Daniel Gonzalez talk about other involvement with the Tulare County Special Olympics. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting today and called on Lion Mark Olson to lead us in saluting our flag,  Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion John Parker to do the invocation.

Lion Tom Link won the no-fine badge, which led several members to chip in a little extra to compensate for the shortfall in funds for Tom winning the badge.


We wished our members with birthdays in both May and June a happy birthday. May was added because we had no members with birthdays present at the first meeting in May.

Lion Steve did the third and final reading of the slate of officers for the 2023-24 year, and it was approved. The list is at the bottom of this page.

Lion Allen noted that if you have not tuned in to your survey forms regarding the Wednesday night meetings, you should do so now. He also noted PDG H.R. “Don” Cornett passed away on Tuesday, April 25th, 2023.

From the email sent by PDG Kevin Patel, “Don was  District Governor for our District 4A2 in 1992-1993. During his Governor year, PDG Lion John Barabe from Bakersfield Sports served as a Cabinet Secretary. He was initially a member of Hillcrest Lions and later transferred to Bakersfield Host Lions Club. A Pancake Breakfast and Memorial will be held on Saturday, June 24, at 8:30 A. M. in Bakersfield. The address is 1003 Pebble Beach Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93309″.

A note that we received our first ticket sales for September 16th murder mystery dinner. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Mark was happy he spent a week in Oregon recently and that his brother was doing well after having had s stint implanted.

Lion Dee was happy he could play a round of gold earlier this week. It had been three years since he has been able to because of his back operation. He noted that he had asked the Dr after the operation if he could play golf and the doctor said that he could. Dee replied that that was good because he couldn’t play before the operation.

Lion Pat was happy that he recently had some plants planted in his yard.  He was also happy that his granddaughter had graduated from middle school.

Lion Roy was happy that he had gone to his oldest grandson’s graduation from Buchanan high school in Clovis this past week but was not so happy that the ceremony had been so long. (5 hours from the time we arrive to the time we left) He was also happy to have seen Lion Tom Link the night before at the University Preparatory High School graduation at the Fox. Tom was there because he is on the TC School Board, and Roy was photographing the event. Roy’s wife said that noted that it seems like Tom Link is everywhere.

Lion Craig was happy that he only saw and was not part of a car accident when Craig was jogging one day last week. The car went out of control and went over some RR tracks. He was also happy because of today’s  recognition of his birthday in May.

Lion Brad was happy because he had recently been at Lion Tom Link’s house and had some cookies that Tom’s wife had made, and they were wonderful.

Lion Steve was happy that his son turned 50 last week.

Lion Allen had recently seen Lions Brent and Janet, and both said hi.


Lion John Parker fined himself for having to leave early.

Lion Craig did the same, having to leave early also.

Someone fined Lion Tony for drawing Lion Tom Links’s name for the no-fine badge.

Lion Dee fined Lion Brad for not being in good hands because State Farm is no longer writing new homeowners policies. Lion Brad noted that he’s still a good neighbor. 

Lion Tom Link fined Brad because when Tom went over to Brad’s house, a great big dog treated him at the door, and Tom was a bit shaken up.  In response, Lion Brad said Tom had overreacted at the time, and Brad was on the phone to call in the Medvax Helicopter before Tom said he was OK.

Lion Colin drawing Toms name for the marble.

Lion Colin draws Tom’s ticket for the marble. 

Lion Tom drawing a non white marble.

Lion Tom drawing a non white marble.


The $5 drawing went to Lion Brad who donated it to the Leo club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Tom Link


state farm

Lion Brad reminds Dee
 Like a Good Neighbor

2023-24 slate of officers