Lions Roar for Friday February 14, 2014

Lions president Carol Jones lead our meeting today and selected Lion Dee to sing our song, a appropriate Valentines day song was sung.  Lion Leigh lead us in the flag salute and the invocation was done by our resident minister, Lion George

The newly retired Tom Link was late, coming in just after the bell was rung

Lion Leigh got the no fine badge

Lion Steve’s announced that our save mart shares check had arrived, in the amount of $246.00  This is the easiest way to make money for the club

Carol read a letter that accompanied a new patch for our banner, it was for retention and membership growth for the club during Allen’s term as president last year.

Allen announced that he had gone to Houston school for the pull tab contest that we help sponsor, the kids had gathered 60 lbs of pull tabs.

If you ordered a Lions Club T- Shirt, they are in. contact Carol to pick it up.

Happy Bucks


Lion Craig had a happy buck for his son, who had to go to the emergency room in Hanford, then his wife had some issues. Both doing Ok now. he was also happy because he met Governor brown at the farm show and told him that he was the best republican in Sacramento.

Dee was happy that he got through LA traffic in one piece.

Ed was happy that 33 years ago, president Carol said yes to his proposal.

Bob Line was happy that his 4 daughters were all going to be in town for the coming  weekend and were going to the Vintage press, if he can squeeze up enough money he would join them.

Roy was happy that kaweah Delta had taken such good care of his mother during her recent stay.

Melinda was happy that I had give Kaweah the good press.

Carol was happy that she was having such a wonderful Valentines day, thanks to her husband Lion Ed, and she was happy for the upcoming three day weekend.

Eric was happy the in the coming week he will be visiting his grandkids.

Vickie was happy that Lion Tony jumped in  and helped at the sing in table.

Craig was happy for Obama Care, his son, the one that went into the emergency room is just 23 and is not covered by his insurance, now he will be.

Tom link was happy that Bob Line won a 50/50 drawing, gaining over $200, and Tom was  also happy that he was not involved in a car crash.



Dee fined Tom Link for being late, even now that he is retired. George stepped up and paid the fine for Tom.

George, who had, during the invocation, said that all the people with spouses should be blessed,  also added that all the people at the meeting today who do not have a spouse, or significant other, could be blessed.

Ed fined Allen fo rudely cutting in line for the food.

Dee fined himself because he had to leave early.

George fine Eric because he had got a ticket one day last week for parking in a motorcycle parking spot. He thought the city should have better marked the spot.

Roy turned around and fined George for parking in motorcycle parking, George, your car is small, but not that small.

Allen fined Eric for shaking his hand so hard at the start of the meeting.

One of our guests won the $5 and was “persuaded” to donate it to the Lions Eye foundation.

Melinda won the Lotto tickets.

Jeanie won the chance to draw for the marble, worth $66, which brought about screams of collusion from the crowd, but no matter, She didn’t win.

Allen introduced our guest, June Ameral form the Mrs. Tulare county pageant, along with one of the contestants who did a song for us and told us about the pageant, how much it helped her and the other girls.

Lion Glen, who won the roar Add want’s everyone to help out at the wild Hog chili Run on April 12