some assembly required preforms

Lion Dee performs with the  Group Some Assembly Required for todays meeting.

Todays Meeting

Lion President Melinda led the meeting today and asked Lion Pat to lead us in the flag salute. The members of Some Assembly Required led our song, the Star Spangled Banner. Then, Lion Bob Line did the invocation.

No fine badge went to Lion Dee


Monday night, May 20th (tonight): Lion Dee announced that The Mighty Oak Chorus has a “Come Sing with Me” event at the Rise Church, 1023 N. Chinowth. 

Wednesday, May 22, 8:30 AM. Visalia Emergency Aid office, 217 NE 3rd Ave. The second meeting to discuss the merger with the Sequoia Lions.

Lion Melinda talked a little about the district convention held last weekend at the Visalia Windam Hotel. New district officers were announced, and a note was made that the Laton Lions will hold a Tri Tip Dinner on June 1st.

Lion Elaine asks for money from Lion Allen

Lion Elaine asks for money from Lion Allen.

Lion Dee has a good laugh.

Lion Dee has a good laugh.

Some Assembly Required preforming

Some Assembly Required preforming

Auction Items

Lion Tony, who had been back to Colorado to take care of funeral services for his father-in-law, did not bring back anything to auction off, but he did have $20 to put in the pot. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy his granddaughter was in the play Aladen at her school. 

Lion Betty was happy that she had upgraded her photo from an iPhone 5 to a 13. 

Lion Aaron was happy he was able to watch the best email pickleball team in the world recently. 

Lion Roy was happy he got to ride to the meeting today. 

Lion Melinda was happy that she had gone to the district convention last weekend; she learned a lot. 

Lion Allen, who also attended the convention last weekend, was happy because he won two nice raffle prizes. 

Lion Pete was happy that the Lion Dees group was with us today and that it was his 44th anniversary. 


Here is Some Assembly Required preforming at our meeting today. 


Lion Melinda fined Lions Elaine and Mark for being late. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Pat, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Betty.

The marble drawing also went to Lion Betty, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.


Lion Roy won the free add. 

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)