President Ruth McKee opened the meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to sing country song – America, My Country Tis of Thee. Ed Jones performed the invocation and Lion Craig Wheaton led the flag salute. 

Roy Dressel won the no-fine badge.

Members sang the “Happy Birthday Song” to Lions Tom Link and Roy Dressel, who were both born in January. 


Lion Vicki Whitehouse reminded members that there will be a Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 8th.

Members shared get well wishes for Lion Melinda Blankenship, who is recovering from knee surgery.


Lion Ed Jones auctioned off gift certificate for two months of intensive physical training.  Lion Brent Robinson purchased the certificate for a donation of eleven dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Carol and Ed Jones sold their house in Visalia.

Lion Roy Dressel had a good week working from home.

Dee Baughman’s brother came out from Colorado for Christmas.

Lion Brad Board had a wonderful time at Christmas.  He was also happy to see the 49ers in the Playoffs.

Lion Craig Wheaton has spent the winter skiing.

Lion Pete was happy a friend had made it through quadruple bypass surgery.  He was also happy to see the 49ers in the playoff.

George Fry’s three daughters visited him on Christmas.

Lion Karen McVaigh’s son turned 40.

Lion Tom Link is turning 80!

President Ruth was stuck in Southern California over the holidays.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse’s husband is well and playing golf.  She also had a great Christmas.


Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined Lion Tom Link, who was reportedly on the phone with one of his many servants during the meeting.  She also fined herself for almost knocking over Left of Center’s tower of glasses.

Dodgers fan Roy Dressel was upset that his son had given him a Christmas gift with a Giants logo.

Lion Pete Sherwood fined Lion Bob Line after receiving a solicitation from Quail Park Retirement Community, where Lion Bob resides.


Karen McVaigh won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Lion Dee Baughman won the Free Ad. Lion Tom Link won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.