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Lion president Carol lead us today and asked Lion Dee to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee.  Lion Allen lead us on the flag salute, with Lion Ed doing the invocation.

Lion Dee announce Lion Joe from the Ivanhoe club and former Lion Adel.

Lion Janet. Won the no fine badge.

President Janet auctions off a set of Lotto Ticket's from last weeks meeting

President Carol auctions off a set of Lotto Ticket’s from last weeks meeting



Lion Allen announced that on Thursday things went well with the  vision screening at Goshen school, they screened 43 kids with only 6 kids getting recommended to a eye doctor.

The Club directory is ready to be published again this year and it went around the room for members to check out to make sure their info is correct.  If you have not been to a meeting in a few weeks please send us an email noting the address you would like to use for the club. Your can send it to Lion Steve Gerrard  at

Lion Malinda sent a list around for those who want to order a Host Lions shirt,  if you want a shirt and did not see the list then contact Melinda at

On Sep.13, we have the opportunity to go to SF for a Giants-Dodger game.. Cost is $125.00 for all.

Lion Dee announces he talked to Lion Pat Harrison. Pat has been recovering from an  heart operation. He will have a stent put in this coming Wednesday and that should be the last of the procedures for Pat and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is back soon.

Lion Carol had an auction item from Mark Davidson, he won the lotto winner last week and donated it back to the club. Three spots were  winners.  Lion Ed paid $8 for it.

Lion Steve announced the Save Mart shares card amount for the last quarter and Lion Howard guessed the closest amount, He guest $195.00 and the check was was $194.14.

Happy bucks.


Lion Howard was happy because of receiving his Melvin Jones  award last week, $5

Lion Dee reminds everyone that the Giants are in first place and were 5 games over the Dodgers.

Lions Craig was happy for the vision screening at Goshen school that. He just happened to be there when the screening was going on.

Lion Craig was very happy he had on that Dodger Blue shirt.. not..

Lion Craig was very happy he had on that Dodger Blue shirt.. not..

Lion Eric was happy because his son was appointed by the governor of Arizona to be the head of education innovation.

Lion Daryl was happy because the city  is cleaning out the Watson ditch near his home. Plus,  now with the new card that the city sent out, he can see how many times a month he can water his dead grass.

Lion John will not be here next week because his son is getting married.

Lion Carol is happy because it’s Friday, and happy to see her co worker Diane Sumpter is here for the program,



Lion Dee saw someone in a white van going to fast, speeding was the term he used, and that white van was being driven by our won Lion Daryl, who  never looked over at Dee, most likely, Dee speculated, because of his excessive speed.

Lion Vickie fined her “friend”  Lion Dee for calling the Dodger fans stupid last week.

Lion Roy fined himself for totally forgetting to got to the Goshen Vision Screening that he signed up for last week.

Lion Allen fined Lion Eric because you need to get a permit to fix your own fence in this city.


Secret greater.   Lion Bill Munce



$5. Adel who donated it to Lions eye.

Loto. Lion Melinda..

Marble. Lion Janet.   

Today’s Program

Lorie sumpt3er talked about the fourth of July fireworks  at mineral King Bowl.

Dianne Sumpter talked about the fourth of July fireworks at mineral King Bowl.


Dianne Sumpter was our speaker today from the Visalia parks and recreation dept. talking about the fireworks celebration at the mineral king bowl. They find the program and this will be the last year for them to be able to do it. They are looking for other groups who may want to take that over.

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