Oomur meeting today

Lion president Aaron lead our meeting again today and called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing a song, Lion Allen to lead us in saluting our flag, and Lion Steve to give today’s invocation.


Lion Brent introduced his three guests today, Alberto Ramos with CASA and Jacob Fraga and Blake Shawn from the Downtown Dream. Our other guest was the day’s program, Visalia Mayor Steve Nelsen.


We sang happy birthday to the only Lion in attendance with a birthday in February, Lion Brad.

Golf committee meeting, Wednesday, February 9th at Roy’s studio: 115 W. Main St. Downtown Visalia. By the way, we need sponsors for the tournament coming up on May the 13th.

Super Bowl Party for the homeless: Sunday, February 13th, we need volunteers to help. Contact Lion Allen 559-936-4563

Lion Tom Link announced that Green Akers Little threader, which his daughter is in charge of, will present Annie on February 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7:30 plus a 1:00 PM show on Saturday the 12th and a 2 PM show on Sunday the 13th. Tickets are still available at  https://annie2022.bpt.me/

Lion Dee announced it’s that time of year again, time for Girl Scout Cookies. $5 a box. Contact him at 559-280-5715.

Secret Greater

Lion Tom Link was our secret greater today and was able to roust up a few dollars from several of us who did not shake his hand.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Brent, who is a SF Giants fan, had a happy buck because he converted to a Dodger fan. Now I really wanted to just leave this story here, but the rest of the story is that his son is on a LL team, the Dodgers.

Lion tom Link was happy to see Alberto from CASA here today as he is a retired CASA advocate.

Lion Pete was happy that his wife bought a new refrigerator that “almost” fit into their kitchen. Luckily the carpenter who remodeled their kitchen a couple of years ago came back and fixed it so it really did fit.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his grandson was the best player on the undefeated Mt. Whitney High School basketball team.

Lion Karen was happy that she is going to have a new granddaughter in a few months.

Lion Pat was happy that his daughter in law is expecting.

Lion Vicki was happy that her husband is doing well, she was also happy for all the handsome men that were at her table.

Lion Allen was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because he was going to Puerto Vallarta with his sons for a vacation, and sad because he will be missing the SuperBowl party for the homeless because of it.


Lion Brent fined Lion Allen for being out of town during the Super Bowl party for the homeless, an event Allen organized. 

Lion Brad and Allen teamed up to fine Lion Vicki for excluding them from the hansom comment. 

Lion Dee fined Lion Bob Line for keeping quiet and not saying a word about his golf game this morning when Link had talked bout having two pars. 

Lion Tom fined Lion Bob Line for being forgetful about what had occurred in the golf game that morning. 


Lions Brad and Allen fine Vickie

Lion Betty helps with the drawings. 


$5 drawing: Lion Roy, who donated it to the Eye Foundation. 

Lotto Tickets: Lion Steve

Marble: Lion Tom Link, who was not able to draw with white marble. 


Todays Program

Today’s program was Visalia’s mayor, Steve Nelsen, who had lots to talk about today. From redistricting to Planned parenthood to homelessness to Amazon. Lots of interesting city news. 

Steve Nelsen
Brad Board State Farm Truck

Lion Brad wants you to know that he is your State Farm agent in Visalia