Lion president Craig brought our meeting to order and he called on Lion Dee to sing our song, God Bless America, and Lion Allen to lead us in saluting the flag, and Lion Betty to do our invocation.


This coming meeting, Friday, May 21s meeting will be hosted at Quail Park Shannon Ranch, hosted as there will not be a charge for the lunch. Free food, boys and girls. Quail Park Shannon Ranch is located at 3440 W Flagstaff Ave, just north of the interaction pf Demaree and W. Riggen Ave. They will be asking if you have been vaccinated, and if not, they will be giving you a quick covid test before you go in.

The following Friday, May 28th we will be back at Left of Center with our District Governor as our program.

Our Tail Twister, Lion Vicki won the no fine badge today.

This year’s installation dinner will be Thursday, June 17th, arrival 5-5:30, and dinner served at 6:30. $25 cost for Lions members, $30 for guests. Call Lion Vicki at 559-799-5828 if you have not signed up for the evening at one of our Friday meetings.

Lion’s Betty and Aaron gave $20 as their 10% to the club for winning the marble drawing at a former meeting.

Happy Bucks

Lion Dee, showing his excitement for Chris Baldwin’s happy buck.

Lion Dee had a happy buck because he saw former Lion Chris Baldwin, and Chris wanted to pass on the following: Go Dodger Blue.. although Lion Dee could not get the words out that Chris had asked him to say, but we all knew what they were. He said that Chris was going to be coming back to the club sometime in the future.

Lion Pete was happy that he was able to see his grandkids in North Carolina recently and also $5 happy because he left his Kindle on the airplane, and it was found and being returned to him by American Airlines.

Lion Bob Line was happy to see three of his great-grandsons play in a baseball game recently.

Lion Bob tell us all where to go, to get to Quail Park Shannon ranch for this weeks meeting.

Lion Pat was happy that his daughter-in-law was pregnant.

Lion George was happy that his great-granddaughter was excited to watch the film made when he piloted a plane for the last time.

Lion Betty was happy that the money she won from the marble drawing exactly paid for a dinner out with friends.


Lion Janet was fined for being late.

Lion Vicki fined herself because a friend gave her a Dodger mask, and she forgot to wear it to counter the mask warn by our President, Lion Craig.

Secreg greater was Lion Pete,

Lion Tony got to draw for the white marble but he came up with another color. No win. Better luck next time.

Lion Bon Line won the Lotto drawing, we shall see this week if he won the big bucks.

$5 Drawing went to Lion Aaron who gave it to the Leo club.

Lion George won the free add.