Our meeting today was held at Quail Park at Shannon Ranch on Flagstaff Ave. in North Visalia. Lion Bob Line, a resident at Shannon Ranch arranged today’s lunch. (thanks Bob) Our meeting began with Kathleen Remillard of Shannon Ranch welcoming us and giving us a little overview of the facility. Lion Pat got right to the point by asking how much it costs, after all, nothing happens without money.

We dispensed with the song, happy bucks, and fines but we did have a nice lunch provided by Quail Park and spent the time in conversation.

We did have two guests today, Lion Lori brought along her boyfriend’s father, Ron Hicks to our meeting. He is considering joining the club, and Lemoore’s Lions president Neil Johnson was also with us. He is also thinking of joining one of the Visalia clubs after his stint as president is over, as he lives here in town. We were told to be on our best behavior so as to lure them both into our club.


Lion Betty announced the results of the city council meeting last Monday evening in Visalia. On the counsel’s agenda, that evening was the smoke shop that was slated to open two blocks from Huston School. She informed us that very few people attended the meeting and no one from the school was there. The measure lost 2-1.

Installation Dinner: Thursday, June 17th at the Vintage Press, 5:30 cocktails, 6:30 dinner. $25 for Lions members, $30 for guests. 

Memorial service for Don Landers: Last October Lion Don Landers passed away. Due to COVID, there was no public service. I received an email from July, his wife, that there will be a service on October 16th at 11:00 at Gateway Church. I put this on our Lions Calendar on our website.

Next week’s meeting will be back at Left of Center and our District Governor, Lion David Beeman will be our program.


Guest Lion Neil Johnson is serving his second term as president of the Lemoore Lions Club

Lion Betty explains the disappointing results of the Visalia City council meeting dealing with the smoke shop near Huston school.

Kathleen Remillard of Quail Park Shannon Ranch welcoming us all here.