Lion Tom Link gave $10 because he brought nothing back from the coast for an auction. 

Lion Vicki

Lion Vicki won the no fine badge.

Lion president Arron called the meeting to order and called on Lion Karen to sing God Bless America, Lion Tom Link to do the invocation, and Lion Aaron called on himself to lead us in saluting the flag.

Lion Vicki won the No Fine Badge.

We had one guest today, Leo Costa, our program and who has become our unofficial club fitness coach.


If you purchased a pie or pies for Thanksgiving, Monday the 22 will be the day to pick them up at Quail Park Shannon Ranch, 4340 W Flagstaff Ave. Visalia, CA 93291 times will be from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Speaking of Quail Park at Shannon Ranch, they have a sock drive that our club is helping with. The drive is to benefit the Visalia Rescue Mission, so if you have them, you can bring them to Quail Park Shannon Ranch when you pick up your Pie,  or you can bring them to our next in-person meeting on December 3.

Our club will be dark this coming Friday the 26th because of Thanksgiving.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Tom Link what happy he was going to see 86 year old Johnny Mathis in concert in Modesto on Sunday the 21st.

Lion Allen was happy he saw former Lion Lonnie Slover a few days ago.

Lion Pat was also happy he saw Lonnie and his wife Joyce in Orosi a few days ago. Seams like Lonnie is getting noticed.

Lion Tom Gabbie was happy his granddaughter had done exceptionally well in some cross country meets lately.

Lion Vicki was happy her husband is still doing well and happy to see Leo Costa was with us again.

Lion Roy was happy he was going to be photographing the Race Against Hunger for the fourth year, and because of the fog was going to stay the night in his Studio. He was also happy Karen paid for his lunch today because she had contacted him a couple of hours before asking him to do the Roar because Lion rick couldn’t make it.

Lion Pat was happy he had some electrical work done recently and the guy actually showed up. (see the ad)

Lion Karen was happy because she has a new 8lb granddaughter.

Lion Allen was happy because he got his COVID booster on Wednesday. Lion Bob Lion said Allen got his booster shot and Vicki got her booster chair.


Lion Vicki fined Lion Bob Line for that Booster chair comment.

Lion president Aaron finded himself for thinking that Lion Allen was Lion Roy.

Winners and Losers

Lion Tom Gabbie won the $5 drawing and donated it to the Eye Foundation.

Lion president Aaron won the Lotto drawing with several of our members shouting collusion.

Lion Pat won the ability to draw for the white marble but pulled out a blue one and came up empty.

Today’s Program

Leo Costa, author, fitness instructor, bodybuilder, and owner of G fit Plus Gym in Tulare was four guests today. He has been to our club several times and today his talk was about. Setting goals for yourself and not taking the word of doctors and others when they tell you you can’t do something. That you must be proactive with your own health. this comes from personal experience when he had three strokes in three weeks and found that Doctors were telling him that he had limitations. He has since go on to help train others who have had strokes live a more productive life. 

Lion Karen

Lion Karen with a happy buck for becoming a grandmother. 

Lion Bob Line

Lion Bob Line tries to defend himself after making a booster chair remark. But he still had to pay the dollar. 

Leo Costa

Fitness expert Leo Costa 

Lion Pat won the Free Add this week and wants to give a shout out to

Palafox Electric in Woodlake

559- 936-5474