Steve draws for the marble.

Lion Steve draws for the white marble but comes up short. 

Lion Craig with Lion President Aaron

Lion Craig with Lion President Aaron. Lion Craig was today’s program.

Lion president Aaron lead the meeting today and asked Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, he asked substatute Roar editor Lion Roy to lead us in the flag salute and Lion Brad to do the invocation.


Golf committee meeting, Wednesday, February 9th at 5;30, at Lion Roy’s studio at 115 W. Main St.

Board meeting, Wednesday, February 16th at 5:30 at Quail Park, Shannon Ranch.

Next week’s regular lunch meeting will feature Visalia Mayor Steve Nelson giving us an update on the state of the city.

Young Life is having a Banquet at the Gateway Church on February 25th. The club has purchased a table for 8 at this event and anyone who would like to go should contact Lion Allen at 559-936-4563

Lion Tom Link announced that Green Ackers Little Theater, which his daughter is in charge of,  will be doing the first program in the newly remodeled Rotary Threader on February 10, 11, 12, and 13th.

Auction Items and No Fine

Lion Brad recently toured the USS Midway in San Diego and auctioned off a T-Shirt that Karen purchased for $11

The no fine badge went to Lion Janet today.

Happy Bucks

Lion Pat was happy that his daughter quit Working at the VA hospital. She was very happy on her first day at the new job.

Lion Tom Link was happy that Lion Betty gave $100 to the Rotary Threader and happy that he got a par in his recent golf game.

Lion Pete was happy that Mt. Whitney’s boy’s basketball team is undefeated this year.

Lion Tom Gabie was also happy for Mt. Whitney’s boy’s basketball.

Lion Craig was happy to see Lion Aaron back at club after his recent bout of illness. Craig was also happy he has been on Ski patrol at China Peak for most of the week.

Lion President Aaron was happy to be back.

Lion Betty was also happy to be back as she has also been out sick.

Lion Vicki was happy her husband is still doing well and happy to see Janet at club.


Lion Dee fined Lion Bob Line because last week Bob followed Lion Dee on the way home from our club meeting and Bob turned left on a red arrow.

Lion Pete fined Lion Tom Link for his phone ringing during our meeting, and for being late.

Lion Steve fined both Lions Bob Line and Bob Bricker for keeping their hats on during lunch.

Secret Greater

Lion Karen was our secret greater today and was able to garner a few dollars for the club.


Lion Brad and his auction shirt.

Lion Brad auctions off a shirt from his trip to the USS Midway. 

Lion Bob Bricker reaches for his dollar

Lion Bob Reaches for his wallet to pay his fine. 

Lion Vicki collection money.

Lion Vicki collecting money.

Winners and Losers

Lion Tom won the $5 drawing and donated it to the eye foundation. 

The lotto tickets were won by Lion Allen 

Marble drawing: Lion Steve, no luck. 


Lion Craig presented a fascinating program today about his recent hiking trip to Patagonia in Argentina. The scenery was beautiful and the prices for hotels and food were very low compared to the US. 

Lion Craig presenting our program



Lion Karen won the free add, but as things go, this will have to be carried over to next season.