The July 12th meeting began with a patriotic song. Pete Sherwood performed the invocation and Lion Rick McVaigh led the flag salute.

The guests for the meeting were Deanne Wulf of Unite the Parks, Jessica Robinson, wife of Lion Brent Robinson, and Melissa Murphy of CASA.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse won the “no-fine” badge for the meeting.

Club members sang the Happy Birthday Song to Janet McClintock, Karen McVaigh, Bob Bricker, and Lauri Aguilar, who were all born in July.


Lion Allen Ventling provided an update on the progress of the Charity Golf Tournament Committee.  The next meeting will be Tuesday July 16 at the Starbucks on Riggin.


Back from his trip to Europe, Lion Pete Sherwood auctioned off a box of Chocolates from Vienna. Lion George Fry shared that one of his seminary professors was from Vienna and bought the chocolates for a donation of $30.

Not to be outdone, Lion Tom Link auctioned off three boxes of chocolates from Niagara Falls, Quebec, and Charlottesville. The Canadian chocolates were purchased by Lions Karen McVaigh and Janet McClintock.  

Happy Bucks

Lion Pete Sherwood commended Lion Janet for starting the bidding war for the Vienna chocolates. 

Lion Roy Dressel shared that a friend is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery.

Lion Dee Baughman continues to do well after not having surgery on his knees.

Lion Allen Ventling had a fun trip to Vegas.

Lion Craig Wheaton, who retired recently, is starting his work on Mountain Bike Patrol at China Peak.

Lion Tom Link had a great vacation.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse shared that her husband continues to do well.

Once again, Lion Ruth McKee, our newly installed president, was happy it was Friday.


Former Vermont resident Lion Roy Dressel fined Lion Tom Link for insinuating that all good maple syrup comes from north of the border.

Lion Bob Line fined his Son-in-Law for not bringing him a shirt from his recent vacation.

Lion Dee Baughman fined Lions Tom Link and Bob Line.


Vicki Whitehouse won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club.  Lion Pete Sherwood won the free ad and encouraged Lions to purchase tee signs. Lion Janet McClintock won the Lotto tickets.  Lion Daryl Farnsworth won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to draw the elusive white marble.


Deanne Wulff of Unite the Parks described her efforts to establish Range of Light National Monument between Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Parks.