Our meeting today was lead by acting president lion Ruth McKee, who asked Lion Pat to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, while Lion Janet lead us in saluting our country’s flag, and Lion Aaron did the invocation.

Lion Melinda announced that our only guest today was Simon Helyer with the YMCAs camp Sequoia.

Unfortunately for the clubs coffers, Lion Bob Line won the no fine badge. We will need to sell more Murder Mystery Dinner tickets now.


Lion Lauri announced that the Murder Mystery dinner (MMD) plans were forging ahead, but that we were still in need of Table Decorators, Raffle Prises, wine, and Ticket sales. It was decided at our committee meeting that we will be giving away crates of wine throughout the evening instead of giving all the wine to one person. On Friday we had sold 168 tickets, but more are coming in just about every day.

Happy Bucks

Lion Pat was happy about a dinner party that he had hosted recently, it was so wild that the electricity went out at his house. It was quickly restored, and the party went on.
Lion Leigh was happy that the Special Olympic Basketball tournament in Fresno had gone so well and his team had taken home a second place.
Lion Roy was happy that he had photographed the Special Olympics Basketball teams in Visalia a couple of weeks before.
Lion Betty was happy that her hubby, Lion Aaron was feeling better as he had been sick for over a week.
Lion Brad was happy for all of Lauri’s hard work on the MMD. He had been handing out flyers for the event and had lots of interests in it.
Lion Melinda was happy that she was finally all moved into her new house. Unfortunately, the postal service didn’t get her change of address set up yet.
Lion Bob Bricker was happy that he had a new great-grandson, that makes 20 grandkids that he has.
Lion Pat was happy for all the work Lion Leigh does with the Special Olympics.
Lion Don Landers was happy that one of his guide dogs has graduated and will move on to the next phase of the training.
Lion Vicki was happy her husband was doing well, and for all of Lion, Lauri’s hard work.


Lion Pat fined Lion Janet for being late to the student speaker contest the week before.
Lion Brad fined Lion Justin for being on his phone during the meeting. A fine Justin gladly paid.
Lion Pat fined Lion Lauri for playing way too much Penny Poker that he got her hooked on.
Acting president Lion Ruth fined herself for not selecting a secret great for the meeting.


$5 Raffle: Lion Bob, he wanted to donate it to the Bob Bricker fund, but pere pressure caused him to give it to the Lio club.
Lotto tickets: Lion Lauri
Marble drawing:


Our program for today was by the YMCAs Simon Helyer, who the head counselor at Camp Sequoia, located just west of the Big Stump entrance to Kings Canyon national park. It gave a moving talk about kids from all over the country who had been transformed by a week at the camp.

Lion Bob Bricker has a good laugh at one of the fines. 

Lion Ruth lead out meeting today as acting president. 

Lion Betty had a happy buck for Lion Aarons recovery from a bad cold. 

Simon Helyer from the YMCA’s camp Sequoia.