Lion Pete

Lion Pete tells a Christmas story

Lion Tom

Lion Tom Link has a happy buck.

Todays Meeting

Stand-in president Lion Roy led the meeting for the last time (the age of the bullpen president is over). He called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Allen to lead us in saluting the flag, and Lion Pete to do the invocation. The meeting was lightly attended, this being the Friday before Christmas, but all who were in attendance had a good time telling Christmas stories as our speaker was not able to attend.

Lion Dee won the no-fine badge, breaking the three-week streak of Lion Roy winning the money-saving prize.


Note that there will not be a meeting next Friday, December 29th. This was the last meeting of the year. We will see you next year on Friday, January 5th.

Last year’s president, Lion Tony, finally received his president’s plaque. It had been back ordered from Lions International for six months.

Lion Elaine noted that Lion Aaron was back home and doing well after some time in the hospital; we all wish Lion Aaron a quick and total recovery and hope to see him soon. 

Lion Allen announced that he attended the gift party at Visalia Post Acute, the nursing home, that we gave $500 to purchase the gifts. 

Visalia Post Acute party
Visalia Post Acute party
Visalia Post Acute party
Presents under the tree at Visalia Post Acute party

Party at Visalia Post Acute that was sponsored by our Lions Club. Thanls to Lion Allen for attending and providing the photos. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Roy was happy that his time as stand-in president was over, and he was happy that he was going to Las Vegas for a few days next week.

Lion Steve was happy that stand-in president Lion Roy was able to put up with the group.

Lion Tom Link was happy he was going to be spending some time at Moro Bay soon, that he had got one par on the golf course that morning and had a buck to say Go 49ers.

Lion Leigh was happy that Christmas was almost over and was happy that Lion Tony finally received his president’s plaque.



Lion Allen fined Lions Leigh and Dee for cutting in the food line. 

Lion Roy fined Lion Tom Link for the political joke he told. 

Lion Leigh

Lion Leigh looks hard, trying to make that marble turn white, but it didn’t work. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Tom Link who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Tony

The marble drawing went to Lion Leigh, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

Our program today had to cancel because she had to take her son to the doctor, so we spent the time telling Christmas stories, or for the most part, they were Christmas-related. From a fire at a Lions garage sale, to opening Christmas president two punk rock music. All had fun and left with a smile, looking forward to Christmas, New Year’s eve and 2024.  See you all next year. 

Merry christmas


Don’t forget that we need programs for January if you have anyone who would like to speak, you can send them this link:

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Thanks, Lion Roy