Giving check to Clark from Young Life

Lion president Melinda presented Clark Hammond of Young Life with our donation. 

Lion Tony

Lion Tony functioned as our Lion tamer today, helping with the drawings and collecting money. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Melinda led our meeting today and called on Lion Bob Line to lead us in saluting our flag, Lion Pat to lead us in singing America The Beautiful, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Greater Lion Allen introduced our guests, Nathen Rodriquez, a guest of Lion Tony, and Clark Hammond with Young Life, our program today.

Lion Pat won the no-fine badge.

Lion Bob Line was the secret greater today and noted that Lion Tom Link, Lion Pete, and Lion Mark did not shake his hand.


We need a speaker for next week’s meeting. (we have the rest of February filled up) sing them up below or call or text me at 559-289-2382 (Lion Roy)

Lion Steve sent around a roster list so we could check to ensure our contact info was correct. If you have had any changes to your contact info, please send Lion Steve an email letting them know your new info:

Lion Pat announced his barbershop quartet was once again offering singing valentines that included a box of chocolates—$ 60. Call or text him at  559-799-3754 to set up an appointment.

Lion Allen announced that there will be a vision screening at COS on Saturday, February 3, from 9 am to 1 pm. Call or text Allen if you want to help: 559-936-4563. Melinda offered to help, and Karen offered Rick help.

Lion Melinda announced that the board meetings would switch to evening meetings starting in March; they will still be the second Wednesday of every month, now at Mountain Mikes Pizza on Mooney Blvd, starting at 5:30. Note that the February board meeting will be the last breakfast board meeting because that date falls on Valentines Day. 7:00 AM, Vahallas. 

Lion tony and Lion Leigh

Lion Tony has Lion Leigh draw a ticket. 

Lion Mark

Lion Mark has good laugh

Lion Dee

Lion Dee listins to Clark Hammond. 

Auction Items

None, nada, nothing was auctioned off today. Lion Roy said he had gone to Woodlake but did not bring back what he had purchased.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy that last Saturday, he attended a school concert where his granddaughter performed. Hannah Board, Lion Brad’s granddaughter, was also in. He heaped praise on both of them. 

Lion Pet was happy to see Lion Mark had a new company logo on his shirt, and he thought it looked a little like an Audi logo.  He had Mark stand up and show the club. 

Lion Mark was also happy with the new logo, and he had a dollar because he was not in attendance last week due to computer issues. 

Lion Brad was happy that the 49ers had won last Sunday, on their way to the SuperBowl  (maybe) 

Lion Pat had two happy dollars because of the millage he was still getting out of a joke Roy told about the three bears last year. 

Today’s speaker, Clark Hammond, had a happy buck for being back with us again and being able to tell a little about Young Life. 

Lion Allen was happy that he had been hired as a census worker. All office work, he said, he would not have to go out and knock on doors. 

Lion Tony was happy that his guest, Nathen, could make it today. 

Lion Mark was happy that the Packers at least made the 49ers week last weekend in their win. 

Lion Roy had a quote for Lion Mark from Married with Children’s Al Bundy, “it’s only a game if you win; if you lose, it’s a stinking waste of time” 


For the first time (since last week), Lion Tom Link was fined for being late. 

Lion Tom fined Lion Brad Board. 

Lion Roy fined Lion Bob Line because Roy and his wife stayed at Quail Park Shannon Ranch last Friday night and found that the place was locked up after 9 PM. Luckily they were able to get into their room. 

Clark Hammond talks to the club

Clark Hammond of Young Life/Lives talks to the club about the program. They have an evening fundraiser on Friday, February 23, and the club has purchased a table. If you would like to attend, contact 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who donated it to the Lions Eye Foundation. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Tony

The marble drawing went to Lion Mark, who had a big frown when he drew a blue marble. 


Don’t Blaim Brad Board

for your insurance premiums

He’s only the messenger.

Lion Brad won the free ad. 

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)