Lion Tom Gaebe

Lion Tom Gaebe announces next week’s Band Review. 

New Lion Colin Franey get's his Lions Badge

Our newest member, Lion Colin Franey, gets his Lions name badge.

Lion President Tony led the meeting today and called on Lion Brad Board to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

The No fine badge went to Lion Brad Board. 

Lion Roy was the secret greater and was able to avoid several people and earn the club some much-needed cash.


This was our monthly birthday callout, but none of the members who had birthdays was present, so we skipped it.

Lion Roy announced that we had received two pairs of eyeglasses donated by Mary Dyck, who contacted us through our website. We do get frequent contacts from our website, so more people are finding our club.

Lion Tom Gaebe announced and took sign-ups for the band review taking place next Saturday, the 15th. Thirty-three bands are in the review this year.

Lion Allen announced a Vision Screening is being held at Valley Life Charter School on Wednesday the 19th from 9:30-1:30. Anyone who would like to help contact Allen at 936-4563.

New Lion Colin Franey was given his name badge and time to talk a little about himself.

Auction Items

No auction items today, but Lion Tom Gabie recently went to Alaska fishing and didn’t bring anything back except $10 cash.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy for his ABD team in the baseball playoffs: ABD=Anyone But the Dodgers.

Lion Pat was happy that Pete had helped him get some money returned.

Lion Steve was happy his son, who was in South Carolina recently during Hurricane Ian, got out safely.

Lion Bob Line was happy for Fresno State Alum Aaron Judge hitting 62 home runs and taking the American league record.

Lion Brad was happy to see that Lion Colin was an Eagle Scout along with Lions Pete and Himself.

Lion Pat was happy that his dad was also an eagle scout and, at the time, was too young to have it awarded. He had to wait till he got of age to receive the award.

Lion Pete was optimistic when he said that the Giants might acquire Aaron Judge next season, and he was also happy because that afternoon, he was leaving for LAX and a trip to Ireland for two weeks.

Lion Allen was happy his daughter got a job.

Lion Craig was happy he was going to Shaver Lake with his girlfriend, but her mom and dog were also coming along. We’ll see how happy he is next week.


Lion Tom Link fined Lion Tom Gabie for playing the USC fight song right next to him during the meeting, and he could not hear what Lion Tony was saying.

Lion Allen fined Lion Bob Line, an FSU alum, because the Fresno State football team lost to one of the worst teams in the country last week.

Winners and Losers

$5 went to Lion Bob Line, who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto tickets went to Lion Tony.

Lion Pat drew for the coveted white marble but came up with another color that netted him zero dollars.


Today’s Program

Our program was a no-show for today so we went home early. 


Lion Tom Gabie won the Free Add this week. 

Rose parade opp

Opportunity tickets to ride on our Lions Club International float are going fast–only 18 tickets left.  Get your ticket now!!!  This is a $5000 value.  Contact 2VDG Lion Cheri for tickets at or at 360-970-3642.  Drawing is on Nov 12, 2022.  Ticket stubs must be sent back to the Float committee no later than 1 Nov.

$20 per ticket