Lion Brad

Lion Brad volinteered to be the Lion Tamer today. His expression says it all. 

Lion Pete

Lion Pete, who took notes for today’s Roar (thanks Pete) gives a few happy bucks. 

Todays Meeting

Lion stand-in President Roy led our annual Christmas meeting, calling on Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Leigh in the flag salute, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.


We had several guests today, including three from the Emergency Aid counsel: Lion Iris East,  their development director, Mary Jennings, their executive director, and Lion Pete’s daughter, Leslie Anderson, president of their board of directors. We then went around the room, having our members with a guest do the introductions.  Lion Tony’s wife Nancy, Lion Bob Lines wife Norma Kay, and Lion Tom Link’s wife Ordonna.

The no-fine badge was drawn, and Lion Roy won it for the third week in a row. (we are planning a Vegas trip after Christmas; I hope my winning luck holds up)


Next Friday, December 22: There will be a meeting.

Friday, December 29:  No meeting.

Lion Allen announced that he had delivered the $500 donation to Visalia Post Acute and that their annual gift giveaway will be this coming  next Wednesday at 2:30 (that’s in the afternoon)

Lion Pete, a former Board member for Visalia Emergency Aid, presented our guests with a donation of $1,525 from the club. $1,000 was from the club budget, and the remainder was collected at today’s meeting.

We also presented our Server at Left of Center with a yearly tip. Thanks Daniel for being such a good host this entire year.

Auction items

Lion Pat had received an item he had not opened and had no idea what it was, other then it was something to do with American Indians. He auctioned it off, and Mary Jane from VEAC purchased it for $10; it was an American Indian Mug. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy his barbershop group had a good event last Saturday with a good turnout. 

Lion Roy was $4 happy, one for each cylinder of his new car. 

Lion Pete was happy that Iris and Mary Jane were here today and also happy to see his Daughter Leslie with us. 

Lion Tom Link was happy that the Redwood High School Choir was our entertainment today and that he had recently had a fireplace insert installed. He said his house was very toasty now. 

Lion Brad was $10 happy to be back at club as he had been away for a few weeks, with a trip to Wichita Kansas, and Washington State. 


Lion Roy fined himself $5.00, because he forgot to pick a secret greeter for today’s meeting.

Lion Leigh fined Lion Roy for some mistakes in last week’s Roar Newsletter, when he found out that Roy had the no-fine badge, he said that it was worth it to pay the fine himself to get things straight. 


Lion Pete and Lion Brad

Lion Pete checks out the marble bucket to make sure there is a white one in the bin. 

Lions Brad, Pete and Iris

Lions Brad, Pete and Iris. 

Redwood Choir

Todays program the Redwood Choir


The $5 drawing went to Lion Tom Link, who gave it to the VEAC. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Steve

The marble drawing went to Lion Pete, who picked ablue marble, winning nothing but that blue marble.

Our entertainment today was provided by the Redwood High School Chamber Choir singers; 27 of them squeezed into the room and performed many beautiful Christmas songs for a half hour. They were acomponed by Lion Brads daughter. Check out the short video of them singing. 

san diego chargers

Lion Dee won the free ad and
advertised a now nonexistent football team.