Our meeting on Dec 2, 2022

BreAnna Trejo from Family Services talks to the club today. 

Our meeting today was led by President Tony, who called on Lion Allen to lead us in the pledge, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Lion Dee won the no-fine badge, and the club began looking for other sources of income today.


Lion Dee announced that the Mighty Oak Chorus, with whom he and Lion Pat are members, would be at the Fountain Church at 1023 N Chinowth St, in Visalia on the evening of Saturday, December 10th at 6:30, $10 per person includes free refreshments. 

Lion Allen announced that our club will again give $500 to what is now Visalia Acute Care (formally Redwood Springs) for gifts for their residents. We have done this for several years and have it in our budget. Their party will be on Christmas Day this year. 

Lion President Tony announced that our club’s Christmas party would be in two weeks, on Friday the 16th, at our regular meeting place, Left of Center. If you plan to attend, please sign up at next week’s meeting or reply to the email you received the Roar from to confirm that you and any guests you may have will be in attendance.

Toy Drive for Visalia Emergency Aid. Please bring toys to the Christmas party on the 16th, one for a boy and one for a girl. MaryJane from VEAC will be with us that day to receive our annual check and to pick up the toys.

Lion Tom Link announced a concert at the Visalia Cemetery Chapel (Tom is on the board of the cemetery) on Friday the 9th at 4:30; tickets are $15.00.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy about all the rain we have been getting lately.

Lion Miriam was happy that the Candy Cane Lane parade went so well on Monday. It was the first year she helped out. 

Lion Steve was also happy about the outcome of the parade. Steve has been the organizer of the organizers of the event for many years.

Lion Dee was also happy that his granddaughter had been in or tried out for several plays lately. We should watch for her in Hollywood, he said.

Lion Karen was happy that our program today, BreeAnna from Family Services, could step in at the last minute, as Karen had texted her only yesterday.

Lion Bob Line was happy his wife cleaned out her closet recently and donated it all to Family Services.

Lion Allen was happy that all his kids had been with him for Thanksgiving, the first time in several years.

Lion Roy was happy to be able to photograph the Race Against Hunger for the VEAC on Thanksgiving Morning and had a great thanksgiving where he got to play his grandaughter in chess, and he was happy for the club’s participation at the parade.

Lion Tony was also happy about the parade.


Lion Tom Link was fined for being late. 

Lion Roy fined Lion Allen because he had forgotten all about the donation to Visalia Acute Care home, something he had been the one to spearhead over the years. 

Lion tony fined himself $10 because he did not select anyone as a secret greeter.


$5: Lion Allen won the five-dollor drawing and donated it to the eye foundation. 

 Lion Dee won the drawing and got the white marble, winning $97. 

Lion Bob Bricker won the Lotto Ticket. 

Todays Program

BreeAnna from Family Services

BreAnna Trejo from Family Services was our program today, giving us a little inside into what they do and the many fundraisers they have, including the purple party, where our club bought a table. 

We miss you at club meetings

Lion Roy won the free ad and would like to remind all club members to make time for the club’s weekly meetings. This week we had just ten members in attendance. It’s the holidays, and I know many of you have other commitments, but if you can, please attend the Friday lunch.  We must pay Left of Center a minimum of 20 people weekly so we are going in the hole most every week. Plus, meetings are just more fun when you’re there.