speech contest winner Precious with Lion Brad
speech contest winner Lupe with Lin Brad

Todays Meeting

Lion Dee stood in for Lion President Melinda at todays meeting and called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing America The Beautiful, Lion Allen to salute our flag, and Lion Pete to do the invocation.

Today was our annual student speaker contest, so at this point, Lion Dee turned the meeting over to Lion Brad, who had arranged the contest along with Lion Pete (thanks to both of you).  Lion Brad read the rules for the contest. No talking, cell phones turned off, no eating or drinking, no one should enter or leave during the speeches and the shocker, no smoking during the talks.

This years topic was “For a better world, what would you do”. Both girls talked about poverity in their speaches and were on time (between 5 and 10 minutes) . Precious was the winner, takeing home a certificate, a check for $100 and she will now go on to the next level. Lupe got a check for $25 and a certificate.

Thanks to our Judeges and helpers, Robyn Hart, Clark Hammond of Young Life and Lions Zone Charemen Johnathan Ward.

Secret greater: Lion Dee assinged the secret greater position to himsilf today ahd fined Lion Tony and Lion Bob Line for  not shacking his hand.

The no fine badge today went to our meeting leader, Lion Dee.


Lion Allen handed out the winnings for the supper bowl pool, most of which went to Lion Pete who won three of the four quarters in the game. The other quarter went to Lion Tom Gaebe who was not in attendance today.

Auction Items

Lion Leigh had been to the coast and had a bag of chocolates up for auction that was purchased by Lion Pat for $20.

Lion Leigh with a bag of chocolates.

Lion Leigh auctions off a box of chocolates. 

Lion Leigh checking to make sure there is a white marble.

Lion Leigh checking to make sure there is a white marble.

Lion Brad leading the student speaker contest.

Lion Brad leading the student speaker contest. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Leigh was happy the speakers were with us today and noted that back in 1961, he was in a Lion Student speaker contest, and though he didn’t win, he remembers it well.

Lion Bob Line was also happy for the speakers being with us today. He was also in a Lions Club student speaker contest back in 1951, and he won.

Lion John was happy to have the speakers with us today and thanked Lions Brad and Pete for all their work on getting the contest together this year.

Lion Pat had a happy $20 for his singing group and their Valentine special; they had fifty gigs, singing to people and giving them a box of candy.

Lion Pete was happy that Lion Pat’s group had come to his office and sang songs, and he was especially happy with that box of candy.

The mother of our contest winner, Precious, was happy that we had the contest and gave her daughter a chance to speak.

Lion Brad congratulated the speakers and was happy his job as speaker coordinator was over for the year.

Lion Roy was happy the two girls were here today and noted, along with Lion Brad, that if they wanted to gain more experence in public speaking to check out toastmasters.


Lion Mark fined himself for being late and haveing no badge.

Lion Dee fined Lion Mark for not having a happy buck for his brother being in town last week.

Lion Dee also fined Lion Bob Line for almost being late.


The $5 drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who donated it to the Leo Club.

Lotto ticket: Lion Dee

The marble drawing went to Lion Leigh who did not pick that white marble.

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)