Porterville Breakfast Lions Visited with us taody

The Porterville Breakfast Lions were visiting our club today. 

Lion Bob Line drawing for the white marble.

Lion Bob Line won the chance to draw for the white marble today, but that’s all it was: a chance. 


Porterville Breakfast club members Jim Chavez, Kathy Chavez, Del Pengilly, Jay Warnke & Mike Gutierrez were with us today.


Lion Allen announced that there were two winners of the Super Bowl pool for the club; Lion Tom Gaebe won one of the quarters, and Lion Karen won two quarters.

Auction Items

Lion Leigh Mosconi had been to Pismo and brought back some chocolate-covered pretzels that Karen won for $10, beating out Craig.


Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy to see the Porterville Breakfast Lions club with us today.

Lion Leigh was happy to give his 10% donation from a lotto ticket he had won previously at the club; what made it especially to give that donation was the fact won one dollar. Now, the club will need to figure out how to put that 10¢ to good use. 

Lion Jamil was happy it was Friday, and Monday is a Holiday, making for a 3-day weekend.

Lion Karen was happy to donate $20 for her 10% winnings in the SB Pool.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy about his SB Pool winnings.

Lion Pat was happy the quartet he sings with had a successful Valentine’s Day.

Lion Jay Warnke from Porterville was happy he was the oldest in the room at 88.  Lion Bod Line corrected him, letting all know that he was 89. Jay retracted and said the oldest in the Porterville Lions.

Lion Allen was happy his son moved back to the area after being gone for a while.

Lion Craig is happy to be remodeling the 2nd oldest home in Visalia, it was built in 1872.

Lion President Tony was happy to have the Porterville group with us today and to meet Allen’s son for the first time.



Lion Allen fined Lion Betty for her comment that Allen’s son’s Mother must be a beautiful woman.

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Betty for leaving her red ticket on the table and not putting it in the drawing until he brought it to her.

Lion Dee fined Lion Tom Link for being on time, thus acting contrary to normal behavior patterns for Tom, and since he had not been fined in a while. As Tom said, for nothing.


Lion Pat won the no-fine badge. 

The Lotto ticket went to Lion Jamil.

The $5 drawing went to a member of the Porterville club, Mike Gutierrez. No mention was made if he donated it. 

Terry Ommen, well know Visalia Historian was our speaker today. Terry’s talk was about Book Safes. From his days in law enforcement, he noticed that bookshelves are never touched in a robbery. He started his company while still with the Visalia PD, called Forever Safe. He gave a background of what it took to take it from a mom & pop onesie twosies operation to Market—sold over 300,000. All over the world. He was able to put his daughter through college. Also confirmed there are no tunnels under Visalia and no Santa Clause.

Terry Ommen

Lion Steve Won the Free Add. 

A note of thanks to Lion Betty for taking notes and photos at today’s meeting so we could publish the Roar.