Lion Allen gives a happy buck

Lion Allen with a happy buck. 

Lion tom Link give a happy buck

Lion Tom Link with his happy buck. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting today, calling on Lion Pete to lead us in the flag salute, Lion Dee to lead us in song, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation; Lion Bob also won the no-fine badge today. 


Lion Dee announced that it looked like the Leo club would get started again at La Sierra academy. The principal there is very excited about the idea. Also, Dee is taking orders for Girl Scout Cookies, $6 a box this year.

Lion Brad (now known are Bard) announced that work is being done to get contestants for this month’s student speaker contest to be held at our Wednesday evening meeting on the 22nd.

Lion Karen announced that Family Services of Tulare County would have a Guest chefs fundraiser on March 25th; tickets are $200 each and $2000 for a table.

Lion Allen announced that there were still a few squares available for the football pool; Roy, Jamil, and Karen filled it up before the end of the meeting.

Lion Tom Link announced it was time for the Green Ackers Little Theater, with whom his daughter is the director, to put on their annual play. This year it will be the well know play in Oklahoma and will take place at the Rotary Theater this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday (two shows), and Sunday.

February birthdays were celebrated, and we sang happy birthday to the two that were with us today, Lion Leigh and Lion Brad.

We had no auction items today, but Lion Tom Link had $10 because he had gone to the coast but was too busy playing golf to bring anything back (even salt water taffy?) to auction. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pete was $2 happy because his mom and dad, who he had visited this past week and who are both in their 90s, are doing well. 

Lion Pat was happy his niece had staples taken out recently after her hip replacement, and she is doing well. 

Lion Jamil had a sad buck for the 49er’s loss this past week. 

Lion Roy had a happy buck for the Charter Oak visitation this past Wednesday and noted that the seven of us who were there outnumbered the members of Charter Oak. 

Lion Brad was happy that two suspects in the shooting in Goashen a couple of weeks ago had been arrested. 

Lion Allen was happy his son Travis had graduated from the academy after two years and was now a US Marshal. 

Lion Betty was happy that she and Aaron got tickets for their Isreal trip this coming May. 

Lion Elaine was happy because she was taking along to Isreal with Aaron and Betty. 

Lion Leigh, thinking of his birthday this month, was happy that he had survived for 76 years. 

Lion Tom Link was happy that he had a great time at the coast this past week, but he was so worn out from all the golf he had played while there that he skipped his usual Friday morning golf game. 

Lion President Tony was happy to see everyone who was here today. It was a good crowd. 



Lion Betty fined Lion Pat for making a short joke at the visitation last Wednesday.

Lion Steve fined Lion Allen for the two swindles he did last week, otherwise known as Loto drawings.

Lion Pat fined Lion Brad because State Farm had not sent a bill out to one of his relatives; lion Brad said it was a corporate error.

Our secret greater today was Lion Aaron, and only Lions Roy and Allen didn’t shake his hand.

Lion Brad, "it was a corporate error"

Lion Brad said “it was a corporate error”

Lion Pat

Lion Pat fined Lion Brad


The $5 drawing went to Lion Pete, who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto ticket: Lion Leigh

The marble drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who picked a nonwhite marble again this week, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble again. Keep those, Bob; you don’t want to lose your marbles now, do you? 

Breanna Flores from young life

Breanna Flores from Young life. 

Clark Hammond from young life.

Clark Hammond from Young Life. 

Today’s program was Clark and Breanna from Young Life of Tulare county. Our club donates to Young Life every year, and they have a fundraising banquet coming up on February 24th, where they will have something called a desert dash. Sound like fun. 

Your roar editor Lion Roy won the free ad  (but I had to be reminded that I won)

Miss Vicki

Get well soon; we need your wit, wisdom and
it will soon be baseball season,

We need all the Dodger Fans we can get