Lion President Tony

Lion president Tony having a good time leading our meeting today. 

Lion Pat draws a non white marble.

Lion Pat draws a non-white marble and comes up empty. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting again today and called on lion Pat to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Leigh for the flag salute, and lion Dee to do the invocation.

Secret grater: Lion John Parker; only Lion Elaine didn’t shake his hand.


We had two guests today, Lion Allen’s son Travis and our program today, Jill Gearin from the Visalia Rawhide.


Lion Pat had a “sort of” announcement about an Ozone spray bottle for sanitizing.

Lion Allen reminded all of us about the Lions MD4 convention at the Windom here in Visalia: May 4-7th.

Lion Dee updated us on the Leo club formed at the La Sierra Charter School in Visalia. They had their second meeting recently. Lion Dee, along with Lion Leigh and District Govoner Falguni Patel, were there. The governor gave a nice speech to the twenty or so students about what it meant to be a Lion. Their first service project is helping the Tulare county Special Olympics on April 28th. 

Auction Items 

Lion Tom Link had been on a trip to Montray for a Cementary conference and had not brought back anything, so he donated $10

Lion President Tony had been to Colorado to visit his wife Nancy’s dad, who is 94. He also failed to bring back anything to the auction so he donated $25.


Happy Bucks 

Lion Roy was happy he had run into Lion Vickie last week and reported that she was doing well. She says hi to all of you. He was also happy because on opening day, Thursday the 30th, the Dodgers had won, and the Giants had lost, meaning that so far, the Dodgers have won all their games, and the Giants have lost every one of theirs.

Lion Dee was happy about all the snow we have in the Sierras this year.

Lion Craig was happy that he got to see and ski with his daughter this past week at China Peak, where he had to walk down the snow to get into the buildings, and getting on the lift was a little tricky.  He was also happy that he would be skiing at Tahoe soon.

Lion Pat was happy because he didn’t realize that the Dodgers were doing so well.

Lion Steve was happy that his granddaughter, who goes to Clark Intermediate in Clovis, was in the Play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as Willy and is quite the actress.

Lion Allen was happy that he would be playing a Willy Wanka slot machine on his week-long trip to Vegas next week; he was also happy that our Guest, Jill, has been a lifelong Red Sox Fan and that baseball is back.

Lion Elaine was happy that she has had no flooding at her house, which is close to the St. Johns River.

Lion Tom Link was happy he had a birdie and a Par in his Friday morning golf game.


Lion Pat fined Lion Leigh for the special Olympics polar plunge and the fact that Leigh was doing it in Lindsay at a “heated” pool. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Steve, who donated it to the Leo club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Allen

The marble drawing went to Lion Pat, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble. 

Jill Gearin from the Visalia Rawhide.





Jill Gearin from the Visalia Rawhide was our program today. She is the Rawhides on-air game announcer and media rep. Her journey was from Boston, where she went to school and got to work in the broadcast booth at Fenway park, to her work in Visalia since 2019. Her goal is to be an announcer for a major league team. 


Lion President Tony won the free add today.