Lion Craig and program speaker Walter Deissler

Lion Craig and program speaker Walter Deissler

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Aaron for the flag salute, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

Lion Dee won the no-fine badge.


This week’s meeting is our Wednesday evening at 5:30 at Quail Park Shannon Ranch. If you have not done so already, contact Lion Lauri at  and let her know you will be attending and if you will be bringing a guest. 

Lions Leigh and Dee joined another La Sierra Military Academy’s Leo Club meeting. Things are moving right along with the group. They have about twenty members and have their first project, helping out at the April 28th Special Olympics Track and field event. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Betty was happy they recently had a new garage door installed at their house.

Lion Bob Line was happy his grandson, an El Diamonte high school coach, was featured in an article in the Visalia Times-Delta. (a local newspaper)

Lion Pat was $5 happy that a particular quartet he knows (and belongs to) recently sang the National Anthem at the Visalia Rawhide game. It actually ended up being a duo because certain people (Lion Dee) did not get the message and watched from the stands.

Lion Leigh was happy that his granddaughter and two great-grandkids were back in town from a stay in Michigan.

Lion Dee was happy that the Might Oak Chorus he is part of is having an event next Saturday, April  29th, at the Neighborhood Church.

Lion Mark was happy that one of his kids had completed a move from Texas to Idaho.

Lion Roy was happy that the online ticket ordering system is up and running for our I Love the 80s to Death Murder Mystery Dinner on September 16th. 



Lion Brad

Lion Brad asks a question of our guest today, Walter Diessler

Lion Tom Link and Lion Brad Board

Lion Tom draws for the white marble, coming up empty. 

Walter Deissler




Today Walter Deissler talked about historic preservation in Visalia. Several areas have been set aside as historic areas of the city, and he talked about the history of Visalia and the movement to preserve that history that began in 1978. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

The Lotto ticket went to Lion Brad. 

The marble drawing went to LionTom Link,  who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

Mighty Oak Chorus logo

Lion Pat won the ad this week. 

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