MMD croud

The crowd at Saturday’s Murder Mystery Dinner.
A good time was had ball all, well, all except the three that died. 

Saturday’s I Love the 80s to Death Murder Mystery Dinner went off without a hitch. Fun was had, a murder, or actually three murders were solved, and everyone went home alive.
Lion Tom Link was the big winner, going home with three raffle prizes; several of our members went back in time, dressing up in ’80s attire complete with wigs and those fabulous 80s fashions.

Todays Meeting

This month, bullpen president Lion Brad led our meeting today and called on Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion John Parker for the flag salute, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Guests today included Zone Charman Johnathan Ward from the Pride Lions Club and Lisa Monteiro from the Mineral King Preservation Society, who was our program today.

Lion John Parker won the no-fine badge.


Lion Tom Gabie will once again head the club’s participation in the band review and announced that this year’s date will be Saturday, October 21.

Lion President Brad announced one last time that the Murder Mystery dinner was Saturday evening.

Happy Bucks 

Lion John Parker was happy he could attend a meeting of the Buttonwill Lions Club recently. In a town of 1,600, this club has 169 members and is the highest per capita Lions Club Membership in the nation, if not the world.

Lion Johnathan Ward was happy to be visiting our club.

Lion Mark was happy to see Jonathan Ward here and was happy his daughter, Rebecca Lynn, finished her orientation at Kaweah Delta.

Lion Allen was happy the Murder Mystery dinner was finally here. He was also happy his son Travis, an air marshall, had completed his year of probation on the job.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy for USC.

Lion Roy was also happy that the Murder Mystery dinner was here.



Fines were levied against Lion Tom Link and Lion Mark for being late. 

Lion Colin Franey was given his Lions Pin. It was somehow missing from the induction ceremony at last week’s meeting.

Lion colin receiving his pin


The $5 drawing went to Lion Steve, who donated it to the Leo Club.

The marble drawing went to Lion Tony, who did not pick the white marble.

The Lotto ticket drawing went to Lion Bob Line. Rumor has it that he spent his entire winnings on raffle tickets at the Murder Mystery Dinner. 


Zone Charman Jonathan Ward gave a short program on some goals this year. 

Lisa Monteiro was our the program also. Lisa is the director of the Mineral King Preservation Society and her talk was about the history of Mineral King Valley and the goals of the society.  


Lion Mark won the free add. laughing

Lions group

Fellow Lions at the end of the Murder Mystery dinner on Saturday, September 16, 2023