Lions club meeting for 9-22-23

Darren and Diana Peterson from American Care Hospice giving there program today. 

Todays Meeting

Lion  Tony was our bullpen president today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Craig for the flag salute, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

Greater Lion Allen announced that our guests today were our program, Diana and Darren Peterson from American Care Hospice.

Lion Karen won the no-fine badge today.

Lion Bob Line was today’s secret greater but he was so popular that everyone shook his hand. 


Lion Tom Link, who is president of the Tulare County Board of Education, passed out  the new, and first of its kind, Annual Report on the impact of the office of educiation on students, educators and parents.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Craig was happy that the major remodel on his old house, a project that has been going on for over a year, is now starting to progress again after he had to hire a new contractor who was able to fit his budget better.

Lion Bob Line, who won the Lotto tickets last week, announced that he had won $20 and gave 10% to the club. He was also happy to have celebrated his 90th birthday with a big family party with about 75 people set up by his son-in-law, Lion Pete.

Lion Tom Link was happy about the Murder Mystery Dinner last Saturday, mainly because he was the big winner of three raffle prizes. He was also happy the 49ers had won the NY Giants the on Thursday night. 

Lion Pat was happy that the Murder Mystery Dinner had gone well, even though he was not in attendance.

Lion Steve was happy he was home alone for the week as his wife had gone on a cruise.

Lion Pat was also $5 happy that Diana and Darren were with us for the Hospice program. Lion Pat’s mother had been in Hospice care before she passed, and it was a great service.

Lion Mark was happy that the MMD had gone well and thanked Lion Pete for being one of the big sponsors of the event. 

Lion Pete was also happy that the 49ers had won, being that the SF Giants were a lost cause (man, that makes me happy writing those words). He was also happy because his parents had just celebrated their 70 wedding anniversary, and he was happy for Lion Bob’s 90th birthday. 

Lion Pat was $10 happy for Lion Bob’s 90th birthday and Lion Pete’s parents’ 70 anniversary. 

Lion Dee was happy that he had had his best golf game in over two years recently, and he also noticed that neither Lion Bob nor Lion Tom was not bragging about their game. 

Lion John Parker had a happy buck for the MMD and another for all the hard work Lion Lauri had done to make it a success. 

Lion Karen was happy the MMD went well, but mainly because it was over. 


Lions Mark and Tom Link were fined for being late to today’s meeting. 

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Bob Line for not inviting him to his 90th birthday party. Lion Bob said it was just family. 

Lion Allen fined Lion John for wearing a wig to the part just Like Lion Allen’s mullet, but Lion John counted, saying that his wig was not a mullet. 

Lion Pat fined himself for being the money taker at today’s meeting.

Lions Allen and Bob

Lion Allen, taking tail twister duties today gives Lion Bob the lotto tickets. 

Lions allen and John

Lion John draws for the white marble and comes up with it. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Craig, who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto ticket: Lion Bob Line (again) 

The marble drawing went to Lion John, who did pick the white marble, (amount won redacted by request of Lion John) 


Lion Tony says go Bronco’s