Lion Betty collection happy bucks

Lion Betty collecting happy bucks. 

Lion Craig with a happy buck.

Lion Craig also had a $20 happy buck. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our monthly evening meeting and called on Lion Craig to lead us in the flag salute, Lion Bob Line to lead us in the song, and lion Pete to do the invocation.

Lion Tom Link won the no-fine badge. {sounds like the board may need to meet and raise the club’s debt ceiling) 

Tonights Guests

We had several guests tonight, and Lion Allen, our greater, introduced them. Our speaker, Visalia city council member Liz Wynn, Lion Tom Link’s wife, Ordonna, and President Tony’s wife, Nancy.


Lion Melinda announced that Lion Janet had undergone hip surgery at the end of last year, and ever since, her memory has been failing. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Lion Tom Link had announced that he, along with Lion Dee, had met with the principal of La Sierra Acadamy about starting a Leo Club again. We had an active club at the school before Covid and are now hoping to get one started again.  Tom said the principal was excited about the idea and took a lot of notes.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Melinda was $20 and happy to be at our evening meeting because her job keeps her from attending our regular Friday meetings.  She is looking forward to retirement in less than a year when she will be able to come on Fridays again. She is also happy about all the rain we have got this year.

Lion Craig also had a happy $20. He was glad to be back at one of our meetings. He has been at China Peak for the last few weeks, skiing for recreation and working on the ski patrol.

Two $20 happy bucks, maybe the club will service Lion tom getting the no-fine badge after all. 

Lion Tom Link was happy that his wife’s recent cancer surgery had gone “very, very” well and that the doctor said they had removed all the cancer. He was also happy that the 49ers had won last Sunday, one step closer to the Super Bowl.

Our speaker today, Liz Wynn, had a happy buck because she just came back from a two-week vacation, the first time in many years that she was able to take two weeks in a row.

Lion Allen had a happy buck because the other night when he was at the, Tachi Palace, a young woman was paying him some attention; she thought he was just 48 years old.


Lion Melinda began to fine Lion Tom Link but soon realized he had the no fine badge. Whoops. 

Lion Melinda

Lion Melinda with a happy $20

Lion Allen won the Lotto tickets

Lion Aaron attempts to draw for the white marble, but no go. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Betty, who donated it to the Lions Eye foundation.

Lotto ticket: Lion Roy, who owns the club 10% of the zero dollars he won. 

Liz Wynn

Todays Program

Visalia City Councilwoman and Director of the Kaweah Hospital Foundation Liz Wynn was our speaker tonight. She talked mostly about plans and issues of the city. From sales of cannabis to homelessness to the 198/Lovers Lane Interchange. It was an interesting and informative evening.


Lion Melinda says go 49ers