Lions Meeting for Nov 17, 2023

Lion Tamer Lion Elaine collects money from one of our guests from Cutler-Orosi Lions club

Todays Meeting

Bullpen President Lion Roy led our meeting today and called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Bob Line for the flag salute, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Lion Tony won the no-fine badge today.


Our head greeter, Lion Allen, announced the four members of the Cutler-Orosi Lions Club who were visiting today and who became our program as the scheduled program canceled because of a funeral. The Cutler-Orosi group is in the process of getting another short tail award. This award is erned by any Lion who visitis at least 11 clubs in district 4A2 (our district) during a year (July 1-June 3oth). There is also a Long Tail award, and that is erned by visiting every club in District 4A2. for that there is no time limit. 


Christmas Parade: Monday, November 27th, will be the annual Candy Cane Lane parade, which means our club helps organize the entrants so that they are all lined up and ready to go down the route in the order they are set to do. If you are prepared to help, meet Lion Steve at the corner of Main and Liberty at 5:00 PM, (in front of Uhl Rubber) to pick up paperwork. Wear your Lion’s vest, bring a flashlight (a headband light works great), and be ready to tell people where to go.

The Cutler-Orosi group announced their 40th-anniversary celebration will be held at the Orosi Memorial Hall on January 26th and we are all invited.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Elaine was happy that Lion Betty was doing well. She had recently had a pacemaker installed and had to go back and have a little more work done on it. We all have her in our thoughts and prayers and hope to see her soon.

Lion Dee was happy that he recently had a Great Gradnshild added to his list of grandkids and great-grandkids.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy to see the four Lions from the Cutler-Orosi club with us today and he was also happy with all the help from both our club and the Cutler-Orosi club provided at the band review on October 21. 

Lion Michael from Cutler-Orosi was happy that clubs could help each other.

Lion Roy was happy to see the Cutler-Orosi group, and was happy he got to ride his motorcycle to club today, and was able to get through some stalled traffic on high 99 by doing some lane splitting.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his relative who is in the Honda TV commercial for having a car with about a million miles on the clock is getting seen by some of the club members.


Lion Dee fined Lion Pat, but the notes do not reveal the reason. Does Dee need a reason? 

Lion Elaine fined herself for being late and for not having a badge on. 

Lion Tamer Betty

We wish Lion Betty a swift recovery and hope to see her soon.

Lion Elaine gives Lion Tony the no fine badge.

Lion Tony pays a dollar for the no-fine badge. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Evette from the Cutler-Orosi club, who will donated it to the Lion Cubs in her club. The cubs are kids 12 years and younger. They said they have one who is about six months old in that group. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Bob Line

The marble drawing went to Lion Tom Gaebe, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble. 


Lion Tom Gaebe also won the free add.

Program Speakers 

Use our online scheduler to find out available dates and have them book it online. 

Or have them call or text Lion Roy at 559-289-2382