Lion Karen

Lion Karen fined Lion John 

Lion Pat

Lion Pat tells a joke. 
“Those Chicago Bears never Beat Anyone”

Todays Meeting

The last of the bullpen presidents, Lion Roy, led our meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing a rousing song, Lion Leigh to lead us in saluting our flag, and Lion John to do the invocation.

Lion Leigh won the no-fine badge.

Lion Mark was our secret greeter and managed to avoid some members and get a few dollars for the club.


Lion Bob Line announced that the celebration of life for Lion Bob Bricker will be held on Saturday, November 18th, at the Darling Hotel in Downtown Visalia from 1:30-4:30.

Lion Steve passed around a plaque given to the club by the Cal Ripken Baseball League for our sponsorship of one of the teams.

A signup sheet was passed around for work on the Candy Cane Lane Parade the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Reminder: Wednesday, November 8th, is our monthly board meeting at Valhalla’s Restaurant on Center Street at 7 AM.

Next week, we will have Miss California Teen, Marlie Wright with us for our program, which should be a good one.

Happy Bucks 

Acting president Lion Roy had a happy $20 because he was back at the club after being absent for the past month. It had been one of the busiest months he had had in his business in many years.

Lion Craig was happy to see Lion Roy leading the meeting today because he didn’t have to do it.

Lion Iris East-Fever from the Sequoia Lions Club (and our speaker today) was happy to be with us because it took her away from her hectic job for a few hours.

Lion John was happy to see Lion Iris and Lion Leigh with us. Lion Leigh had been away for a few weeks.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy the Band Review went off so well, and he thanked all of the club members who helped out that day.

Lion Leigh was happy that he had taken a group of Special Olympics athletes to Sacramento for a Golf tournament recently, and they had all received a second-place award.

Lion Aaron was happy his wife, Lion Betty, was feeling better.

Lion Pat had a happy $5 and a joke about the Chicago Bears. He was also happy that a local Halloween Hay ride had gone well and work on his sprinkler system was finished.

Lion Karen was happy she had just 75 kids come to her house for Halloween.

Lion Roy was happy that he had his usual amount of kids for Halloween: zero, up from last year’s  negative 0.


Lion Mark fined himself because he had to leave early.

Lion Pete fined acting president Lion Roy because he had not sent out an email reminding him of the meeting schedule, so he, along with Lion Dee and Lion Pat, showed up last Friday when there was no meeting, being that there was a Wednesday evening meeting that week.

Lion Karen fined Lion John because she did not get the normal Lions 10% discount at John’s Feet for Life shoe store, she was informed that it was now just 5%. In his defense, Lion John said that was a mistake, and the Lion’s discount is still 10%. She also fined Lions Pete, Dee, and Pat for not knowing the schedule and coming to Left of Center for the meeting last Friday.







Lion Irist East-Feaver from the Visalia Emergence Air counsel and the Sequoia Lions Club was our program today. She talked about the Race against Hunger taking place on Thanksgiving morning and what Emergence Aid does for the needy people of the county.

Lion Iris

Lion Iris giving her presentation. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Pete, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: went to Lion Pete also. (that guy wins everything) 

The marble drawing went to Lion Leigh, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

fun flicks

Lion Elane won the free ad.

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Program Speakers 

Use our online scheduler to find out available dates and have them book it online. 

Or have them call or text Lion Roy at 559-289-2382