Visalia Host Lion meeting for April 26, 2024

Todays Meeting

Lion President Melinda, back from a short break showing relatives from Iowa around the state, led our meeting today and called on Lion Pat to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Pete to do the invocation.

No fine badge went to Lion Allen this week.

Lion Melinda began by thanking Lion Dee for standing in for her at the podium last week and wishing Lion Steve a quick recovery from a bout of vertigo he has suffered for the last couple of weeks.


Our main announcement today was saved to the end of the meeting, and because we had no speaker, this became our program. The announcement was that The Sequoia Lions Club had brought up the possibility of merging with our club. Because both our clubs have struggled with membership over the last few years, they have been talking about our two clubs joining forces. After some discussion with Lions Roy and Lion Presidnt Melinda, they brought it up at their board meeting on April 23 and they decided to pursue the idea. A meeting has been set up this Wednesday, May 1st, with representatives from both clubs to discuss what each of us expects, how this would all come about, or if it should go forward. No discision will be made at the meeting, it’s more of a fact finding endivor.

Lion Melinda lead the discussion today and asked the members for their input and ideas. The atmosphere was positive for the merger.

Lion Allen

Lion Allen talks about the Vision Screening machine and the fact that it had broke down and can not be repaired. We can borrow one from the Pride Lions if we need one. 

Lion Pete gets his 35 year pin.

Lion Pete gets his 35 year Lions chevron 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pete was happy that the Giants were two games below 500. He was also happy that his grandkids had a great baseball game, but thy lost.

Lion Pat was happy that his Mighty Oak Chorus barbershop event last Saturday had gone so well. They even had some high school groups there that were top notch.

Lion Melinda went to the Barbershop show on Saturday and it was fantastic.

Lion John had a happy $10 because he and his wife had gone to the coast and didn’t bring anything back, but hey had a good time. John also had a good joke about a robotic lie detictor.

Lion Karen won last weeks Loto Tickets and collected $15, which she rounded up and gave the club $2.

LIon Brad was happy to be back at our meetings as he has been gone for a few weeks, he was also happy to have gone to the Barbershop show on Saturday and that was great fun. He did mention that the insuranch world was a little crazy now, thought I’m not sure he had a happy buck for that.

Lion Roy was happy the first place dodgers were a few games above 500.

Lion Aaron was $2 happy that his sweetie, Lion Betty would be back at our meeting next week.

Lion Pat was $5 happy bcause his daughter fisished her fourth seminster as a wound nerse and in July will be going to the Cleveland Clinic for training.

Lion Bard was happy because his daugher, the coral director at Visalia First Prespertian, had told him that Lion Tom Link was asking her about Brad and were he had been the last few weeks. They call him Tommy “The Informer” Link.

Lion Tom Link was happy his daughter would be retiring from teaching this year, he was also happy he got two pars in gold this morning.

Lion Melinda was happy that she had such a great time with her relitives in Nor Cal, going to Alcatrize, but she gave $20 because she didn’t bring anything back.


Lion Tom Link was fined for being late. 

Kelly Link

Lion Tom Link had a happy buck because his daugher, Kelly Link, will retire this year.

Lion President Melinda

Lion Melinda checking out her ticket number.


The $5 drawing went to Lion Mark who donated it to the Leo Club.

Lotto ticket: Lion Melinda

The marble drawing went to Lion Roy, who, dispite some serious mential gimnastics,  picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.


That’s the way you do it, John Parker won the free add this week. 

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)