Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 9-15-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter 9-15-23

MMD croud

The crowd at Saturday’s Murder Mystery Dinner.
A good time was had ball all, well, all except the three that died. 

Saturday’s I Love the 80s to Death Murder Mystery Dinner went off without a hitch. Fun was had, a murder, or actually three murders were solved, and everyone went home alive.
Lion Tom Link was the big winner, going home with three raffle prizes; several of our members went back in time, dressing up in ’80s attire complete with wigs and those fabulous 80s fashions.

Todays Meeting

This month, bullpen president Lion Brad led our meeting today and called on Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion John Parker for the flag salute, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

Guests today included Zone Charman Johnathan Ward from the Pride Lions Club and Lisa Monteiro from the Mineral King Preservation Society, who was our program today.

Lion John Parker won the no-fine badge.


Lion Tom Gabie will once again head the club’s participation in the band review and announced that this year’s date will be Saturday, October 21.

Lion President Brad announced one last time that the Murder Mystery dinner was Saturday evening.

Happy Bucks 

Lion John Parker was happy he could attend a meeting of the Buttonwill Lions Club recently. In a town of 1,600, this club has 169 members and is the highest per capita Lions Club Membership in the nation, if not the world.

Lion Johnathan Ward was happy to be visiting our club.

Lion Mark was happy to see Jonathan Ward here and was happy his daughter, Rebecca Lynn, finished her orientation at Kaweah Delta.

Lion Allen was happy the Murder Mystery dinner was finally here. He was also happy his son Travis, an air marshall, had completed his year of probation on the job.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy for USC.

Lion Roy was also happy that the Murder Mystery dinner was here.



Fines were levied against Lion Tom Link and Lion Mark for being late. 

Lion Colin Franey was given his Lions Pin. It was somehow missing from the induction ceremony at last week’s meeting.

Lion colin receiving his pin


The $5 drawing went to Lion Steve, who donated it to the Leo Club.

The marble drawing went to Lion Tony, who did not pick the white marble.

The Lotto ticket drawing went to Lion Bob Line. Rumor has it that he spent his entire winnings on raffle tickets at the Murder Mystery Dinner. 


Zone Charman Jonathan Ward gave a short program on some goals this year. 

Lisa Monteiro was our the program also. Lisa is the director of the Mineral King Preservation Society and her talk was about the history of Mineral King Valley and the goals of the society.  


Lion Mark won the free add. laughing

Lions group

Fellow Lions at the end of the Murder Mystery dinner on Saturday, September 16, 2023

Visalia Host Lions Roar for Friday 9-8-23

Todays Meeting

The meeting was started by one of our Bull Pen Presidents, Brad Board, exactly at the prescribed time of 12:10 p.m.

Pro Tem President Brad asked Lion Dee Baughman to start with a rousing song, which was the wonderful version of God Bless America. The sound was so good that the comment was made that this should be a touring group. Lion Colin Franey was heard carrying the bass sounds very well.

Lion Tony Loliva led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lion Pete Sherwood followed the prayer. The coveted no-fine badge was won by Lion Mark Olsen.


The Murder Mystery dinner this coming up this Saturday, Get your orders in now. We still need gift baskets and gift cards. 

The announcements were few, but here are the highlights; The Student Speaker contest meeting is on Saturday, Sept. 9th at 10:00 am at St. Paul’s Church for anyone interested in being involved this year. The Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser is coming up on Saturday, Sept. 16th, with a 6:00 p.m. starting time. Our monthly board meeting is on Wednesday, Sept 13th, at Valhalla’s Rest. at 7:00 a.m. You are invited to come along to this very informative meeting.

Auction Items


After a spirited auction, the prize was won by Lion Pat Harrison and then graciously given back to Lion Karen McVaigh, who very kindly shared them with the club attendees. Lion Pat Harrison purchased them for $15.00. Lion Tom Link has just returned from his hideaway in Morro Bay with some Marion Berry jam. According to a local legend, originated in Morro Bay. Lion Pat Harrison also purchased this.

Lion Craig Wheaton had been all around the globe and was so busy that he neglected to bring an auction item. He shared $20.00 with the club. Lion Pete Sherwood just returned from a short weekend in Texas (catching Major League stadium #20), and Lion Pete provided the club with $20.00. Lion Mark Olsen, who just returned from a trip to Boise, ID, also provided the club with the $20.00 offer of guilt, The club makes more money with the negligent forgetful offenders, thanks folks.


New Member Inductions

Lion Bob Line did his usually very competent induction of new members, with a history lesson of the club and then installation of Lion Elaine Dias and Lion Colin Franey.

Happy Bucks 

There were quite a few folks who were happy for a variety of reasons. Lion Tom Link was happy to be in Morro Bay and for a round of golf, with one par and three lost golf balls. Lion Dee Baughman was happy that he also had a par with no lost golf balls. Lion John Parker was happy that he was able to traverse the roadway of Hwy 65 from his store in Bakersfield to the 76th Anniversary dinner at the Three Rivers Lions Club event on Thursday evening. Lion Mark Olsen was happy they had a great trip to Boise, ID, to move their daughter and son-in-law to Kuna, ID. Isn’t Kuna a rather unusual name for a town? Makes me think of the song in Lion King (Makuna Matada). Lion Brad Board mentioned that a local CI source with the First Presbyterian Church had advised him that Lion Tom Link was celebrating 59 years of marriage and that Lion tom Link hadn’t said a lick of anything during the Happy Bucks time. Lion Tom Link graciously shared $.59 with the club, when the appropriate amount should have been, $1 dollar for every year, but you know that Lion Tom Link is on a fixed income, according to unverified sources.



The only fine recorded at today’s club meeting was for Lion Allen Ventling, who was on the roster to go to the Three Rivers Dinner and didn’t make the event, for unknown reasons. Lion John Parker, who traveled great distances to make this event, was the provocateur of this fine.


Today’s Secret Greeter was Lion Bob Line, who admonished Lion Dee Baughman and Lion Pat Harrison for not shaking his hand. There were several disputes as to the veracity of Lion Bob Line’s accusations, but the unrepresented two parties paid their respective fines.

The $5.00 raffle was won by Lion Colin Franey as well as the Free Ad. The scribe can’t remember who won the Lottery Tickets, and Lion Dee Baughman won the marble drawing but came up empty in that endeavor.

A Thank You

This weeks Roar is brought to you by Lion Allen, who took notes, and Lion Brad, who transcribed them and sent them my way. Thanks to both of them for their work. They would make an excellent roar editor pair; just something to consider.  Lion Roy 


Lion Colin won the free add this week. 

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 9-1-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 9-1-23

Our meeting for Sept. 1, 2023

Keith Stump, Executive director for Able Inc, talks to our club today. 

In Memory: Lion Bob Bricker  1928-2023

We began our meeting today with a moment of silence in memory of Lion Bob Bricker, who passed on Monday, the 28th. Bob was ninety-five years old, and for 64 of those years, he was a proud Lion. His memorial is scheduled for November 18th; more details will be forthcoming.

Our Meeting

Lion President Brad, the third in a series of bullpen presidents, led the meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Allen for the flag salute, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

Being the first meeting of September, we sang happy birthday to those with birthdays this month. Lions Tom Gaebe, Lion Bob Line, and Lion Tony were all in attendance.

Speaking of Lion Tony, the birthday boy won the no-fine badge today and was today’s secret greater. And apparently, he was not too popular as several people had to pay up for not shaking his hand.


Lion Dee announced that the LaSierra Leo Club held their first meeting. It was an organizational meeting.

This Tuesday, Sept. 5th, there will be a visitation with the Sunset Lions at Marie Callenders; the meeting starts at  6:00. Contact Allen (559-936-4563)  if you wish to attend; he needs a couple more people to make it official.

Murder Mystery dinner is just two weeks away. We need gift baskets and cards, and we need people to attend; tell your friends, neighbors, and the people you work with.


Auction Items 

Lion Allen had spent a week in Vegas and brought back a pink Vegas ball cap that Karen bought for $5. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee had a sad buck for the passing of Lion Bob Bricker; he was a good friend and will be missed.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his third daughter and her husband were doing another Honda commercial for their car, which has over 800,000 miles on the clock.

Lion Tom Link also had a sad buck for Lion Bob Bricker’s passing; he had fond memories of snow skiing and golfing with Lion Bob. He did have a happy buck for the USC Trojans.

Lion Pete was sad that Lion Bob Bricker had passed. He was happy that his backpacking trip had gone well, and he could check off one more thing on his bucket list with his climbing of Half Dome.

Lion Aaron was happy he could attend the meeting and that Lion Bettie was feeling better.

Lion Pat was happy his third grandchild was baptized in Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove. He said that place was so big you just about needed a map. He was also sorry to hear about Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.

Lion Roy was happy that his vacation to the Columbia River with his wife Javonna had been fun, but he did not bring back anything to auction off, so he gave $20; he was also sad to hear of Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.

Lion President Brad put in a sad buck for Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.


Lion Dee fined Lion Karen for ignoring him at a recent Rawhide game. He also fined Lion Tom Link for being rude recently at Costco by honking at him in the parking lot.

Lion Pat fined Lion Aaron for not referring to his wife as “Lion” sweetie.

Lion Elaine was fined for being late.


picking the marble drawing winner

Guest speaker James Alves picked the marble ticket –

Brad leading the meeting

Lion Brad serves as bullpen president #3

Lion tom Link and Lion ealine

Lion Tom Link draws a non white marble


The $5 drawing went to Lion Steve, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Elaine

The marble drawing went to Lion Tom Link, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

James Alves

James Alves from Able Inc. 

Our program today was Keith Stump and James Alves from Able Inc., (Formerly Able Industries) They gave a good talk about what they do to help disabled people find jobs in the community.

Keith Stump from Able Inc.

Keith Stump from Able Inc. 

red sox

Lion Allen says go Red Sox

Check out on online schudling page for our club’s programs. See what dates are available and share the page with anyone you know who would make a good speaker. 

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 8-23-23

Todays Meeting

Our small but very vibrant evening group meeting met at Mountain Mikes Pizza. The following Lions were in attendance: Lions Steve Gerrard, Melinda Blankenship, Elaine Dias, Mark Olsen, Aaron O’Dell, and Brad Board. We all enjoyed the pizza buffet and the time of fellowship around the tables.

The meeting was very casual, and here is the recap of the events.

The Murder Mystery Dinner (Sept. 16th) was discussed, and there needs to be some last-minute efforts to pull this together for the club. The following donations have been received to date.

We have the following sponsors. 

Kaweah Health $1,000

Law Office of Peter Sherwood $1,000

Altura Healthcare $500

Tachi Palace 2,500

Central Valley Operator group/McDonalds $500

Club Visitations.

The annual Three Rivers dinner will be held on Thursday, sept. 7th at the Lions Arena in Three Rivers. If you plan on attending, please let Lion Steve Gerrard know no later than September 2nd, so he can confirm that number from our club attending.

There will be a visitation for the Sequoia Lions on September 5th at Marie Callenders. This is an evening meeting, and the start time is 5:30 p.m.

News You can Use:

Bob Bricker has been in rehab, following an accident. He hopes to be back to Quail Park at Shannon Ranch very soon.

There was a recommendation to shelve the idea of an evening meeting, since there were just six Lions in attendance. This will be discussed at the next Board meeting, which takes place on September 13th at Valhalla’s at 7:00 a.m.

Happy Bucks

Lion Melinda was $10.00 happy that she had an excellent trip to Iowa to see her family this past week. She got to see her extended family of thousands and had a wonderful family reunion, in the basement of the American Legion Hall. In typical Iowa hospitality, one of the family members created and built an indoor miniature golf course, in the basement of course. Her Great Aunt Lil turned 100 years old when Melinda was back there to celebrate too.

Line Mark was happy that he was leaving for Boise, ID to see his daughter and son-in-law, along with his wife and daughter. Mark is hopefully planning on returning from this trip.

Lion Aaron is traveling to Avila Beach for a few days of respite from the heat with fellow Lion Betty.

Lion Steve is happy and grateful to have a newly painted exterior of his home.

Lion Elaine was happy that we had rain.



Lion Elaine fined herself since she was late to the meeting. Lion Tom Link, where are you when we need you?

Other topics of interest

We didn’t have a speaker, so Lion Brad shared with the group about the current state of insurance in CA. It was such a heartwarming topic, that Lion Brad has a new moniker “The Shredder of Happiness”.

There was no drawing for the $5.00 drawing, nor the free ad or the lottery tickets. The marble drawing was one by Lion Aaron and he fell short of the goal of the white marble. Maybe next time, Lion Aaron.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 8-18-23

Visalia Host Lions Roar Newsletter for 8-18-23

Lion Dee

Lion Dee talks about this years Leo club. 

Pricilla Lara

Priscilla Lara, Leo Advisor at LA Sierra Academy 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Mark led our meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Tony for the flag salute, and Lion Brad to do the invocation.

Guest:  Pricilla Lara, an honorary Lion, was our guest today. She is the Leo Advisor at La Sierra Middle School and was our guest today.

Lion Bob Line won the no-fine badge.

Lion Bob was also our secret greeter today.


The Three Rivers Lions Club will have its 76th-anniversary party on September 7th; those planning to go should RSVP to Lion Steve by September 2.

Lion Allen announced that we would be having a visitation with the Sunset Lions Club on Tuesday, September 5th, at Marie Calendars, meeting starts at 6:00. Let Allen know if you plan on attending.

Next week’s meeting will be our Wednesday evening at Mountain Mikes Pizza.

Speakers are needed: If you have someone who would be a good program for our club, send them to the sign-up page of our website:
They can find a day that works for them and book it.

Murder Mystery Dinner, September 16th. Need 2-$25 gift cards and your sign-ups now. 

Lion Roy received the check from Altura Healthfor a Motley Crue $500 Sponsorship of the Murder Mystery Dinner

Happy Bucks 

Lion Allen was happy that he was going to be spending a week in Las Vegas.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his daughter and son-in-law were going to be doing another commercial for Honda; seems their Honda has about a million miles on the clock.

Lion Dee was happy that Parcilla was with us today and happy that he has six great-grandkids and four more on the way. (he’ll need a flow chart soon)

Our guest and honorary Lion, Parcilla Lara, was happy to be with us today and ready to kick off another year with the Leo Club.

Lion Brad was happy that Hurchaine Hillory was headed our way with some much-needed rain.

Lion Roy was happy the Dodgers had a commanding lead in the NL West, that Priscilla was with us today, and that he was taking a much-needed vacation with Javonna to the Columbia River for the next couple of weeks.

Lion Colin was happy that he and his wife were headed to Nappa for some R+R, and he was happy to be back at the club after a short absence.

Lion Tony was happy he and his wife Nancy were headed to Colorado to see Nancy’s dad. He was also happy that they had a good time at the Sequoia Lions Visitation this past Wednesday.

Lion John was happy to see Parcilla with us today.

Lion Mark was happy Parcilla went to Mt. Whitney high school where he graduated from and encouraged all Whitney grads to put in a buck. He was halso happy that his daughter moved from Texas to Idaho, where shes only a ten hour drive from Visalia.


Lion Tony draws for the white marble.

Lion Mark holds the marble can and Lion Tony draws a black marble, winning zero dollors. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Colin, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Allen

The marble drawing went to Lion Tony who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

Leo club

Lion Bob Line won the free add