ROAR Newsletter for January 17, 2020

ROAR Newsletter for January 17, 2020

President Ruth Mckee opened the meeting with a patriotic song led by Lion Bob Line. Dee Baughman performed the invocation and Lion Karen McVaigh led the flag salute.

Guests included Bobbie Westfall and Madison Worley of the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center.

Pat Harrison won the no-fine badge.


Lion Roy Dressel provided an update on the efforts and progress of the Murder Mystery Dinner Committee.  The web page for the event is now up and running, so ticket purchases and sponsor donations may be made online  The Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, January 28th at 5:30 at Park Visalia. (not this coming Tuesday as Roy had announced at club)  Club Members are asked to donate two $25 gift cards (contact Melinda Blankenship) and bottles of wine (contact Aaron of Betty Odell) for raffle prizes at the Dinner. Lions are also are encouraged to ask local businesses to be sponsors.  Each $250 sponsorship comes with two tickets to the event. 

Lion Vicki Whitehouse has graciously donated a Fitbit and a Coach purse for raffle prizes at the Murder Mystery Dinner.

President Ruth shared that the Super Bowl Party for the homeless has been scheduled for February 2nd at the Visalia Rescue Mission.

Singing Lion Dee Baughman shared that his group will once again be offering singing Valentines, complete with a rose and chocolates. Those interested should contact Lion Dee or Lion Pat Harrison.

Happy Bucks

Lion Dee was thankful for the rain and mountain snow.

Lion Don Landers made it back from Fullerton before the storm.

Murder Mystery Dinner Committee member Roy Dressel was happy that the event is coming together.

President Ruth’s hardworking nephew, a high school sophomore, achieved a 4.5 GPA last semester.

Lion Pat Harrison shared that his 6 year-old granddaughter is excited to be a flower girl in Pat’s son’s wedding.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was happy her husband continues to do well.


Lions Bob Line and Tom Link were fined for assailing our guests with embellished stories prior to the meeting.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined Lion Karen McVaigh for snatching up the preferred parking in front of the building before every meeting.


President Ruth won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club.  Lion Bob Line won the free ad.  Tom Link won the Lotto tickets.  Karen McVaigh won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the missing white marble.


Bobbie Westfall and Madison Worley of the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center described this year’s “Step Up” school service project, which is focused on advocating and providing resources for mental health.  The student project team will be providing care packages for the needy, which will contain hygiene essentials, and will also contain information on available mental health resources.  

Roar Newsletter for January 10th, 2020

Roar Newsletter for January 10th, 2020




Our meeting today was lead by our president, Lion Ruth, who called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America and Lion Bob Line in doing the invocation. Lion Janet lead us is saluting our flag.


Lion Roy announced that there will be a meeting of the Murder Mystery Dinner committee this coming Tuesday evening  1-14) at Park Visalia, 3939 W Walnut Ave. Here in Visalia. he also had a sign up for those who wanted to be on the committee that will be headed again this year by Lion Lauri Aguilar

Tickets for the third annual Murder Mystery Dinner are now available on our web site.

The tickets are the same prices as last year, $75 each and there are 8 per table.

Lion Ruth announced that will once again help out the Visalia Rescue Mission with their Superbowl party for the homeless at the Mission on Sunday, February 2. Sign-ups were taken, and you can contact Ruth @ 559-308-3823 to let her know you would like to participate

Lion Janet announced that the MD4 convention would once again be here in Visalia on February 21 and 22.

Lion Ruth also announced that Quail Park at Shannon Ranch had invited the club to have one of our meetings at their facility. Having all agreed that was a good idea she will get that arranged in the next few weeks. Watch the Roar for the date.

Lion Allen announced that he would be the new Lions Youth Exchange person for our club. As many of you know, Lion Erik Frost had that position for many years, but he has moved to the coast, so Allen has generously agreed to take on the role.

Lion Janet won the No fine Badge.

Happy Bucks

Lion Pete was happy that his wife got a new car. Lion Pat commented that all of Pete’s competition must have died off, and he was making the big bucks to be able to afford that new car.

Lion George was happy for his kids (all of whom are 60+) because they had received a financial gift from him at Christmas.

Lion Tony was happy that the 49ers were playing the Vikings on Saturday, and I am sure he was even happier come Saturday evening as the 49ers won that game. We will expect another happy but this coming Friday Tony.

Lion Dee was happy that he took all three of his daughters to lunch this past week.

Lion Allen was $3 happy because his recent trip to Vegas paid off big for him.

Lion Pat was happy that Lion Melinda had knit him four afghans.

Lion Tony had a dollar because last week he had won the lotto tickets and they had paid off with a $10 win.

Lion Janet had a dollar from Lion Melinda, who could not be at the meeting today because she had had some work on her knee recently, and it was not doing well today.

Lion Ruth was happy because “it’s Friday.”

Lion Vicki was happy because her husband was doing well and playing golf as we ere having our meeting.


Lion Dee fined Lion Tom Link for once again not having to pay for their birthday lunch. Miguel at Colimas had already taken care of it. Next year, Dee says he is going to another restaurant where Tom is going to have to pay. Tom replied that he has already made reservations at Colimas on June 16th (Dee’s birthday)

Lion Dee also fined Lion Tom because Tom, famous for his socks, had inferior socks to what Dee was wearing today.

Lion Ruth fined someone name Bob Link, not sure who that was.


Lion Allen with a big smile after coming back from Vegan “with” money” 

Lion Dee showing off the socks that he claims are better the socks of Lion Tom Link. 

Our Tail Twister, Lion Vicki, collecting happy bucks and fines.

The 101st California Lions Convention!


“Denim & Diamonds”

Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls!

February 21-23, 2020

Visalia Convention Center

Host Hotel: Marriott

300 S Court St, Visalia, CA 93291


Lion Steve won the Lotto scratchers. We’ll see next week if he won the big bucks.

Lion Janet won the free add.

Lion Tony won the marble drawing but did not win the white marble.

Lori Olvera-Clackson from Young life was our guest speaker today. Our club has given a donation to this organization for many years and Lori has been a guest our ours for many of those years. She talked about what Young Life does for teens and also let us know that our gift entitled 8 of our members to join them for there annual fundraising dinner at the gateway church on Friday, February 28th starting at 5:30. If you would like to attend contact Lion president ruth at 559-308-3823 and let her know. 

Lion President Ruth presents the check to Lori Olvera-Clackson of Younglife. 

First ROAR Newsletter of 2020

First ROAR Newsletter of 2020

President Ruth McKee opened the meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to sing country song – America, My Country Tis of Thee. Ed Jones performed the invocation and Lion Craig Wheaton led the flag salute. 

Roy Dressel won the no-fine badge.

Members sang the “Happy Birthday Song” to Lions Tom Link and Roy Dressel, who were both born in January. 


Lion Vicki Whitehouse reminded members that there will be a Board Meeting on Wednesday, January 8th.

Members shared get well wishes for Lion Melinda Blankenship, who is recovering from knee surgery.


Lion Ed Jones auctioned off gift certificate for two months of intensive physical training.  Lion Brent Robinson purchased the certificate for a donation of eleven dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Carol and Ed Jones sold their house in Visalia.

Lion Roy Dressel had a good week working from home.

Dee Baughman’s brother came out from Colorado for Christmas.

Lion Brad Board had a wonderful time at Christmas.  He was also happy to see the 49ers in the Playoffs.

Lion Craig Wheaton has spent the winter skiing.

Lion Pete was happy a friend had made it through quadruple bypass surgery.  He was also happy to see the 49ers in the playoff.

George Fry’s three daughters visited him on Christmas.

Lion Karen McVaigh’s son turned 40.

Lion Tom Link is turning 80!

President Ruth was stuck in Southern California over the holidays.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse’s husband is well and playing golf.  She also had a great Christmas.


Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined Lion Tom Link, who was reportedly on the phone with one of his many servants during the meeting.  She also fined herself for almost knocking over Left of Center’s tower of glasses.

Dodgers fan Roy Dressel was upset that his son had given him a Christmas gift with a Giants logo.

Lion Pete Sherwood fined Lion Bob Line after receiving a solicitation from Quail Park Retirement Community, where Lion Bob resides.


Karen McVaigh won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Lion Dee Baughman won the Free Ad. Lion Tom Link won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.

Roar Newsletter for December 20, 2019

Roar Newsletter for December 20, 2019

Lion Bob Line leads us in singing god bless America. 

Lion Tony Loliva’s wife Nancy was one of our guests today. Introducing our speaker Albert Cendejas from CSET. 

Our president, Lion Ruth lead our meeting today and after calling on Lion Bob Line to do the song she called on Lion Jeff to lead us in the pledge and Lion Ed to say a prayer.


Lion Allen announced that the Redwood Springs annual gift giveaway would be this (Friday) afternoon at 3:00. (more about this below)

Lion Craig announced that there will be no meeting next Friday because of the holidays.

Auction Items

President Ruth had a cup she had purchased on a recent trip to San Diego and it went to Lion Melinda for $11, even though Lion Jeff bid heavily on it because he was raised in San Diego.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Craig was happy that our local mountains have been getting some good snow and he has been able to go skying five days in the last week.

Lion Carol was happy she was spending Christmas early this year with her daughter’s family and she was especially happy because she was not going to be the cook. The first time in many years.

Lion Ed was happy that Lion Carol was bringing a big tray of cookies because he would then be assured of something good to eat on Christmas day.

Lion George was happy that his family, all three daughters and their families, would be in town to be with him.

Lion Vickie was happy that her husband was still doing fine after his heart surgery, she was also happy that our club was together for Christmas time and was happy that she is almost ready for Christmas.

Lion Melinda was happy that she didn’t have a lot of shopping to do this holiday season.

Our president, Lion Ruth was $10 happy because she loves all of us in this great club, and for Amazon, which mad this holiday much easier.

Lion Steve was happy because of his granddaughter, who is in the Air Force will not be set back too much because she got Mono. She will be able to begin a class she was taking once she is well again.

Lion Bob Line had a dollar to be able to tell this joke. An old codger goes into a diner and asks the server for an “almost chicken sandwich” The waiter replies, “an almost chicken sandwich, what in heavens name is that” The old codger replies, “well my young man, it’s what my generation calls an egg sandwich”. Grones were echoing throughout the members as Bob took his seat.


Lion Vickie fined Lion Top for a remark about being crazy that was made earlier in the meeting.

Lion Melinda fined herself for not being at last week’s meeting, some poor excuse having to do with having surgery on her knee.

Lion Allen fined himself for not being able to be at the meeting in two weeks, another poor excuse, he was going to his second home, Vegas.

Fines for not having their badge on were levied against Lion Bob Line, Lion George, and lion Craig.

Secret Greater 

Lion George was secret greater today and seven people did not shake his hand. Good job George.

Winners and Losers

Loto: Lion Jeff

Marble. Lion Tom

$5 unknown.

Our program today was presented by Albert Cendejas from CSET, community services employment training. His talk was about what CSET does for seniors, and since everyone in the room could be in that clarification it was topical and informative. Albert was a good speaker and was passionate about what he does. To get more information just check out the Kings Tulare Area Agency on Aging,  and

Our Redwood Springs gift give away was smaller then it has been in the past but those that did attend were no less appreciative of the gift that our club has purchased for the people who live there. A note: We give the home a donation of $500 each year and they go and buy presents for the residents with that money. Lion’s  Allen, Roy, and Janet attended the giveaway. 

Activities director at Redwood Springs, Jackie hand Lion Janet a present to deliver to one of the residents. 

Lion Allen gives one of the Redwood Springs residents a hug as he delivers her gift to her. 

Redwood Springs activity director Jackie get ready to point out one of the residents to Lion Allen so he can take a gift to them.

ROAR Newsletter for December 6, 2019

President Ruth Mckee opened the meeting with a patriotic song led by Lion Pat Harrison. Dee Baughman performed the invocation and Lion Jeannie Burcham led the flag salute.

Guests included former Host member Jeannie Burcham, visiting Lions Dick and Rebecca Rebecca Piepenberg, and local author Brent Gill.

Ed Jones won the no-fine badge.

Members sang the “Happy Birthday Song” to Lions Pat Harrison and Jeff Meader, who were both born in December.  


President Ruth announced that the Club will be dark on December 27th.

The Club’s Christmas Luncheon will be on December 14th. Spouses are welcome. Attendees are asked to bring a boy’s and girl’s present for distribution by Visalia Emergency Aid. Cash donations will also be appreciated.

Lion Dee Baughman shared that funeral services for Marilyn Bricker, Lion Bob Bricker’s wife of 69 years, will be on Saturday, December 7th.


Traveling Lion Don Landers auctioned off a bottle of maple syrup from Maine.  Lion Pat Harrison bought the syrup for a donation of eight dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Jeff Meader’s wife Caity will be appearing on the television show 48 Hours.

Don Landers donated five happy bucks and described his 13,000 mile journey around the U.S.

Guest Lions Dick and Dawn Peipenberg were happy to visit our club.

Lion Carol Jones was happy to have her friend Lion Jeannie back at our meeting.

Janet McClintock’s granddaughter, who attends Redwood High School, was named the Most Valuable Player in her Volleyball League.  She will be attending CSU Monterey Bay next year.

Lion Pat Harrison went to an elite Barber Shop Chorus convention in La Mirada.

Lions Pete Sherwood and Steve Gerrard shared the Xmas Parade went off without a hitch.  Lion Brent Robinson was the Star of the Club’s line-up effort.

President Ruth, who was happy it was Friday, was glad to see Lion Jeannie visiting.  She also commended Lion Steve Gerrard for his efforts organizing the parade.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse’s husband continues to do well.


Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined Lion Ed Jones, whose phone rang during the meeting.

Lion Melinda Blankenship fined Lion Tom Link for arriving late.  President Ruth fined Lion Melinda for referring to her as Madam President.

Secret Greeter Bob Line fined Lion Dee Baughman for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Carol Jones won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation. Lion Dee Baughman won the Lotto tickets. Lion Pete Sherwood won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.


Local author Brent Gill described the true story behind his first book “Fire on Black Mountain”.