Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 16, 2021

Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 16, 2021

April 16, 2021 Meeting
Lester Moon talks to the club at our April 21, 2021 meeting.

Lion Bob Line lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee. Our own pastor, Lion George Fry did the invocation, and Lion Brett lead us in saluting our flag.

Guests: Our only guest today was Lester Moon, who was our program for the day.


Lion president Craig announced that at last Tuesdays’ board meeting, the decision was made to keep the next two board meetings (the last two of his term) on zoom.

Lion Craig making announcements.
Lion President Craig

Lion Craig also announced that we need to get a past president’s meeting together soon. The past president’s meeting is held to select Lion of the Year.

Our only guest today was our program, Lester Moon from Hands in The Community.

Lion Melinda reminded us that this year there will be a golf tournament at Valley Oaks on September 17th.

Upcoming programs

April 23: Our own Lion George fry will recount the adventure of his Last Flight.

April 30th: Alberto Ramos of CASA will be at our meeting.

May 7th: Adrian Leal, Principal of our adopted Huston School, will be here to give us an update on life in school or on Zoom.

Have a program idea for the club, have them contact Roy ( or call 559-289-2382) or Craig (

Lion Karen announced that since the beginning of our physical year, July 1st, 2020, the club gave $8,500 to charities.

Happy bucks:

Lion Betty was happy because a north Texas pitcher, Hope Trautwein became the first NCAA Division, 1 player, to throw a perfect game by striking out all 21 batters she faced. 21 Strikeouts how about that for a girl. Played against Arkansas Pine Bluff in a 3-0 Victory. Every out being a strikeout. Now that is an accomplishment.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his great-granddaughter was the best over gymnast at a recent competition, taking some credit for the lineage.

Lion George, next week’s program, was happy that one time a plane he was flying stalled, and after having to restart it four times he was able to land it safely.

Lion Pat was happy that Lion George was still what he refried to as a tail dragger.

Lion John was happy he went fishing.

Lion Dee was happy his four year old granddaughter was back in school four days a week.

Lion Melinda was $20 happy that she could be at the meeting with all of us today. The lions club is an extended family.

Lion Brett was happy that his son turned 4 and started playing T-Ball, and he had another happy buck because Wall Street had hit an all-time high.

Lion Allen was happy that his beloved Red Sox were on a nine-game winning streak and that he had won $10 last week with the Lotto tickets.

Lion Vickie was happy her husband was doing great and was out Trap Shooting and for our speaker today, Lester Moon.

Lion Betty was happy that Lion Vicki was going to be helping with Lions Aaron’s installation dinner.

Lion Tom was happy his daughter had finished her chemo treatment’s, and happy Lester was here also.

Lion George was happy, but I am not sure what for. We will just leave it at that.


Lion Brent fined Lion Bob Line for taking credit for his granddaughter’s achievement, suggesting that the linage in the family helped with her gymnastics.

Lion Vicki fined Lion George for spittle flying all over Lion Tom earlier when George had a happy buck.

Lion Tom was fined for being late again.

Secret Greater: Pat

Lion Tom fined Lion Pat for not remembering that Pat had not shook Tom’s hand.


Lion John draws for the whit marble.
Lion John Parker draws for the white marble, but came up green.

$5 Lion Dee, gave to the Leo club.

Lotto Tickets: Lion Bob Bricker.

Lion Bob and his Lotto Tickets
Lion Bob Bricker checking to see if he won anything on his lotto ticket.

Our Program today was given by Lester Moon about three originations that he is in charge of and who help the community with projects like yard clean up, fence building, and various other projects. Ove 365 projects a year.

Lion Karen won the free add.

Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 9, 2021

Roar Newsletter for Friday, April 9, 2021

Lion Dee lead us in singing God Bless America. Our Flag salute was lead by Lion Betty and the Invocation by Lion John Parker.


Lion President Craig announced that the next board meeting would be taking place on Tuesday, April 13th at 5:30 on Zoom. Please use the following link to access

Lion Craig noted that we need programs. If you have any ideas for a good program, please refer them to Lion Craig at or Lion Roy at, and we will get them set up.

Lion Allen won the coveted No Fine Badge.

Lion Allen won the no find badge.
Lion Allen won the no fine badge.

Lion Craig announced that Lion Lauri has secured a date for the next Murder Mystery dinner, but it won’t be until next year. July 16th, 2022.

Lion Daryl Farnsworth was laid to rest on Tuesday, April 6th, at the Visalia Cemetery. Daryl was a long-time member of the Visalia Host Lions. He was president of our club in 1997-98 and an all-around good guy. He will be missed.

Happy Bucks:

Lion John was happy that he has been able to go fishing several times lately, and he was happy his stepdaughter will be getting married soon. She is having her bachelorette party in Miami Beach, plus he and his wife are going on a trip with friends soon.

Lion Pat was happy his son came home unannounced last night. His home is closing escrow early.

Lion George had a happy buck because he would fly his airplane one last time soon. Most of the club wanted either a warning just before takeoff or to make sure George would fly only over open fields for safety’s sake. (for the rest of us, that is)

Lion Allen was $5 happy because he won at the slots in Vegas, and he had one for having know Lion Darrell Farnsworth.

Lion Vickie was happy her husband was doing great; in fact, he was Trap Shooting in Oakhurst as we were meeting today. She was also happy for Lion Betty and Husband Lion Aaron for being in charge of our meeting last week. She also had a happy buck because her kids went to Walt Disney World for a week and had a great time.

Lions Betty and Aaron leading the April 2 meeting

Lion Karen was $20 happy because she was finished with cancer treatments, and she and Rick were fully vaccinated.

Lion president Craig was $5 happy because Lions Aaron and Betty filled in for him at last week’s meeting, and he was going to help close down the Ski resort this coming weekend. Plus, he and his girlfriend booked a six-day rafting trip down The Colorado River this coming July.


Lion Vicki fined Lion Betty for another short joke.

Lion Allen fined Lion Roy for making a mistake on the newsletter a couple of weeks ago, getting July Wooley’s name wrong.

Secret greater: Lion George was the secret greater, but that caused many arguments because George claimed that people fist-bumped him instead of shaking his hand. Most of us claimed that we could not be fined by following COVID protocols, so very little, if any, money was earned for the club.

Program: Nope, we didn’t have one.


$5, Lion Bob Bricker won it and gave it to the Leo Club.

Lotto: Allen, we’ll see if his luck holds from his Vegas trip.

Lion Pat won the ability to draw the white marble, but he had no luck.

Lion Pat draws for the white marble,
Lion Pat draws the wrong marble.

Lion Pat won the free add.

Yep, that’s his add.
Roar Newsletter for Friday, March 26th, 2021

Roar Newsletter for Friday, March 26th, 2021

Our Program today, Lion Christy Kroell

Today’s in-person meeting was held under the tent at Left of Center. Nice to see all of you, and hope this is will be a trend.

Lion Dee lead us in singing God Bless America. Our Flag salute was lead by Lion Betty and the Invocation by Lion Pete.


Lion Betty Wooley, who was our guest today along with her Husband Lion Kent, Lion Christy Kroell (more about Kristy later), and her husband, past district governor Lion Al Kroell, announced a clean-up at Bear Skin Meadows will be this Memorial Day. And yes, it is planned to be an in-person clean-up, not a virtual clean-up. (that would be great if we could get that thing working)

Lion Steve won the covited No Fine Badge and used it to great effect later in the meeting.

Auction items.

Lion Craig auctioned off an SF Giants mask that was purchased for just $6.00 by Lion Pete.

Lion President Craig auctions off a Giants mask.

Speaking of masks, Lion Bob Line won a free Lions mask in the drawing.

Our Tail Twister and all-around nice gal, Lion Vickie won the Lotto tickets and also the Marble Drawing, but it was for not as she drew a nonwhite marble. No know fact about the Lotto.

Tail Twister Lion Vickie working the room for dollars.

Lion Karen, our trusty treasurer won the $5 drawing and gave it to the Lions Eye foundation.

Happy Bucks:

Lion Pete was happy that youth baseball has started up again and that his grandson what not only the lead off hitter for his team, but also the pitcher.

Lion Pete happy today, as always.

Lion Tom Link was happy that his barber was still alive and able to give him a haircut: did you hear that President Craig.

Lion Pat was $10 happy because a lot of work was completed around his house.

Lion Vickie was happy here husband was doing great and was out of the house.

Lion Karen was happy that Lion Roy was doing the Roar, and that all the guests were hear today.

Lion Roy, your Roar editor this week, had three happy bucks; one for being able to ride his motorcycle to work all week, one for the weather warming up, and another for getting, along with his wife, their second COVID shot the previous week.

Lion Steve was happy his son was the coach of a Cal Ripken baseball team.

Lion Steve was also happy.

Lion President Craig was happy that there were so many people at the meeting.


Lion Karen fined Lion Steve for being in a very serious mood when she arrived at the meeting today, he was not his usual jovial self. But it was Karen’s turn to be in a bad mood because she had forgotten that Lion Steve had won the no fine badge earlier in the meeting.

Lion Bob Line fined his son-in-law, Lion Pete because Bob was “forced” to wait a whole five minutes to see him in his office about some “important” legal matters last week.

Lion Vickie fined all of those who had made those “short” jokes all through the meeting. Your editor learned over the last weekend that over $150 was raised by that one fine alone.


Our program today was Lion Christy Kroell. Christy is running for our Lions District 4A2 Governor position for this coming year. Her handout had a long list of her accomplishments and time spent working in and for the Lions club and community. She asked for our support.

Lion Christy Kroell, looking for our vote.
Lion Craig won the free add.

ROAR Newsletter for January 8, 2021


President Craig shared the following list of upcoming meeting programs:

January 15:  Nick Vargas from “The Source”

January 22:  Soon to be Scheduled

January 29:  Greg Mauro   “Toastmasters”

February 5:  Terry Stafford   “Everyone Should Write A Book”

Happy Bucks

Lion Tom Link recently celebrated his birthday.  He also received his first COVID vaccine.

Allen Ventling will be traveling to Vegas to spend his birthday with his kids.

Tony Loliva donated twenty happy bucks!  His son was recently engaged.

Bob Line will be attending happy hour at Quail Park.

Lions Lauri Aguilar and Brent Robinson wished everyone a happy New Year.

Rick McVaigh was happy to be back at Club.


Lion Roy Dressel fined himself for missing the last meeting.

Tom Link fined himself for getting his COVID vaccine ahead of schedule.

Lion John Parker fined President Craig for wearing a lapel pin from a disreputable organization.

Roy Dressel, Bob Line and Tony Loliva were fined for not wearing their name badges. 


Local Adman Cecil Lopez described his new Leaf (Lifestyle, Entertainment, Agriculture, and Food) Magazine.  Leaf is the first local magazine for Cannabis enthusiasts.



Message from President Craig

Message from President Craig
Happy New Year fellow Lions!
I hope you are staying safe and healthy as the holiday season wraps up.    It seems like long ago when we had our last Club meeting.  I wanted to remind you that we are starting up again this week and have a whole line up of great programs.
Please make an effort to join us on Zoom, every Friday at Noon.   Make it a Noon on Zoom Friday.
Meeting ID: 779 181 9414
One tap mobile
+16699006833,,7791819414# US (San Jose)
Here is a list of upcoming programs:
January 8:   Cecil Lopez sharing about “Leaf Magazine”
January 15:  Nick Vargas from “The Source”
January 22:  Soon to be Scheduled
January 29:  Greg Mauro   “Toastmasters”
February 5:  Terry Stafford   “Everyone Should Write A Book”
CSET:  Our Donation Makes a Difference!!!
Here is a wonderful email I received today:
Happy New Year to you and the Visalia Host Lions,
I am pleased to share with you that our compelling van wraps for Meals on Wheels have inspired the generosity of a group of nurses at Kaweah Delta to donate to the program! One of the nurses shared with us that they decided to make a donation because they saw the vans and thus learned about CSET’s role in operating the program.
The Club’s generosity is indeed making a difference in Visalia. Please share our story with your members and our thanks. 
May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch to your door in 2021 ~ an Irish toast
Warm regards,


Notes From December 4th Zoom Meeting


We had a great group join us for last week’s Visalia Host Lions meeting.  It is hard not to have a regular in person meeting but it is heart warming to see those who can make it on Zoom.
Deborah Volosin gave a very timely and informative overview of COVID in our community in her review of how Kaweah Delta is currently impacted.  The good news is they are really good at accommodating and flexing as the COVID patients increase.
The next meeting of our Club’s Executive Board will be Tuesday, December 8, 5:30 on Zoom.

Due to the new restrictions on outdoor dining, the in-person meeting originally scheduled for Friday, December 11 will be held on Zoom.  This week we have Mary Jane Jennings from Visalia Emergency Aid Council joining us for our Zoom meeting.  We had planned to have each of you to bring a toy to donate.  If you have already purchased a toy, you can drop it off or call VEAC at 732-0101 and they will make sure it gets to a deserving child during this difficult holiday.  We are also asking for an additional pledge to add to the donation that we will make to VEAC.   Just let Steve Garrard know the pledge amount and he will put it on your “tab”


Happy Bucks
 Lion Roy Dressel’s son had COVID but wasn’t hospitalized and is on the mend.
 Lion Allen Ventling’s son Travis had a mild case of COVID, His other son just got his BA!
Lion Leigh Mosconi donated a Remembrance Happy Buck for Rafer Johnson, Great Olympian from Kingsburg, and founder of California Special Olympics.
Lion Steve Gerrard had a great Thanksgiving.
President Craig donated a Happy Buck just for being there.
President Craig and Lion Steve were fined for gathering with family at Thanksgiving