Roar Newsletter for July 23, 2021

Club President Aaron Odell opened the meeting by asking Lion Brad Board to lead his fellow Lions in the flag salute.  Lion Tom link led the group in song, a rousing rendition of God Bless America, and Lion Pete Sherwood performed the invocation.

The no-fine badge went to Lion Lauri Aguilar.


President Aaron shared that the Club’s charity golf tournament has been postponed until May 13th, 2022.

Auction Items

Lion Brent Robinson auctioned off one bag of “goofy” taffy and one bag of caramel corn from his recent trip to Disney World.  Lion Pat Harrison bought both for a donation of $25.   Lion Tom link offered up some domestic caramel corn from Morro Bay, which Lion Karen McVaigh purchased.

 Happy Bucks

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was very happy to be back at Club and donated 100 happy bucks!!!

Dee Baughman was happy that a recent operation was a success, and that the Giants had beaten the Dodgers.  He was also glad to see Lion Vicki back at Club.

Pete Sherwood was also pleased with the Giants success.  He received a ride to the meeting from good Samaritan Brad Board.

Brent Robinson was happy to be back from Florida and was looking forward to a weekend away with his wife.

Tom Link will be travelling to Oakland next week.  The trip will include a ferry ride across the Bay to a Giants baseball game.

President Aaron and Lion Pat Harrison were happy to see so many members back at Club.  

Rick McVaigh was happy to be back at Club.

Brad Board donated ten percent of last week’s marble drawing winnings.

Allen Ventling was happy to see so many “strange faces”.

Bob Line shared that he gets to see Lion Lauri everyday now that she works at Shannon Ranch.


Lions Brent Robinson and Lauri Aguilar fined Lion Tom Link.

President Aaron fined lion Bob Line for donating a happy buck out of turn.

Secret greeter Allen Ventling fined several Club members for failing to shake his hand prior to the meeting as required.


Tennis fan Betty Odell won the free ad and Lion Karen McVaigh won the Lotto tickets. Lion Vicki Whitehouse won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.


Angela Wakley, who manages the Visalia Farmers Market, described how they provide healthy foods directly from local growers at the Valleys largest farmer-based market.


Lions Roar Newsletter for Friday July 16, 2021

President Aaron has a good laugh as he leads our meeting. 

Lion Brad winds the marble drawing and wins the money. 

Lion Karen, standing in as our Liontamer today has Lion John draw the marble ticket as Lion Janet looks on. 

Lion President Aaron lead our meeting today and called on Lion Janet to lead us in saying the pledge of allegiance, and Lion Craig to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee and Lion Tony to give the invocation

Guests today were our program, Tulare county district attorney Tim Ward, his assistant and Lion Pete’s son in law, Stewart, and assistant Olivia

Auction items

Lion Craig gave $5.00 because he did not bring back anything from his rafting trip on the Colorado River to auction off.

Happy Bucks

Lion Pete was happy that the family had a good trip to Oregon, he brought back lots of memories but no auction items do he gave $20, plus he was happy to have Tim and Stewart here today.

Lion Karen was $5 happy because the day before she got a phone call letting her know she will be expecting her first granddaughter.

Lion Brad had a happy $10 because he was able to be back on a regular basis for our meetings now that he has a full office staff. Plus was happy about a trip last week to see family.

Lion Craig was happy because of a great rafting trip, happy that he made it out, that he now has a regular shower and a toilet, and happy that he is recovering from a mountain bike crash.

Lion Karen also had a happy buck for our guest/program today.


Lions Brad and Bob Bricker were fined for being late.

Lion Karen fined Lion John Parker for leaving his phone on her table.

Lion Craig fined himself for having to leave early.

Lion Betty fined Roar editor Lion Roy for spelling Visalia Mayor Steve Nelsen’s name wrong in the Roar from two weeks ago.


Lion Allen won the $5 drawing and donated it to the Lions Eye Foundation

Lotto: Pat

Our program: Tulare county district Attorney Tom Ward gave us the low down on the Golden State Killer. He began his spree here in Visalia and became known as the Visalia Ransacker. The death of COS professor Claude Snelling, who was the first person DeAngelo killed, was solved by the use of family DNA.

Tulare County DA Tim Ward talks to us today about the golden state killer case. 

Lion Brad wants you to think about insurance and the fact that he is a good neighbor. 

The Roar for Friday, July 2, 2021

The Roar for Friday, July 2, 2021

New president Lion Aaron, first lady Lion Betty and Treasure Lion Karen 

Lion Betty getting another dollar from Lion Bob Bricker, Lion Allen looks on. 

This was the first meeting of the 2021-22 year and our new president Lion Aaron brought the meeting to order, called on Lion Janet to lead us in the pledge, Lion Tom Link to lead us in singing My Country Tis Of Thee and for the invocation, first lady Lion Betty 


President Aaron asked if anyone would like to step up and fill in as golf committee chairman and to serve on the golf committee. . Our tournament is coming up on September 17th and we need to get going with it. 

The no fine badge went to Lion Bob Bricker. 


Our only guest today was also our program, Visalia Mayor Steve Nelson 

Happy Bucks

Lion Pat was happy that drug lords were buying up property all around his area, he was happy to know who his neighbors were. 

Lion Jeff was happy that he was going camping with his family over the fourth of July weekend. 

Lion Tom Link was happy that his oldest daughter was finished with her chemo treatments. 

Lion President Aaron was happy that they had gone to Arizona to see their grandkids. 

Lion Craig was happy that Lion Aaron was now president and happy that next week he would be on a raft trip down Colorado.

Lion Allen was happy the Red Sox were still in first place and that he was going to Anaheim next week to watch them play the Angles. 

Lion Leigh was happy that two of his grandkids got married last month. 

Lion Tom Link was happy that in three weeks he was going to a Giant-Dodger game in San Francisco. 

Your roar editor Roy was happy that the Dodgers had swept the giants in their two-game set and that they had moved up four games in the standings in just the last week. 

Lion Steve was happy that his homeowner’s insurance covered a water leak he had last week. 


Lion Dee fined Lion Tom Link because he has been on time for the last few weeks and it has really throughing Lion Dee for a loop.

No badges: Lion Karen, Lion Leigh

The Secret Greater today was Lion Craig who got a few $ out of the members. 

Lion Dee won the marble drawing but not the money. 

Lion Craig won the free ad. 

Lion President Aaron presiding over his first meeting. 

Winners and Losers

$5 Lion Bob Bricker, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lion president Aaron started off his year with some good luck as he won the Lotto tickets. We’ll see if it pays off. 

The marble drawing was won by Lion Dee, who did not go home with extra dollars. 

Auction Items

Lion Betty auctioned off dates that they had picked up in the Palm Springs area, Lion Aaron purchased his own auction item. 

Lion Tom auctioned off a package of cookies from Cayucos and Lion Jeff won the auction at $10 



Visalia’s mayor, Steve Nelson talked to us today about the state of the city, (it’s in very good shape even after the pandemic year and a half)  the homeless problem, water, and the downtown area. (he is also president of the downtown association) Plans call for repaving of Main, 
Acequia and Center Street and a few years. 

Visalia mayor Steve Nelson

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 25, 2021

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 25, 2021

Lion Karen auctioning off cookies from Hawaii. 

Lion President Craig, thanks for a job well done. 

Lion President Craig brought our meeting to order today. It was the last time he would lead a meeting as president, his tenure being over next Wednesday.  Lion Craig called on Lion Jeff to lead us in the flag salute, Lion Bob Line to sing God Bless America, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

We had several guests today, one was our program Brandon Gridiron, the youngest was Lions Steve’s grandson, Aaron, who will be starting the second grade in the fall and the other two were Lion Jeff’s daughters, Julianna and Kristen. 

No fine: Speaking of Lion Jeff, he won the no fine badge.


Friday, July 2: yes, there will be a club meeting. Hope to see you all there.

Auction Items 

Karen, who returned from a week in Hawai, auction cookies that were in a surfboard tin. They went to Jeff, who paid $20 for them.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy that the Giants were in first place in the national league west and that the Dodgers had been no-hit the night before.

Lion Pat was $5 happy that the San Diego Padres had swept the Dodgers.

Lion John Parker was $5 happy that he was going fishing at June Lake on the eastern side of the Sierra,  and part of the $5 for a trip to Oregon where he saw his granddaughter play softball on an all-star team.

Lion Dee had another happy buck for a back operation that has finally been scheduled for July 9th.

Lion Jeff was happy one of his daughters turned 10 and also that the Padres swept the Dodgers.

Lion Pete had a dollar because he said all the Giants fans in the room should be happy that he was not going to go to any more Giants games this year. The one he did go to the Giants lost the only game of that homestand.

Lion Allen was happy the Red Sox were in first place in the American League East. He was also happy for the gift that Lion President Craig had given at the installation dinner, a key chain that Allen was putting to good use, plus, he was happy his brother had not been hurt when he hit an Elk on his way back to California from someplace north of us.

Lion Pat was happy that Lion Allen was happy about the Red Sox.

Lion Craig was happy that he saw his kids on Fathersday, that the Giants had the best record in baseball and that he was going to the mountains.

Lion Roy was happy that he was back to the gym at Leo Costa’s G-Fit Plus after more than a year off.


Lion Pete fined your roar editor for his phone going off earlier in the meeting.

Lion Pat fined Lion Allen for not having a happy buck for something. (sorry, not sure what it was)

Winners and Losers

Secret Greater: Lion Bob Line, who got several people for not shaking his hand.

Lion Bob also won the $5 drawing and promptly gave it to the Leo club.

Lotto tickets: Lion Pat won them.

Lion Craig won the marble drawing and promptly drew a non-winning marble.

Today’s Program

Brandon Gridiron (yes, as he said, his real last name is Gridiron and yes, he did play football in high school and college) was our speaker today. He is the Visalia Unifieds administrator of equity and student services.  His talk today was how the VUSD was working to make each and every student who is in the system have the same access to learning and services.




Visalia Unified School District’s administrator of equity and student services, Brandon Gridiron talks about the district’s efforts in making sure every child has equal access to services and is treated equally. 


Lion Dee won the Free Add for the second week in a row. 

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 18, 2021

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 18, 2021

President Craig lead our meeting today, just one more for him during his term.

Lion Allen giving a happy buck for the installation dinner Thursday night. 

See a little write-up and photos from the June 17th installation dinner at the bottom of this page.

President Craig lead our meeting today and asked Lion Past to sing our song, America the Beautiful. Lion Betty lead us in saluting our flag and Lion Dee t=did the invocation.

We had three guests today, friends of Lion Betty, Shay Elliott, and Elaine Diaz, plus our program today, April Skye.


Lion Dee announced that former Host Lion and city councilman Phil Cox passed away from Cancer. No information was given as to services. We will keep you informed for any of you who may want to attend.

Happy Bucks 

Our guest, Shay Elliott had the first happy buck, she wished all the dads had a great Father day.

Lion Tom had a happy buck for last night’s installation dinner at the Vintage Press. A good time was had by all.

Lion Pet was happy for the Giants who hit a grand slam and won the game.

Lion Jeff had five happy dollars, he was just happy to be back after a few weeks of not being at our club meetings.

Lion Dee was also happy for last night’s installation dinner.

Lion Allen and Lion Roy had happy bucks for last night’s dinner. After not having an installation dinner last year, it was good to get back to the things we did before COVID.

Lion President Craig added $10 for the installation dinner last night, no doubt because his term as the Zoom President was almost over.

Lion Jeff was happy for the Taco Bell story Lion Dee began last night’s dinner program with. (you had to be there)


Lion Dee fined Lion Allen because he was a very picky eater last night, sending back his stack not once but twice before he was happy with it.

Lion president Craig fined Lion Allen for embracing him in front of his date last night, saying something about the “hidden” girlfriend.

Lion Betty fined Lion Allen also, because of all the changes he was making to the way his steak was cooked at last night’s installation dinner, Lion Arron was the last to eat.

Lion Allen fined Lion Tony for telling our guest, and program today, April, that there was a $5 entry fee to today’s lunch.

Auction Items 

Lion Tony had $20 because he went to Colorado to visit his wife’s family and did not bring back anything.

Lion President Craig went back to the Washington DC area to visit his family and also did not bring back anything, so he chipped in $10.

Winners and Losers

Lion Roy won the $5 drawing and donated it to the Leo club. (second week in a row for your roar editor to win the $5)

Lion Steve won the Lotto drawing, we’ll wait and see if he won the big bucks.

Today’s Program

April Skye, with many accomplishments under her hat, like radio DJ and firearms instructor. Her talk today was on gun safety, going over some basic rules for handling firearms and how homeowners can get in trouble if they use that weapon unless they are in imanent danger. 

April Skye, talking about basic gun safty. 

Lion Pete, with several happy bucks. 

Our guest, and program today, April won the marble drawing and came up empty. 

Lion Dee won the Free Add this week.

Thursday Nights Installation Dinner 

After missing last year’s installation dinner because of COVID, we were back t the Vintage Press for the installation of officers on Thursday evening June 17. Our outgoing president, Lion Creag Wheaton talked a little about the year that has just past, and how his goal, as he came into office last year, was to simply keep the club together and functioning, and with his tech skills and use of Zoom he did that job well. I think I speak for all the club in thanking him for the job you did during this past year.

Lion Dee was our emcee and Lion Bob Line did the installation formalities, talking about the history of our club and what it has done for the community over the last 95 years. Our incoming president, Lion Aaron Odell spoke about what his goals were, the main one being membership. He asked each one of us to bring in just one new member in the coming year. If we do that, he said, we will be well on our way to being a thriving club.

A few photos from the installation dinner at the Vintage Press on Thursday June 17, 2021

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 11, 2021

The Roar Newsletter for Friday, June 11, 2021

Lion Karen with here Auction idem, a jar of jam. 

Lion Aaron, leading the meeting today. Soon, he will be leading all our meetings as he takes the presidency on July 1st.

Our meeting today was conducted by first vice president Lion Aaron, getting in some practice for his presidential term beginning July 1st. He called on Lion Pat to lead us in singing America the Beautiful, Lion Bob Line to do the invocation, and Lion Betty to lead us in the flag salute.

Lion Bob Line won the no fine badge and disputed the delivery charge. After much discussion where Lion Pete, Bob’s son-in-law, made sure that we all knew he was not a “blood” relation, Lion Bob but finally relented and paid the $1.

Auction Items

Lion Karen had a jar of  Strawberry-Raspberry Fruit Spread from a trip to Avala a couple of weeks ago and auctioned it off to your Roar Editor Roy for $7. Money well spent I say.


Nope, there were none.

fappy Bucks 

Lion Pete, the nonblood relation of Lion Bob Line, had a happy $20 because he had spent a week in Santa Barbara and did not bring back a jar of jam, or any other auction items. as part of the $20 he was happy his  8-year-old grandson was playing on the Visalia Cal Ripken All-Star team and he was just happy to be here today. 

 Lion Betty was happy here and Lion Aaron had gone to the Lions offer training on Saturday and the dinner on Friday. Both were held here in Visalia at the Lamp Liter Inn. 

Lion Karen was $10 happy because she had won $1,100 on her recent trip to Laughlin. When it was noted that $10 was not 10% of her winnings, as is the custom, she noted that she did not walk away from the table when she won that $1,100.  Part of that $10 was a fine because she would not be here for the installation dinner, she will be in Hawaii. 

Lion Tom Link was happy because he got a birdie on the first hole when playing golf this morning. 

Lion Allen was happy that he had won $100 at Tachi Palace. When it did, he cashed out and went home. 


Lion Allen fined Lion Roy for a mistake in last week’s Roar where he had said that Lion Bob Bricker had a June birthday and actually it was Lion Dee. 

Lion Pat fined Lion Tom Link for showing up to today’s meeting on time, costing the club money. 

Secret Greeter

Lion Roy: It pays to be this unpopular as only three people shook my hand or fist-bumped.


Janet draws Tom’s name for the marble drawing. 


$5-Lion Roy, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto tickets: Lion Tom Link 


Todays Program

Non-today.  but don’t forget the installation dinner this coming Thursday at the Vintage press. 5:00 happy hour, 6:00 dinner.