Friday’s Meeting – September 25, 2020 Held on Zoom
Friday’s Zoom meeting was attending by more than a dozen Lions and guest.  A good time was had by all and it was very informative.  
Kaweah Delta provided our program with Deborah Volosin, Director of Community Engagement, introducing the Chief Nursing officer, Keri Noeske.  Keri gave us a detailed overview of the hospital’s response to COVID and answered several questions regarding the spread of COVID in Tulare County.  It was interesting and informative.  We hope to have Keri join us again in a couple of months for another update.
Happy Bucks
Lion Roy Dressel was $10 happy that he was not injured during his fire experience at his studio.   Smoke came up from down stairs and he was rescued by our brave fireman!  Not an experience one wants to have but it all turned out well.
Lion Steve Gerrard was $5 happy that his granddaughter was coming home
Lion Brent Robinson was $5 happy because it was Friday (I guess this was in honor of Happy Friday Ruth)
Lion Brad Board $5 happy he has no claims, so far, from the local fires
Lion Bob Bricker $5 happy that he is now a great grandpa!   or was it great great?   
I am sure there were others who were happy 
There were also a few fines to go around.
We did get a Thank you note from Family Services for our donation to the Purple Party which included two tickets to the virtual event.  Craig out bid everyone for the tickets!   
Reminders of the Upcoming Meetings
October 2,   IN PERSON meeting at Lions Park,  Noon.  Lunch is on the club.  Program: Michael J Fit,  “True Happiness”
October 9    Noon on Zoom.    Program is Marie Labbee “Visalia Rescue Mission”
October 16   Noon on Zoom.    Program to be arranged (send ideas to Craig)
October 23   Noon on Zoom.   Program is Tamera Ravalin, Superintendent, VUSD