Happy Lion Pat

Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Pat Harrison to lead his fellow Lions in a festive song – a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells. Lion Vicki Whitehouse led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Dee Baughman performed the invocation.

Lion Brad Board won the “No-fine” badge.

Guests for the meeting included McKenzie Gerrard, Granddaughter of Lion Steve Gerrard; and young entrepreneurs Jacob and Jared Ross, and their mother Ronni Ross.


President Rebecca thanked the volunteers who, along with her, helped with the Visalia Emergency Aid Christmas giveaway. They included Pete Sherwood, Dee Baughman, Carol Jones, Ed Jones, Walt Juarez, Steve and Mckenzie Gerrard, and Tony Loliva and his wife. President Rebecca also thanked Lions Roy Dressel and Allen Ventling, who handed out gifts at the Redwood Springs Care Facility.

Secretary Steve Gerrard passed around a Christmas Card bound for former member Howard Tesmer in Idaho.

Lion Dee shared that the La Sierra Leos met last week and are planning several activities for next year. He also shared that Leo Advisor Jill Palermo recently gave birth to a baby girl.

Happy Bucks

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was happy that McKenzie Gerrard could join us for the meeting. Mckenzie shared that she was happy that families in need at Visalia Emergency Aid would be receiving Christmas gifts. Lion Steve Gerrard was also happy that his granddaughter could join us.

Lion Melinda Blankenship was happy that hospital staff had donated toys for the Visalia Emergency Aid Christmas giveaway.

Lion Dee was happy for the rain. He also shared that his friend Lindsay Mann, former CEO of Kaweah Delta, had been called to service as a Mission President in a Spanish speaking mission with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Lion George Fry was happy that he had a dollar to pay back a loan from his friend Lion Tom Link. He was also happy that he had his house ready for the Christmas visit of his three daughters. Lion Tom Link was happy that the loan had been repaid and for the season.

Lion Pat Harrison was very happy with a recent birthday party for his mother, his nephew and himself at the Vintage Press. He was also happy to be a member of a fine club. Lion Pat was also happy that the announcer on KMJ radio wished him a Merry Christmas.

No-fine badge winner Brad Board was happy to be on his way to Florida to visit his son and family.

Lion Roy Dressel was happy that the Christmas shopping season was ending – his downtown parking lot was only half full today.

Lion Ed Jones was happy for his wife Lion Carol, who was at a corporate Christmas party. Lion Ed was also happy to be on his way to the Coast for Christmas.

President Rebecca was happy that her daughter had taken over the Christmas tradition of making tamales. 


Claiming he was blinded by the bright fabric color, Lion Dee Baughman fined Lion Tom Link for his red Christmas socks.   Lion Pat Harrison also fined Lion Tom, reporting that Lion Ed had already warned him not to show the socks.

Lion Ed Jones fined President Rebecca and shared that when he had been passing around Sees candy donated by Lion Pat, Lion Walt Juarez had politely refused a piece noting that he and his wife Rebecca were on a low carb diet. When the candy was passed to President Rebecca, to his surprise she ate two pieces.    

Club Treasurer Jeannie Burcham fined herself for being a “no-show” at the Visalia Emergency Aid Gift giveaway.

Lion Tom Link fined Lion George Fry for not passing the candy on. Lion George paid the fine, but did not readily relinquish the candy.

Secret Greeter Rebecca fined lions Melinda Blankenship, George Fry, Bob Bricker, and Vicki Whitehouse for failing to shake her hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion George Fry won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation. Lion George also won the free ad. Lion Walt Juarez won the scratcher lottery tickets. Lion Melinda Blankenship also won a shot at the marble drawing, but failed to draw the elusive white marble, which has not been seen for months. 


Young entrepreneurs Jared and Jacob Ross, along with their mother Ronni Ross, described their youth enterprise business -- Soaptacular, which produces and sells handcrafted soaps and scrubs. Ms. Ross also asked Lions to consider supporting entrepeneurship by participating in programs such as Visalia Unified School District’s “Exploratories” and Linked Learning Programs, or the Visalia Chamber of Commerce’s Youth Enterprise Program.  

Upcoming Events

LCIF Leadership Institute     January 14-16

Student Speaker Contest     February 10

MD-4 Convention Redding    February 10-12

District Meeting in Taft           February 24

Lions City of Hope                 March 26

Leo Leadership                      March 31- April 2

Chicago International Convention    June 30


Soaptacular Entrepeneur!

Lion Melinda Draws for White Marble