New Lion Danny Angel Receives His Certificate of Membership

Happy Lion Jeannie

Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Dee Baughman to sing Happy Birthday to Lions with December Birthdays. In honor of the season, Lion Dee also led a rousing version of Jingle Bells. Rick McVaigh led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Ed Jones did the invocation.

Lion Ed Jones also won the coveted “No-fine” badge.


Lion Pete Sherwood reported that the annual Visalia Emergency Aid Christmas giveaway would be held Friday December 23rd, starting at 8AM.

Lion Walt Juarez inducted new member Danny Angel into the Club. Danny, originally from Sonoma, is the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for Visalia Rawhide Baseball. Danny received special recognition on his membership certificate for being inducted in the Centennial Year of the Club.  

President Rebecca and Club Secretary Steve Gerrard thanked Lions for their help in organizing the Visalia Christmas Parade. This year, the parade had a near-record 118 entrants.  

Lion Vicki Whitehouse announced that the Club Christmas Party would be Friday December 16th.


Lion Tom Link returned from New York City with a package of Godiva Chocolates for auction. Lion Eric Frost purchased the chocolates for a donation of ten dollars.

Lion Dee Baughman auctioned off a bottle of vanilla extract from Mazatlan, Mexico. Lion Pete Sherwood had the winning bid.

Happy Bucks

Tom Link joked that, after the induction ceremony, the Club not only had a “Missing” Link, it now had a “Guardian” Angel.

Lion Pete Sherwood was happy that his son-in-law Ryan had passed the California State Bar Exam and donated five happy bucks.

Lion Roy Dressel was happy that Lion Danny Angel had joined the Club, and also that the Christmas parade was a success. Lions Eric Frost and Steve Gerrard were also happy the parade had went well.

Lion Brad Board recognized Club Secretary Steve Gerrard’s efforts in coordinating that Club’s assistance with the parade.

Lion Dee Baughman shared that, while in Mazatlan, he heard a news story that the State of California was investigating “emissions” from cows.

Lion Jeannie Burcham enjoyed her recent trip to Prescott, Arizona, and donated five happy bucks.

Lion Carol Jones, who may be an exception to the old saying regarding parades, donated two happy bucks after being out of town and missing the Visalia Christmas Parade.  

Lion Vicki Whitehouse enjoyed her trip to Las Vegas.

New Lion Danny Angel donated an inaugural happy buck.


Lion Ed Jones fined the San Francisco Giants fans in the Club after Major League Baseball assessed a levy against his team, the Los Angeles Luxury Tax Dodgers, for having too many highly paid players.

Lion Dee Baughman fined Lion Tom Link, and Lion Pete Sherwood fined Lion Jeannie Burcham. Lion Tom Link then fined Lion Pete Sherwood, whose cell phone had reportedly rang during the meeting.

Lion Dee also fined Lion Allen Ventling, who “coincidentally” was in Cuba around the time that the former dictator Fidel Castro died. Lion Vicki Whitehouse, in turn, fined Lion Dee, who said he had been lying on the beach in Mazatlan. Lion Vicki indicated that, unfortunately, she couldn’t get that image our of her head.


Lion Vicki Whitehouse won five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Daryl Farnsworth won the free ad. Tom Link won the scratcher lottery tickets. Lion Brad Board won a shot at the marble drawing, but failed to draw the single white marble.


Lion Allen Ventling described adventures from his recent trip to Cuba. Lion Allen and his son Travis wheeled around the Caribbean Island in taxi colectivos and rickety state-owned blue buses, boarding with local families in Cuban flop houses. They spent their days gawking at statues and murals of the “heroes of the revolution“, walking through colorful neighborhoods with centuries-old cobbled streets, and taking snapshots of beautifully restored cars that pre-dated the American embargo. They exchanged money in back alleys, and spent their nights drinking cheap rum with locals in plazas and on playas. After losing his cell phone and flight delays in Santa Clara, Lion Allen finally returned to his native soil. His remaining undocumented liquor was quickly confiscated by astute customs agents, but Lion Allen was able to sneak in a few Cubano cigars, which he gladly shared with his fellow Lions.      

Upcoming Events

Club Christmas Party                     December 16

Student Speaker Contest               February 10


Lion Allen Returns from Exile