Lion Lori thanks the club for all their help with the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Lion Pat also has a happy buck for the success of the Murder Mystery Dinner

Our newest Member, Lion Kim Jenson is inducted into the club by Lion Dee, and seen here with her sponsor Lion Lori. 

Our president Karen lead our meeting today and called on Lion Pat to sing our song. Lion Dee lead us in prayer and Lion Jeff the flag salute. Lion Melinda announced our guests and our program today were Juleann Smith and Elizabeth Sartuche from the Miss Tulare County Pagent and our program.

President Karen won the no fine badge, causing calls for an investigation on the selection process.



Lion Melinda announced the passing of past district governor and past international director Bob Smith. Lion Bob Smith.

New Lions Kim Jenson announced that she had two tickets to Rock and Roll is Here to stay concert, put on by the Mighty Oak Cauris on April 27th.

Happy Bucks.

Lion Ruth had a happy buck because it was Friday and for the success of the Murder Mystery Dinner (MMD)

Lions Jeff had a happy dollar for the success of the MMD.

Lion Carol had three happy bucks, one each for the times she won a prize at the MMD.

Lion Pat had happy bucks for the MMD, the food was great, the entertainment was great, and his friend won the gift basket from Roy.

Lion Roy had happy bucks for the success of the MMD, for the Dodgers being in first place and for the Dodgers taking two out of three games from the Giants.

Lion Ed was also happy for the success of the MMD and the Dodgers being in first place. 

Lion Vicki was happy for the MMD’s success, for everyone who helped out and for her husband’s continued recovery from his heart surgery.


Lion George fined Ruth for taking Ton’s spot in line.

Lion Roy fined Lion Tom Link because Tom’s brother, the mayor, did not know that the MMD was taking place.

Lion Ed fined president Karen for not announcing the birthdays for April, bruising his fragile ego as his birthday is in April. 

Lion Carol fined president Karen for calling Lions Melinda Blankinship by the last name of Bettencourt. Lion Carol also was going to fine her husband, Lion Ed but then thought better of it, saying “nevermind.” Of course, that lead to rampant speculation as to the reason. 

Secret Greater

Lion Bob Line was our secret great today, several people felt that was $1 well spent.


$5 raffle went to Lion Pat, who donated it to the Leo club.

Loto Tickets went to Lion Roy, who will owe the club $1 as he won $10 with the scratcher.

Our newest member, Kim Jenson was inducted into the club by Lion Dee, and she explained that she works at Quail park, but also makes herself a resource to people who can’t afford Quail park but need assisted living.

Elizabeth Sartache with the Miss Tulare County pageant plays the flute as part of our program today.

President Karen won the drawing for the free add today. 


Juneann Smith, from Miss Tulare County pageant, Explained the changes that are going on as part of Miss America.