President Ruth Mckee opened the meeting with a patriotic song led by Lion Bob Line. Dee Baughman performed the invocation and Lion Steve Gerrard led the flag salute.

Lion Amy Shuklian of the Tulare County Board of Supervisors was a guest at the meeting.

Dee Baughman won the no-fine badge.


Lauri Aguilar provided an update on the activities of the Murder Mystery Dinner Committee. Lion Vicki Whitehouse obtained a sponsorship from Central Valley Repair and Collision, and we now have $3,250 in sponsorships. The event will feature an original Wild West script. Club Members are asked to donate two $25 gift cards (contact Melinda Blankenship) and three bottles of wine (contact Aaron or Betty Odell) and gift baskets for raffle prizes at the Dinner.

Lion Allen Ventling shared that the fundraiser dinner for Young Life will be February 28th.

President Ruth announced that there will be a visitation to the Charter Oak Lions Club at 6PM on February 5th at the Lamp Lighter Inn.

Happy Bucks

Lion George Fry is looking forward to a Super Bowl win for the 49ers on Sunday.

Lion Dee Baughman enjoyed the Donuts and Dudes Party at his granddaughter’s charter school. Lion Dee also shared that a survey of veterans showed that they favored the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl.

Lion Jeff Meader was happy to see Lion Amy at the meeting.

Lion Pete Sherwood was laughing at a politically inappropriate joke that was told at the back table by the winner of the no-fine badge, and shared that he was happy his wife was recovering well from emergency surgery last week.

Lion Brad Board donated ten happy bucks to thank well-wishers, and said his wife is doing well.

Lion Melinda shared that she first met Lion Amy at Rehab, where they both worked.

Lions Allen Ventling and Vicki Whitehouse thanked Lion Lauri for her efforts on the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Lion Tom Link shared that he and his brother Bob had worked with Lion Amy on several committees and councils over the years.

Lion Vicki also shared that her husband continues to do well and is playing golf (almost) every day.

Lion Lauri thanked Lion Vicki for recruiting a sponsor for the Murder Mystery Dinner. 


Karen McVaigh won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.  Lion Janet McClintock won the free ad.  Steve Gerrard won the Lotto tickets and a shot at the marble drawing, but failed to find the elusive white marble.


County Supervisor Amy Shuklian described the services the County provides and gave a detailed update on public works and road projects.