Club President Karen McVaigh opened the meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to lead the Club in a patriotic song – America, My country Tis of Thee. Lion Jeff Meader led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Dee Baughman performed the invocation.

Lion Bob Line won the “no-fine” badge for the meeting dashing hopes that we would start the new year flush with cash.

Greeter Melinda Blankenship introduced our guests: Julianna, Anthony, and Kristen Meader, children of Lion Jeff Meader; and ”Tail Waggers” Dog Trainers Dan Oster, Cidney Oster, Cassidy McKeene, Sofia Brogia, Rich Lambie, and Sandra Dontson.  

Lion Roy Dressel received a Silver Centennial Award for his contributions to the Lions Centennial Year.


President Karen reminded members that our meeting for January 11th will be held at Visalia Emergency Aid on Northeast third.

Committee Chair Laurie Aguilar remined Lions that there will be a meeting of the Murder mystery Dinner Committee next Friday at the Lockwood Agency.

The Club will also be having a Superbowl BBQ for the homeless at the Visalia Rescue Mission on Sunday February 3rd.


Lion Jeff Meader auctioned off a Stuffed Lion from his recent trip to the San Diego Zoo. Lion Pat Harrison outbid rivals and bought the Lion for a donation of forty dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Jeff Meader was happy that the Murder Mystery Dinner was coming together, that he had a great trip to San Diego, and that his three kids (Lion Bob Line’s great grandchildren) were at the meeting.  Both Jeff and Bob donated five happy bucks.  Lion Jeff was also happy that his San Diego Chargers were in the playoffs.

Lion Ruth McKee was happy that it was Friday and that the dog trainers for Tail Waggers had brought their dogs to the meeting.

Lion Pete Sherwood won his fantasy football league.

Lion Dee Baughman had a great time at the Fresno Zoo and encouraged others to visit the updated facility.

Lion Roy Dressel received a drone for Christmas.

Lion Melinda Blankenship was happy to be with our Club and the dogs, and donated ten happy bucks.

Lion Pat Harrison donated five happy bucks.

Lion Allen Ventling received a visit from an FBI agent regarding his son’s application for a top-secret security clearance. His son works for the State department.

Lion Ed Jones was happy it was Friday and his wife, Lion Carol, was coming home.  

Lion Vicki Whitehouse shared that her husband continues to do well.


Lion Leigh Mosconi fined Lion Vicki Whitehouse for reportedly barging in front of him in the lunch line.  Secret greeter Laurie Aguilar fined Lion Roy Dressel for not shaking her hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Jeff Meader won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club.  Lion Rick McVaigh won the lottery tickets.  Lion Vicki took the free ad. Lion Melinda Blankenship won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the coveted white marble.


Tail Wagger Cydney Oster introduced her fellow dog trainers and dogs, and described their local program to raise puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. The Club donated five-hundred dollars to help tail wagers in their efforts.