Lion Bob Bricker Recognized for 60 years of Service

Club President Karen McVaigh opened the meeting by asking Lion Pat Harrison to lead his fellow Lions in song. Lion Brad Board led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Bob Line led his fellow Club members in prayer.

President Karen won the “no-fine” badge for the meeting.

President Karen introduced District Governor John Burns, a guest at the meeting.

Governor Burns presented Lion Bob Bricker with an award for 60 years of service.


Lion Lauri Aguilar passed around a sign-up sheet for the Murder Mystery Dinner.

Lion Tony Loliva reminded Lions that volunteers will meet at the corner of Liberty and Main on November 26th to help with the annual Candy Cane Lane Parade.

Lion Bob Line shared that former member George Fry will be returning to the Club.


Back from a recent trip to the Central Coast, Lion Ed Jones auctioned off a lion cub souvenir. Lion Melinda Blankenship bought the item for a donation of ten dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Ruth McKee was “exceedingly” happy that it was Friday and District Governor Burns had joined us.

Lion Melinda Blankenship had a great trip to Rome and donated twenty happy bucks!

Lion Dee Baughman was happy to see rain in our forecast.

Lion Tom Link, just back from Morro Bay, will be attending his daughter’s 50th birthday party. Lion Ed Jones joked that he was also in Morro Bay, and was happy not to have run into Lion Tom.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was happy her husband is still doing well. She also shared that she had walked the track at an event at Central Valley Christian School with her granddaughter.

President Karen was happy for the great November Board meeting, with 16 of 18 members in attendance.

Lion Allen Ventling also enjoyed the Board meeting and was happy to have Governor Burns at our Club.

Lion Craig Wheaton was happy to be back at Club.  He will also be traveling to Northern California to assist with the disaster relief and to help with the raking of forest floors. 


Lion Vicki Whitehouse fined Lion Dee Baughman for a joke about her stature.

Lion Roy Dressel fined himself for missing the Board meeting.  


Lion Tom Link won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Lion Tom also won the free ad. Lion Karen won the lottery tickets.  Lion Craig won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the coveted white marble


District Governor Burns brought greetings from our Icelandic International President Gudrun Yhgvadottir. President Gudrun’s motto for the year is Beyond the Horizon, and she is asking Lions everywhere to look beyond their horizons and find new ways to serve their communities.